11 Inspiring Airbrush Nail Designs for Nail Lovers

Airbrush nail designs are rare, unique but pretty gorgeous. So if you wanna have a great look, don’t forget that light these nail designs are always there to help!


Airbrush Nail Designs

#1. Flower Power

Flower with nail design for women

With the help of an airbrusher, make your own floral styled nail design of blue, purple, and white color.


#2. Shadow

Light green, Maroon & Airbrush nail designs 16

Among different airbrush nail designs, this one is our favorite! The above fuschia nail design has a white shadow around the flower and the leaves which gives a passionate taste to the design.


#3. Tick Tock

Light green, Maroon & Airbrush nail designs 18

This is one of the most beautiful airbrush nail designs. Formerly, the clock theme and the different shades of the gray color all make up an amazing combination.


#4. Light Green And Silver

Nice Light Green And Silver nail design

Light green is one of the cutest and the warmest colors ever used in nail designs. And what makes it more beautiful is the silver shimmer on the tips of each nail, in addition to the floral effect by an airbrush at the side of the ring finger of a white base that makes it look like there is a flower sprouting from the tip of your nail.


#5. Floral Effect

beautiful Floral Effect nail design you like

Designs in a nail do not always have to be simple. They can also be all patterned. In the ring finger, we can see the floral design of a black flower and a white clear base, and in the other fingers, we see the oblique black tips with a silver line separating it from the pattern in the base of white and purple colors.

Flower Nails for You


#6. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Light green, Maroon & Airbrush nail designs 6

The above design shows a variety of designs in each nail. The pinky is made up of the pink glitter pattern, the ring finger designed with columns of different colors, the middle finger made up of a white clear base with large shiny decals of different colors, and the index finger with column design of different shades of pink.


#7. Pistachio And Silver

Pistachio And Silver nail your all time favorite

With the help of an airbrush, design your pistachio nails with a splash of silver glitter at the bottom of each nail.


#8. Hot Pink

Light green, Maroon & Airbrush nail designs 10

This pink airbrush nail design is stunning. Now talking about airbrush nail designs, this is a simple example of them by styling your hot pink nails with a simple sticker.


#9. Brown nail

Light green, Maroon & Airbrush nail designs 13

Wearing this airbrush nail design gives you a 100% beauty. The way the black tips are done with the golden touches is perfect, however, the shiny strass glued on the nails looks like small pieces of a mirror. So now when wearing this nail design and asking the following: Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest one of all? The answer will always be you.

For Black Nail Lovers


#10. Floral Tips

Light green, Maroon & Airbrush nail designs 19

The red color in the above nail designs gives it a hot look. Besides, the white touches at the tips are cute enough to make up a lassie look!


#11. Silver Stripes

 Silver Stripes nail idea for girl

In this airbrush nail design, you need to be creative! The striped pattern leaves a remarkable touch.


Some More Airbrush Nail Arts


Finally, you can see that airbrush nail art is sexy and kill haters. So, if you are in search of suitable nail designs, the above list of airbrush nail designs are there to help you.

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