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30 Cute Dog Nail Designs We Love

Dogs are man’s best friend, so you will find the below nail designs to be very sweet and caring in case you get it on your nails. If you are a dog lover you will adore these 30 dog nail designs. 


Dog Nail Designs


red dog nail designs

red dog nail designs



chinese new year dog nail designs

chinese new year dog nail designs



dog toe nail designs

dog toe nail designs



dog face nail designs

dog face nail designs



3d dog nail art

3d dog nail art



bulldog nail decals

bulldog nail decals



dog nail acrylic design

dog nail acrylic design



greyhound dog nail designs

greyhound dog nail designs



shepherd dog nail art

shepherd dog nail art



dog nail stickers

dog nail stickers


#11: Colorful Nails

Black color dog nail design

Some brown, white and black tones look so decent, cute and just perfect for these little paws. A bone or two has been added for the additional dog realness, and we love it.

Try Cutesy Hello Kitty and Claw Nail design


#12: White Little Paws

white little dog paw nail design

How about some more of these little paws? Black and white colors are giving us a clue that these nails have found their inspiration in the Dalmatian breed. This dog paw nail design is perfect for a black & white party.


#13: Cute Dog Themed Nails

Cute little Doggy Nail arts

Could these nails be any cuter, or even more important, could anything else be this cute? OPI has done an amazing painting game with this cute doggy nail design. You got to have a precise hand when drawing these by yourself, if not, to the salon we go!


#14: Blue Paw

Mint and black Dog nail design

Baby blue color with the paw print nail art on top looks seamless and the color combo is such a hit, especially for the hot summer days. If you don’t feel like getting tips or acrylics, that is fine, rock all naturalness every once in a while.


#15: Little Pit Bull

Little Pit Bull with dog nail idea

Pit bulls are easier to train than many other breeds, and they are so cute and hard to resist. We think that these dogs are extremely beautiful and can be great companionship, as well as a great dog nail design.


#16: He Likes You

This little fella is looking at us with his big eyes and we are melting. These long, blue and black nails look fun and relaxed, so go for them if you like blue tones with some huge puppy eyes.


#17: Dog Silhouette

This dog nail design has got some mysterious vibes to it, and that is due to the nails being all black and white. If you like to have endless possibilities and you love when your nails can be matched with anything, then this nail design is for you.


#18: Cute Red

 Cute Red dog nail art for girl

Subtle red tones with a lot of puppies are what we love! Cute dog nail polish design with a lot of caring and loving vibrations is what we all need from time to time.

Classic Red and Black Nail Designs


#19: Sad Pup

You know those moments where you feel blue from time to time? That is allowed for a shorter period of time since it’s not always rainbows and butterflies for everyone. Our sad puppy is looking like he had a rough day (ruff day, get it?), but he is looking stylishly sad so that is allowed. For now at least.


#20: Goofy Puppy

Mix and match prints of different dog breeds with these brown tones look very Hipstery and calm. Dress up anything that is tan, nude or brown and you will make these dog nail designs pop!


#21: We Had Fun

Looks like this good boy had a fun walk to the park because he is smiling so hard and greeting us so positively. Maybe he had a good meal or two, that could also be a reason for happiness. Get these nails if you are a type of person who likes to goof around a lot.

Spoil Yourself With Flattering Green Nail designs


#22: Long And Yours

Long different dog nail design for girl

This unusual and totally different dog nail design is sticking out so much on this list. The dog’s body is being drawn all the way from one nail to another and it looks so original.


#23: Loads of Love

Cute white and natural nails are simply a must, and especially if you are an animal lover. They look even cuter with these heart shapes all over and let’s not forget about the lovely puppy.


#24: Little One Is Sad

And just when you thought it can’t get sadder, we have these. These sad puppies could represent your current state or could just look simply shy, innocent and so heartbreaking.


#25: Yellow Bone

Yellow Bone dog nail art

The yellow color is one of the most cheerful ones out there and dogs are one of the most playful animals, so you could say that this nail combination is such a win one. Happy thoughts and positivity will be the message you will send out to others with this dog nail art.


#26: Courage the Cowardly Dog

Okay now, who remembers this cutie? This animated horror comedy children’s television series was broadcast for the first time in 1999. Holy cow! Uniqueness is the word that needs to be combined with this cartoon since Courage is definitely one of a time cartoon.


#27: Cute 101 Dalmatian

We’ve all heard about the cartoon 101 Dalmatians, it’s an oldie but a goodie. Wear this dog nail design if you are a Dalmatian lover.


#28: My Puppy, My Nails

Puppy dog nail idea for girl

Short natural nail designs with a lot of character! This paw print and a black dog silhouette with some bone details are adequate for our little princesses and their precious simple manicures.


#29: Matte Baby

Peekabo to you too! Blue matte base with the cutest hidden puppy details is just what we needed. Simplicity is nowhere on this list, so make sure to go to your nail technician in order to get the nails this fresh and precise.


#30: Baby Poodle

Baby Poodle dog nail idea

Poodles are one of the smartest breeds, in case you didn’t know. They are extremely easy to train and are a favorite breed in circuses.  Besides being smart and loved at a circus, they are also undeniably beautiful and so posh looking. The last part is quite obvious as seen in this picture.

Easy Peasy Nail Design for Your Little Princess


Cute Dog Nail Designs that You Can’t Ignore


Time passes by when you’re having fun, isn’t it? We hope that you’ve been able to find a puppy nail design that is just perfect for you. Just remember that you will look so positive and young while styling them in your everyday life activities.

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