How To Moisturize Nails: 7 Ways to Get Rid of Brittle Nails

Having a wonderful nail design will become meaningless if you have dry and cracked skin around the nails. Nail art enhances the beauty of your nails but if the skin isn’t compatible and doesn’t complement the nails, there will be no beauty at all.

This dryness or cracking might be the result of excessive cold, dry weather, and nail biting habit. Luckily, you can efficiently repair the dry skins surrounding your nails by following some easy steps. You will know how to moisturize nails from the rest of the article.


How To Moisturize Nails: Dry Nails Treatment

What we eat have a great impact on our mental and physical health. Good food habits help an individual lead a good life because nourishment comes from within.

So, nutritious food and healthy diet is a must to have good skin not only around the nails but also as a whole. There other ways to moisturize the nails.

#1. Moisturize Nails with Oil

Moisturize Nails with Oil

There are a few variants of moisturizing oils available in the shops. You can easily find them in the nearest grocery shops your locality.

Olive oil, almond oil, baby oil, vitamin-E oil etc moisturizers can be used to provide your skin and cuticles with the proper nutrition they need. Regular application of these oils will cure the dryness of your skin.

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#2. Homemade Nail Moisturizers

Homemade Nail Moisturizers

You can also make moisturizer oil yourself at home. Coconut oil is the best and easiest in this regard. The mixture of cocoa butter and coconut nails is the most effective home remedy for dry nails.

You can also use tea tree oil to prevent your skin from drying. Make a mixture containing tea tree oil mixed with any other moisturizer oils and massage it into your nails and fingers for a few minutes.

Another effective home remedy for preventing dry nails is banana paste. Rub a banana paste on your nails and rinse it gently with warm water. This can soothe the cracked skin of your fingertips. 

Egg yolk, lime juice, and rose water can be used to create a paste that will heal the dry skins around the nails pretty quickly.


#3. Check Vitamin Deficiency


Vitamins deficiency is something that you need to check for a healthy life. Lack of vitamins can cause brittle nails and cracked skin.

Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, and Calcium are the main catalysts that help our body to maintain healthy skin. You eat a healthy diet rich in proteins and vitamins to live healthily. You can take vitamin and calcium pills if needed.


#4. Soak Your Nails in Orange Juice

Soak Your Nails in Orange Juice

This is the most common home remedy for having healthy nails. Squeeze orange and pour the juice into a medium bowl.

Mix a little warm water and soak your fingers in the solution. Your nails will get the required antioxidants from this mixture.

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#5. Use Cuticle Moisturizer or Cream

Cuticle Moisturizer or Cream

There are hundreds of body lotions and hand creams available at the marketplaces. Some moisturizers are specially made for cuticles only.

You can apply any of them at your fingertips to provide the nails with proper nourishment and prevent your nails from peeling.


#6. Don’t Overuse Your Nails

Some people use nails to open tight lids of different things such as a soda can.  Nails aren’t meant to be used like that. Don’t overuse your nails. This may cause harm to the skin, nail plate and nail beds of your fingers.


#7. Avoid Drying Agent

avoid drying agent

If you can prevent something, you will need no cure. That’s why this passage is important. Avoid any kind of drying agent in any form such as washing powder, soap, acetone, nail remover etc.

We need direct contact with these washing chemicals while doing the household chores. If you can’t avoid touching them, at least wear a pair of gloves.

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Even a small infection on the nails can ruin the happiness of your life. So, never ever let it go if the skin seems dry.

Because dry skin will influence you to peel it off. And, that intrigues the infection. Besides, dry skin around the nails will ruin the nail art you are having.

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