Do You Need a Primer for Acrylic Nails?

Nail primers are a crucial element when you want to fix acrylic nails. But do you need a primer for acrylic nails? Your manicure will last longer with nail primers since it ensures that your acrylic adheres well to your nail plates.

You should note that without nail primers, your acrylic nails will not sit well on your hands. You can also use nail primers when you apply gels or shellac to your nails.


What are the Benefits of Nail Primers?

Benefits of Nail Primers

Nail primers dehydrate and prepare the nails before you apply acrylics. They hold the acrylics and your nails together better. With them, you will enjoy your acrylics for much longer.

You can also use nail primers with several products like gel polishes, regular polishes, et cetera. Nail primers also promote healthier nails since they protect your nails from the harsh chemicals of your polish.

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How to Use a Nail Primer

How to Use a Nail Primer

All primers come with an applicator brush with which you will apply the liquid to your nails. Take out the brush, remove any excess, and wipe it down the middle of your nail.

The liquid will spread itself out on your nails. If your nails are long, you can brush down the sides for an even application. When you apply them well, nail primers will look invisible on your nails.

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Types of Primers

Types of Nail Primers

There are several primer products, and you can choose depending on your budget, expertise, and preferences. So, not only that you need a primer for acrylic nails, but you’ll have lots of options too. These products are either acid-based or without acid.

Acid-based Primers

This type of primer contains acid and can damage the skin. Only experts can use acid-based primers without any problems. You must be very careful when using this type of primer, as it can cause your skin to blister and destroy your nails.


Non-acid Primers

These primers are friendly to the skin and can be used by beginners. However, if you misuse them, you may damage the skin, though this damage is reversible.

Both of these primers are excellent in the hands of an expert. Therefore, make sure to visit a professional to help you apply your nail primer if you are unsure of your skills.


Do’s and Don’ts of Using Nail Primers

Do's and Don'ts of Using Primers for Acrylic Nails

Getting the best from your nail primers is pretty straightforward. You should follow the recommendations below if you decide to use a primer for your acrylic nails:

  • Try not to mix brands. Different brands use different substances to manufacture their primers, and not all of them are compatible. If you want the best result from your primer, you should work with products of the same brand.
  • Use quality primer brands for your nails. Quality brands with positive reviews and a good reputation are the brands you should choose when picking a primer product.
  • Follow the instructions on the primer product to the letter. You should not use more or less of the primer to get the best result from it. If you are not sure of the instructions, you can contact the manufacturers to ask relevant questions.
  • Prepare the nail plate thoroughly before you apply the primer. Before putting on the primer, push back the cuticle, dust the nail plate, and clean it well. By doing this, you will ensure that the primer works brilliantly.
  • Be accurate and apply the primer cleanly. You should not allow the primer to touch your skin to avoid fingertips skin peeling and lifting, especially if the product is acid-based. Also, make sure to get the liquid to powder ratio right.


Nail primers are best for acrylic nails. However, make sure to use them right to get the best results. Also, if you do not know how to apply the primer to your nails, you should seek the help of a professional.

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