Can I Change Nail Color While Getting My Nails Filled?

With all of the nail colors available at salons today, you might wonder if it is possible to get your nails filled in while changing up the color of your fingertips.


Can I Change Nail Color While Getting My Nails Filled?

Yes, you can change your nail color while getting your nails filled, but it will depend on the salon.


Do Salons Allow Nail Color Change Before A Fill?

salon policies for manicure and pedicure

Some salons have strict policies that forbid nail color changes during a manicure or pedicure, while others allow it. The best thing to do would be to ask the person doing your nails if it’s possible before you commit to a manicure or pedicure.

Often, salons that don’t allow nail color changes while getting the nails filled may have chemicals in the products that react with existing nail polish and cause damage to your nails.

In addition, other salons might add extra charges for changing the color of your nails on top of what you’re already paying for a manicure or pedicure.


Ask: Discuss with the Salonist

salonist giving you a manicure

But if you want to change the color of your nails, ask the person giving you a pedicure or manicure if it’s possible before getting started. Whatever they say, you’ll probably have to live with their decision.

Many salons offer a variety of different types of manicures in a comfortable atmosphere. Although many people think that gel manicures are always better than shellac or regular polish, some customers find that they dislike having their hands in a wet solution for too long.

Whether it is gel or standard polish, if you want a manicure done during your regular fill-in appointment, make sure to check with your salon before you show up.

They may have specific rules about adding on color and removing substances, or they might offer express services for this purpose at no extra cost. If the wait could be extended, bring a book or something else to do while you wait!

There’s a common misconception that once your nails are filled, you have to have the same nail polish color on all your nails. That’s simply not true. You can change up colors any time you want while having your nails filled.

However, it’s best to wait until they’ve grown out about one-eighth of an inch (1/8 inch) after getting them filled before coloring them a different color.


Nail Color Changes Depend on Gel Nail Coats

Gel coats typically last 2-3 weeks without chipping, the preferred manicure for many busy women.

Gel nails can be filled and shaped while you wait to ensure that your finished product looks great. However, if you want a new color added to your existing gel coat or on your bare nails, salons will typically ask customers to schedule another appointment.

This way, they don’t have to make extra preparations in their work area and finish up faster. Also, if the salon you are planning to visit has an express lane for people who would like their gel coats redone or even just polished with standard nail polish (not gel), you might be able to get this done during your refill appointment.

Shellac is another popular type of manicure that lasts about two weeks before chipping or fading. Shellac allows you to choose from various colors for your fingertips, not just the classic pink and white nail color typically worn during nail fill-ins.

Some people assume incorrectly that they will be stuck with gel nails if they get shellac because it is a thicker substance.

That’s not true. Suppose you want to have your gel coat removed so that the salon can apply standard polish or another type of shellac color. In that case, this can usually be completed at no extra charge during your regular nail appointment.

The best thing is to discuss your options with your nail technician and decide what’s right for you. For example, if you get acrylic nails filled, it’s more convenient to change colors while you wait because the natural color of your nails will show through once the acrylic has grown out.



costs of manicure

At other times, removing gel nails and other substances could cost extra money on top of your regular manicure budget if done separately from the fill-in.

Therefore, most salons will ask you to schedule an appointment just for gel removal to save time and money that the extra preparation would use up.

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So, Is It a Good Idea to Change Nail Color When Getting My Nails Filled?

factors about changing nail color when getting nails filled

Coloring the nails while still freshly filled isn’t good because it can easily make the nail polish chip off or peel. It also looks very messy and tacky if you try to change your nail color while still getting them filled.

The best time to switch up colors is after about one-eighth of an inch has grown out.

Many people find the inconvenience of waiting for their nails to grow out well worth it, though. Nail polish can quickly reappear after about six weeks when the color changes while your nails grow out.

However, you’ll need to ensure that they are removed if you get them filled again during or after this time.

With all that said, you can change nail color while getting your nails filled. In most cases, you can find the answer in the salon’s policies. Some salons will allow you to make some changes to your nail color, while others won’t.

Usually, if your nails are unfinished (meaning they haven’t been filed or shaped), then you can switch colors before they’re polished. If your nail polish has already dried, then most salons won’t let you change your nail color.

If you’re not sure what the salon policy is at your favorite place, just ask.

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