Proper Way To Paint Your Nails: Learn to Nail It

Being a woman demands a lot of knowledge in the beauty field. You got to know which color looks the best at a certain period of the year. You need to know if bleach can damage your hair, or if you can wear hoola earrings to a club without looking too extra. One of those questions, as well, is knowing the right way how to paint your nails. You are probably thinking that you know this by now and that you have it under control, but little do you know. In the following text you will see all of the mistakes you’ve been making so far, so try to avoid them in the future.


How To Paint Your Nails Perfectly?

Before jumping into the whole process, gather some items. Here’s what you’ll be needing:

  • Nail polish (duh)
  • Basecoat
  • Clear top coat
  • Fingernail clippers
  • Cuticle trimmers
  • A file
  • Cotton swabs
  • Nail polish remover

You should have all of these supplies at your house. If not, run to the supermarket, we will be waiting for you.

Do perfect manicures sitting At the comfort of your home step by step with video

#1: First, Tips

Here are some tips for painting your nails.

  • First, make sure you have an hour or a bit more of your spare time to do this process. It may take you a little longer if you are very slow, kind of insecure or new at this. Put sixty minutes on the clock and let the magic happen.
  • Second, make sure that you start off with a clean and flat surface. Remove any unwanted nail polish, flatten out the nail with a nail buffer and wash your hands.
  • Third, have a steady hand, and you can get to work.

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#2: Cuticles

Some smaller preparations are required for the further process. Start by pushing your cuticles. This little trick works the best after you’ve showered, the cuticles are the softest and super moist at that point. Trim your nails and file them to make them all look even after they are dry.


#3: Apply The First Coat

When applying your coats, be sure to apply them gradually. Start by adding little, since you can always add extra, but can never take away the unwanted part. Apply a thin base coat that will dry in 5 minutes. Make sure you don’t apply the nail polish all the way to your cuticles or the skin at the sides of your nails. Leave some space around the bottom and sides of your nail unpolished. That way everything will spread evenly and you are one step closer to figuring out how to paint your nails.


#4: Make Sure It’s Dry

Women Blowing Nails

Besides blowing your nails for faster results, you can also do one little trick to see if they are completely dry. Touch your polished nails together. Press them down slowly and steady. In case they stick to each other at all, they are not dry yet. If they don’t feel tacky what so ever, they’re dry and ready for the second coat. Don’t go too hard with the pressing motions, so you don’t make a total mess.

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#5: Next Coats

Apply the next coat of your wanted nail polish colors lightly and thin. Again make sure they are not thick and don’t go for more than three coats. Let your every coat dry before you start applying the next one. Pause in between the manicures should be 10 minutes, that is before applying the next coat.


#6: The Top Coat

Top coats are a must for the ultimate and long-lasting manicures. This seals the deal and the nail polish lasts for more than 5 days without being chipped. Only one coat of the topcoat is required and you’ll be set for a week. One of the best to go for on the market is OPI’s Top Coat.


#7: Clean It

Every clean up is consistent out of the nail polish remover and a q tip. That is if you’ve made any mess. Let your final masterpiece dry down completely, and this might take up to 20 minutes. Use a q tip to clean the edges if you’ve messed up any parts. If not you are ready to slay.

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Well, that is about it. Now you know what it takes to perfectly paint your nails. An hour of your time, patience, some at home tools, and a steady hand. In no time your manicures will start looking shinier, they will last longer, and you will feel better about yourself. The nail game is strong with these simple, yet effective, tips and tricks.

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