How To Become A Hand Model: 5 Tips from Real Models

Every day, we flip through newspapers and glossy magazines and drool over the exquisite jewelry or the handbags. Sometimes a pair of disembodied hands is shown clutching a fabric or showing off a glittering watch. On other occasions, a slender arm is seen akimbo, keeping the gorgeous nail paint in full view. We never really bother about whose hands they may be, but for those of you who wonder, here’s the answer: it is a hand model at play. We compiled some tips on how to become a hand model collected from some real life hand models.


Who Is A Hand Model?

how to become a hand model.

For the uninitiated, there is a concept called part modeling. This means that the person in question need not showcase the whole of the body, but only certain parts. A hand model comes under the purview of part modeling, wherein, the model uses predominantly her hands for the purpose of advertising any product.


What Do You Need to Be A Hand Model?

Naturally, you need really photogenic limbs. Till recently, long, slender fingers, with well-manicured fingernails have always attracted good work profiles. While the skin tone is not an issue, it helps to have a smooth, unblemished complexion. With a growing consciousness about how average men and women look, brands are also looking for less photogenic hands. That still does not count splotchy skin or broken nails, though. Models with freckled skin can also happily be hand models, as long as their fingers look well-cared for. Here are a few tips for an aspiring hand model:


#1. Practice Using Your Hands

how to become a hand model

Hand models are often required to position their hands and fingers in awkward poses in a way that keeps the focus on the product. Hence, a portfolio of your hands photographed in various positions – clutching or picking something, placed casually on a surface, in motion etc. – should be prepared in advance, for making the selection process easier. You can imitate postures from already published advertisements.

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#2. Care For Your Assets

care your hands

Your hands are your assets as a hand model. So, you need to take care of them consciously. Some models even sleep with gloves on their hands to retain the moisture on the skin. If you cannot go so extreme, at least keep your hands well-moisturized on a regular basis. Like anyone who is in show-business, you must eat healthy, including plenty of vitamins, minerals and drink lots of water. Dry or cracked skin looks terrible on camera.


#3. Invest in A Good Manicure

good manicure

At least, when you are still looking to establish yourself as a hand model, you certainly need someone to take a professional look at your hands. No hand is without its fair share of problems, but a good manicurist can easily tweak and hide the weak spots. Once you are at the top of the business, manicurists will fall over themselves to pamper your fingers!

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#4. Keep Your Hand Steady

hand model tips

Often, hand models have to hold on to a physically challenging posture for prolonged periods. They are sometimes required to keep their bodies out of the frame, and may even have to substitute for someone else’s hands without being obvious. You will thus need to have strong, steady hands, that do not waver under heavy load or prolonged static position. Sometimes, even the slightest movement can blur the outcome.


#5. Give Up Anything that Damages the Hands

give up anything that damages the hands

This means that you may have to stop chopping vegetables or dealing in ink, or even play beach volleyball. If you chip a nail or earn a scratch, there are high chances you will lose the booking in favor of someone who has seemingly impeccable limbs.

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How Much Does A Hand Model Get Paid?

hand model salary

It may star small, but if you stick around, there is good money to be made as a hand model. Posing for print media is more remunerative than for TV. Some reports show that a premiere parts model ends up earning as much as $1,000 per day for a TV advertisement. For magazines and newspapers, the pay is even higher at $2,000 to $5,000 per day. If you make it to the top league, you may even start earning as much as $75,000 annually. Of course, this is the best case scenario. Admittedly, the workflow can be stifled, especially if you are starting out. The more experience you gather, the higher your chances to model for the bigger brands and fashion houses, in which case, the pay bracket goes up. For models keen on making some extras bucks, this is a handy profession.

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The hand modeling market is relatively small, with fewer opportunities. Japan is a lucrative market, while the American market has fewer outlets. But nobody can deny the obvious demand for hand models in this increasingly visual age. So if you are really interested in this profession, there are good options to go round.

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