Unicorn Pee Nail Polish: 3 Obscure But True Facts

Yes, it is that rare. Unicorn pee nail polish is somewhat of an El Dorado of the nail polish world. Enthusiasts of nail polishes- who call themselves lemmings- would give an eye and a limb for this nail polish. And given its limited availability, many would simply store it away, gazing at it lovingly, rather than use it, lest it finishes!


What Makes the Unicorn Pee Nail Polish So Special?

unicorn pee nail designs

What lemmings call the unicorn pee nail polish, is actually known as Clarins 230 Le Vernis Multi Eclat. Clearly French, it translates loosely to ‘the varnish that glows in multiple colors.’ Let us see what sets this nail polish from the mere mortal versions.

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The History of Clarins 230 Le Vernis Multi Eclat

unicorn pee nails

There is virtually no concrete historical record regarding the origin of the Clarin 230 nail polish. All we know is that it was quite a rage for a few years, and then suddenly discontinued in 2008, much to the heartbreak of many. However, such as the following of this product that, it found its way to the lesser-known clandestine channels. It is being hunted down at blog sales and garage sales such an activity called ‘dusty hunting’ by the lemmings. More shockingly, these nail polishes have found their way into e-commerce sites like Amazon and E-bay, where they are selling for the absurdly high prices- some went off at $60; some even at $150. That there are still buyers for unicorn pee nail polish is a testimony to its immense popularity.


Interesting Facts about Unicorn Pee Nails

Affectionately dubbed as a ‘rainbow in a bottle’, the moniker of ‘unicorn pee nail polish’ comes with the sheer ability of this nail paint to exhibit the entire spectrum of rainbow colors when looked at from different angles. It is also a well-established fact that unicorns pee rainbows, hence the bizarre connection!

  • Unicorn pee nail polish is classified as VHTF (Very Hard to Find) by lemmings. Enthusiasts have to scour through obscure places to track down one bottle of the Clarins 230.
  • This nail polish consists of a dark base with numerous particles of shimmer. These shimmer particles are reflective in nature. Just like any shiny object refracting the light that falls on it, this nail paint exudes all the colors from red to blue to green to violet.
  • The unicorn nail polish does not exactly boast of good buildability. This means that on its own, you will require a minimum of 5 coats to see the paint in its full glory. Mosty, lemmings choose to use a dark base cream (black or purple) and the top it off with one or two layers of pee unicorn nail polish. The dark background really opens up the beauty of this nail paint.


Dupe Brands for Unicorn Pee Nailpolish

Given its official unavailability and the exorbitant costs thereof, many alternatives have hit the market. Several indie nail polish manufacturers have started imitating the concept of the unicorn nail pee polish.


Nfu-Oh 51

Nfu-Oh 51 UNICORN PEE nails

This is a close substitute for the unicorn pee nail polish. The Nfu-Oh 51 is basically a flakie, viz it has unevenly shaped and sized glitter particles, but the effect created is more or less similar.

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Both the Beyu-209 and the Clarins 230 employ a gel base. In the former, the base is a bit more solid and tends towards fuchsia rather than the purplish and translucent base of Clarins 230. The shimmer, is, however, stronger with unicorn pee nail polish. Also, users should be wary of the fact that a full version of the Beyu-209 is also available, which really is a letdown.


KleanColor-230 Chunky Holo Fuchsia

Chunky Holo Unicorn pee nails

Besides the similar numerical reference, this nail polish resembles the Clarins 230 closest, excepting the chunkier glitter particles, as opposed to the super-fine shimmer of the unicorn pee nail polish.

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The biggest advantage of these dupes is that buying them won’t break the bank. The flip side, however, is that for hard-core enthusiasts, the effect may never be the same as the original. But then, that’s the aura of the unicorn pee nail polish!

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