5 Perfect Substitutes for Your Nail Polish Remover

Do you know that there are some simple substitutes for your nail polish remover? If not, then let us inform you! You will find this article to be useful if you are one of those women who may be sometimes, feel like they switch up their nail polishes more than their socks.

It’s like, somehow, you just can’t seem to stick with one color? We understand you since we’ve all been there. These substitutes can come in handy if you don’t feel like damaging your nails with pure acetone over and over again.


Replace Your Nail Polish Remover

A lot of you ladies are painting your nails in such a way so that you can match your accessories to your manicures. These manicures are often fun and on point, but not a solution for long-term nail Mannis. If you are going to redo your manicure every five days, here’s how you should do it:

Remove nail polish without nail polish remover video tutorial on the way

#1: Starting Fresh

New Nail Color

If you want to remove your nail polish, do it with a completely new nail color! We know it sounds weird, but trust us on this one.

Just get yourself a nail polish that is in a darker shade. Dark red, dark purple, or black colors will do. Apply that color on top of your old color. It would be best if you weren’t working with matte colors since they tend to dry quicker than any others.

The new layer will be super moist and water-like, which is what you need. You will be able to remove your old nail polish in a blink of an eye.

Just apply a thin coat of a darker shade, and with super fast motions, remove it with a cotton ball. If you’ve been fast enough this trick should have removed the old polish completely.

Remove Glitter Nail Polish at Home


#2: Vinegar


Vinegar, besides having its place in the kitchen, could also find a way onto your nails. The acids that are in it can break the polish in half and can give you a whole new polish-free layer to start off with.
The process is really simple.

  • Get your vinegar and cotton balls.
  • Dip them in it and rub your nails, just like you would do with acetone.

You will notice that this polish removing method works exactly like you are used to. After you are done removing it just wash your hands thoroughly, you don’t want them to be sticky.


#3: Alcohol Saves The Day


It’s not shots time I’ll tell you that. Believe it or not, alcohol can be a great substitute for a nail polish remover. Rubbing alcohol, not even that it destroys the nail polish, but can also kill the bacteria that you have on your hands, as well as underneath the nails.

Besides using rubbing alcohol, you can also use hair sprays, perfumes, and even deodorants. Just be careful when using it.

Since alcohol is very strong you will definitely feel it on your hands, especially if you have any type of wound. So heads up for that. When you start removing the nail polish, spritz your alcohol on your nails. Immediately work your way with a cotton ball and wipe off the nail polish.

Later on make sure your hands are properly washed, dried, and moisturized. As you probably know alcohol can dry out your hands and nails.


#4: Toothpaste

White toothpaste is the best for lifting off the previous nail polish color. This method is also one of the best alternatives for removing the nail polish and most used one, just so you know. Just apply a small amount on each and every nail and scrub it with your toothbrush (an old one.) It will lift off your nail polish and you can remove it with your fingers.


#5: Top Coat

 Nail Coat

Do you know that the application of a top coat will help you to remove the nail color without any remover?

  • Apply a tiny layer of a top coat on top of your nail polish.
  • Without letting the whole thing set in place, get the cotton balls, and wipe off the polish.
  • Do this process one by one per your nails and you’ll be color-free.

Tips to Get Healthy & Attractive Nails


These 5 substitutes for nail polish remover are super easy to do, plus manageable to do at home. You can say goodbye to all the fancy salon appointments, save some money, and definitely not panic if you run out of acetone at one point. Make sure to share these nail polish remover alternatives with someone you know who may be in need of this since they’ll probably run out of acetone at one point and panic for no reason. Let them know that toothpaste can be a lifesaver as well!

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