5 Most Expensive Manicures On Celebrities

Are you ready to look at the most expensive manicures on celebrities? We all know that the nail polish industry is killing it nowadays, but are you even aware of how much? Some mega rich women think that a simple nail polish doesn’t get the job done. Therefore, they need to funk it up. Luckily, their manicures are made from materials like gold and crushed diamonds, and they are here to amaze us and our innocent eyes, while for them it’s just an everyday thing.


The Most Expensive Manicures

Let’s talk for real now, how willing would you be to pay for your perfect and flawless manicure? Let’s say 80$ the most, right? And that includes some long and perfect acrylics with nail art that has never been seen on anyone else before, right? Well, you just might stay breathless in a minute when you see how out and about some manicures can be.


Queen RiRi

Rihanna golden Carpet Manicure

We all know Rihanna likes to slay, but how far is she actually willing to go? Her manicures are one of the most expensive manicures that you can spot on celebrities. In 2012, during Grammys, Rihanna rocked some heavy nail gear, How heavy you ask? Well, her nails were worth 5,000$. The reason behind that is because she had a big 24-karat manicure. The manicure on her was done by the ”Red Carpet Manicure”. How convenient, right? We can definitely see the beauty in these, but is it really worth 5k?

Some Hottest Manicure Donned by Celebrities

Denny’s Diamond

Leighton Denny diamond manicure

If you love to be covered in bling, Denny is your guy! Manicurist Leighton Denny has a spa in London, and it is a very boujee and a posh type of spa. How posh? Well, let’s say $32,000 posh. His manicures include 9 karats that cannot be worn by anyone. There has even been a report which said that some Arabian princesses wanted to get their hands on those fancy diamonds and karats, but the catch is that Danny has a huge waiting list.


Ice, Ice, Baby

luxury Iced Manicure

If you are living in Dubai you are used to seeing luxury things everywhere. There is a reason why it is one of the richest countries in the world. An example can be seen in their manicures. The so-called ”Iced Manicure” is worth, shockingly $51,000. So if you are planning on visiting or even going for a quick shopping session, we advise you to better have a big bank account. The most expensive manicures can, obviously, be found here.



yellow gold manicure

One of the most expensive manicures, or so to say in this case nail polishes, is actually $130,000. The stunning golden polish was made from golden leafs, and it came in a bottle which had been made from real gold and shimmery diamonds all around the bottle.
It is so pretty, golden, and extremely hard to resist.. Oh wait, I can resist it since it is ”only” 130,000 dollars.

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Black Diamond

black diamond expensive manicure

And here we have it. The most expensive manicure/ nail polish in the history of the mankind. The gem company Azature can easily reach the headlines after creating something this unique and pricey. They’ve created a special nail polish made with black diamonds. How special? The price is 250,000 dollars. That big of an amount could have been used into, literally, buying a decent house. But not Kelly Osbourne who rocked it in 2012 at the Emmy Award Show. She had the most expensive manicure in the existence of the mankind. We are wondering how does she feel knowing that fact.

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So, how far are you willing to go for you perfect manicure? Do you need to raise a loan so that you can cover Osborne’s quarter of a million mani?Just kidding, at least now you know that you are actually not wasting your money. Tell yourself that it can always be worse, and just remember these examples! Silly mom and her telling you that 50$ is too much for a manicure.

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