Best Nail Color for Pale And Light Skin: 15 Designs to Copy

Nail color for pale and light skin varies because of the different coat tone. But most of the girls choose a nail polish color randomly without any second thought. It’s not about selecting a color randomly, there’s a lot more than that. What is good for dark skin might not be good for pale and light skin. So, you have to know what is suitable for your pale and light skin tone before applying any nail polish.


Best Nail Color For Pale And Light Skin

The right color of nail polish will complement your nails whereas a bad combination will make them look odd. That’s why you need to have some prior knowledge about which color is suitable on which skin tones. Nothing to worry! We are here to enlighten you with the best nail color for pale and light skin.


#1. Stay Neutral

Neutral nails for pale and light skin

Nude shade nail colors are on the top of the priority list of the girls. You can try nude colors on any skin tone. But, nude colors have a large number of variants. You can try a sheer pinkish neutral color for your pale and light skin. Brown colors are normally used for dark skins. Light pink suits pale and light skin the best.


#2. Red Hot

Red hot nail design for pale and light skin

Red is a classic color that suits every type of skin and nails. Your nails will be highlighted easily if adorned with the grace of red beauty. Use a clean and cool deep-toned red to bring out the best in pale and light skin tones.

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#3. Pinkish Delight

adorable Pink color nails on pale and light skin

When it comes to light skin tones, you have a ton of options to choose any shades of the pink shade nail color. Pink color complements pale and light skins more than any other colors do. So, go pink without any hesitation.


#4. Playful Purple

Purple nails look amazing if you can use them rightly for the right skin tones. The purple color suits the best on fair skin tone. You can stay playful with the charming beauty of purple. This color easily gets a place on the list of best nail color for pale and light skin.


#5. Bold Blue

Navy blue, sky blue, mint blue, royal blue will suit the nail plate on your pale and light skin. If you want to be expressive and bold, you can use navy blue or royal blue. And, you can go calm by using mint blue or sky blue. Glam up your pale and light skin with the glamour of blue.


#6. Ombre Dark Color

Ombre style is one of the most practiced nail art. You can use two dark colors together blending them in such a way as so it seems that there is no barrier between the colors. Maroon and black can be your top picks in this regard.


#7. Glossy Pink

Pink color always suits the girls with fair skin. If you have pale and light skin, this is surely your type of color. Gel nails will look glossy like the picture.


#8. China Glaze Yellow

The yellow color is compatible with bright skin. China Glaze yellow nail lacquer has a good reputation as the best variant of yellow nail polish. You can use that for your pale and light skin.


#9. It’s Peachy

Light orange color or peach color can be a great color to design nails in the pale and light skin. It will give you a warm finish on the painted nails.

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#10. Nude Brown Nails

Nude nail color for pale and light skin

If you use a nude brown color that will completely match the pale and light skin tones. The nails will look chicer with the presence of such accurate nude colors. This is worthy of trying.


#11. Metalic Nails

If you are a shine-lover and want the nails to look vivid and vibrant, try these metallic nails. Chrome or mirror nails can also be a good substitute for these nails. Wearing some trendy rings will add a feather to the crown.


#12. Shellac Nails & Toes

shellac nails & toenails for pale and light skin

What if you want to paint your toenails too? No worries. Shellac nails are equally adept at enhancing the beauty of the nails. No matter what skin tone you have, shellac will do it for you.


#13. Pure White Nails

Pure white nail design for light and pale skin

White is a universal color. It will look equally good in your light and pale skin. This warm and pure Chanel white shade will go perfectly with your skin tone.


#14. Colorful Display

Colorful shades to make pale and light skin attractive

If you want to pull off a colorful display of nails, try these beautiful colors. All the colors are good for the girls having pale and light skin tone.


#15. Mauve Dreams

mouve design for light and pale skin

Mauve is a pale variant of purple which looks stunningly good on the pale and light skin. You can use this peaceful looking color to design the precious nails which you are going to have on the pale and light skin.

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This is just a list comprising of the comments of nail experts. This isn’t any rulebook. So, you can go beyond these colors, if you want. Just be careful so that your choice of colors don’t decrease your beauty. Hopefully, now you know the best nail color for pale and light skin. Try them out soon.

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