How Long to Wait Between Coats of Your Nail Paint?

It’s risky enough trying to paint one layer of nail polish without messing it up. It’s even riskier when you are trying to paint two coats or more. Well, guess what’s riskier?

Applying more than one coat without knowing the optimal waiting time before you start on a new layer! So, here comes the question: How long to wait between coats of nail polish?


How Long Should You Wait Between Coats of Nail Polish?

wait between coats of nail polish

According to expert manicurist advice, 2 minutes is the optimal time duration before you apply the next coat of nail polish. Supposedly, waiting for 2 minutes between coats can help to make your nail polish last longer!

There’s your base coat, your base color, and then perhaps another color coat on the top before we finally reach your top coat. In between, you only need two full minutes for your nail polish to dry enough for the next layer to coat on nicely!

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3 Facts to Consider While Applying Coats

If you were like me, you have probably left your nail polish layer for several minutes longer than required. But hey, now you can start saving some time when you paint your own nails next time.

To help you out, here are 3 additional tips for applying nail polish.

Stroke Count Counts

While it might look neater to paint your nails in a single stroke, this is not the recommended method. In fact, manicurists often make sure that they use at least 3 to 4 strokes to get the perfect look.

You can start the first stroke right in the center of the cuticles. Then, for your next stroke, you can swipe down the right, do another center stroke, and then to the left.

If you see any spots on your nails that are still uncovered, you can give it another extra stroke.


“Thick” Doesn’t Mean Better

Some nail polish takes a long time to dry. As such, you might not want to apply too thick a coat on your nails right away. We understand that a thicker layer could look brighter on your nails, but there are some downsides to this method too.

For starters, a thick coat could drip down your nailbed, or worse, get smudged by accident before it dries fully! Stick to this tip- just apply a thin coat in a few strokes, and wait for 2 minutes before applying a new layer!


Don’t Skip the Top or Base Coat

We know that it seems like some unnecessary extra expenditure to you. But the top coat can help you to maintain your manicure‘s lifespan! As a bonus, you might find that the top coat gives your nails a shiny finish that will make them look just awesome.

Similarly, the base coat can smooth down your nails, prepping it for a smoother nail polish coat. You will find that a primer is the makeup equivalent of base coats!

Aside from giving you a fabulous nail look, a base coat also prevents the chemicals from your nail polish from staining your natural nails to keep them from yellowing.

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Waiting just for 2 minutes between coats of your nail art will work like magic to turn them into amazing art.

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