How To Make A Nail Polish That Glows In The Dark

Have you ever wanted to glow in the dark? How about to make a glow in the dark nail polish? Well, if that’s one of your goals, we will help you with it! Stunning and totally recognizable manicure like this is a must during the summer days. If you do it well and with super bright, neon and vivid colors you will definitely look stylish, and noticeable. Wondering how to achieve one? Then keep on reading.


How To Make ‘Glow In The Dark’ Nail Polish?

This manicure might seem a little bit harder to achieve than it actually is. But we assure you it is not, it just demands some effort. However, there is always an easy way out, where you just purchase a neon nail polish. But, since this is all about you saving money, making something with your own bare hands, and totally having fun, then let’s forget about shopping. and let’s get down to business. So, you need to gather the next items:

  • 1 glow stick
  • Clear nail polish or a color matching your glow stick
  • Scissors
  • Some paper towels


#1: How To?

glow in dark nail polish

You will be a step closer to your glow-in-the-dark manicure after you’ve activated your glowing stick. Snap it and give it a few shakes. These glowing sticks can be found at any bigger store, and they are super affordable too. Make sure you’ve found the one in the color you are most drawn to. Usually, they come in brighter and more vivid colors.


#2: Cut It

With the help of your scissors cut your glowing stick in half. Be careful not to spill the liquid all over. Just to be sure you don’t make a total mess you could put a plastic plate, paper towels, or a plastic bag under the glowing stick.


#3: The Glow

Now, add the glow to your nail polish. Your nail polish needs to be clear, or let’s say pink if you are pouring the pink liquid into it. If you have the blue nail polish you need to have a matching blue glowing stick etc. Slowly squeeze the glowing content out of the glow stick in your nail polish. Pour it all up in there and close the nail polish.


#4: Shake It

Make sure you are mixing, or better to say shaking, your nail polish. That way the glowing liquid will distribute evenly through the nail polish.

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#5: Apply Your Glow In The Dark Polish

Apply your newly mixed glow nail polish to your nails. Since this type of nail polish has a weird consistency, it will take multiple times for you to get it right. Probably a good 3 to 4 coats will be required so the glow looks its best. Don’t get worried if it doesn’t dry on you immediately. There are so many layers and the nail polish has a thick consistency to it, so give them a moment.


#6: Let’s Glow

After you’ve painted them, it is time to test them out and to have fun. Turn the lights off or wait for the night to come. Unfortunately, this is the only way you can tell if your painting process has worked, and you can tell it in the end, which can be a bummer if it didn’t work out. Once your nails are painted, they should maintain their glow for the next few hours! So rush to the nearest club, rave, or anywhere where you believe these nails will give out a bold statement.

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Glow in the dark nail polish may seem so childish to you, and we can kind of agree on it. However, these nails are telling a few different things about the person who is wearing them. You are outgoing, fun, brave, bold, and always ready to party! Does this sound like you? Good, then you can totally get the glow manicure.

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