Here’s Why Your Acrylic Nails Keep Popping Off

Are you one of those unlucky girls who had their acrylic nails done and then a few days later, the acrylics start to pop off? It turns out that there are a few reasons why this might be happening. Keep reading for tips on how to keep your acrylic nails from popping off.


Why Do My Acrylic Nails Keep Popping Off?

There can be some reasons behind your acrylic nails keep popping off. Well, if the preparation process is entirely accurate, the chances of having your acrylics pop off before their time is not likely. On the other hand, many reasons may cause acrylics to pop:

#1 The Amount of Liquid Used

When it comes to applying acrylic nails, you must get the liquid to powder ratio perfect. If the formula drips, it’s too wet; however, it’s too dry if there is some powder residue.

How to resolve:

The consistency you’re looking for is right in the middle. If you’re applying acrylic nails yourself, ensure to test the ratio on a napkin first. You’re looking for a thick bead-like consistency.


#2 The C-Curve Was Not Pinched Properly

Reasons Acrylic Nails Pop Off - C-Curve Was Not Pinched Properly

The C-curve is the point on the acrylic nail that shapes your finger. Sometimes, if the curve isn’t appropriately pinched, it can be unaligned with your finger. When the c-curve is not aligned with the curve of your finger, air bubbles can get trapped inside the acrylic application, which will cause popping off.

How to resolve:

Ensure that you or the professional pinches all sides of your nail down so that the acrylic nail forms to your natural finger.


#3 The Drying Process Was Incomplete

If the UV lamp bulbs are inefficient, your nails are going to look cloudy with air pockets just below the surface. LED lights in your UV lamp need to be changed every six to eight months. Another sign the UV lamp may need replacing is the surface layer of your nail may become thicker by the second.

How to resolve:

Test your UV lamp on a prototype finger. If you notice any signs mentioned above, change your LED light.

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#3 The Application Was Incomplete

Before the application, your cuticles must be pushed back, your nails must be filed down (but not too much), and all the preparation steps must be followed. If any of this process is incomplete or skipped entirely, the application of the acrylic will cause some lift.

Always remember – do not skip the primer. Most times, if your acrylics pop off, it’s because the primer was skipped, which makes it harder for the acrylic to bond to your nail.

How to resolve:

Never skip the preparation. Always remember the primer. Always make sure the powder to liquid ratio is perfect.


#4 Improperly Placed

Reasons Acrylic Nails Pop Off - Improperly Placed

Everyone’s nails are different. Some people have slanted fingernails; other people are nail biters. The acrylic application can go wrong if the tip is not directly aligned with your fingernail and nail size.

How to resolve:

Ensure that all nail tips are placed correctly according to size, shape, and width before applying the acrylic.


#5 Old or Poorly Packaged Product

If an acrylic set has been left open for too long, it may distribute moisture, thickening the mixture. Nail polish will also thicken if it has been sitting for long periods. If any of the products used are unpackaged, the procedure can react with skin contact and even break natural nails underneath.

How to resolve:

Ensure that all lids are closed tightly. Store all containers away from the sun and in a cool, dry area. Throw away all old materials. Before using the acrylic product, check to make sure there is no discoloration or change in texture.


#6 Not Being Careful with Your Acrylics

Acrylic nails may be strong, but they are not damage-proof. As you use your hands every day for things like opening cans, clenching your fists, and fidgeting or biting your nails, the nail can become damaged. The more you use your nails for something, the more likely they will pop off.

How to resolve:

Make a habit of using your hands rather than your nails – consider opening cans with the side of your fingers. Try to curb the nail-biting and fidgeting habit as much as possible.


#7 Unhealthy Natural Nails

Reasons Acrylic Nails Pop Off - Unhealthy Natural Nails

If your natural nails are soft or brittle, the acrylic will have difficulty adhering to the natural nail. Often acrylic nails will pop off just due to the health of the natural nail.

How to resolve:

Try to quit biting your nails and use vitamin e lotions for your hands and fingers. When acrylics are not on your fingers, use nail strengthening polish to bring your nails back to life. Try to give your natural nails time to heal and grow after your acrylics have fallen off before reapplication.


#8 Underlying Health Issues

Whether it comes down to certain medications or just an intolerance to the chemicals used in acrylic nails, your body may reject the process. Some medications that can cause brittle nails are diabetes medication, excess vitamin b, and heart medications.

How to resolve:

If a skin reaction occurs, seek medical advice. Speak to your practitioner about how acrylic and your medication will affect each other, and seek advice on counteracting the effects.

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Most Common Reason Behind Lifting Acrylic Nails

The main reason acrylic nails lift or pop-off is the preparation you put into your natural nails before the procedure. Other reasons may include the actual health of the natural nail itself, the powder vs. liquid ratio being imperfect, skipping the primer, and poorly packaged goods.

Always make sure that you don’t skip a step, all products are stored correctly, and that you have fully prepared your nails before your appointment. It’s also good to remember to change your UV bulbs and maintain a healthy diet and skin ritual.


DIY Preparation Before Acrylic Nail Appointment

Acrylic nails are gorgeous and everyone loves them. But whether you have gotten acrylic nails yourself or have known others who have worn them, you may have noticed one specific problem. Acrylic nails – if not done correctly, tend to pop off!

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “why do my acrylic nails keep popping off?“.

You should prepare the nails before getting your acrylic nails done to reduce the risk of popping off. If you don’t take the time to prep your nails before an acrylic appointment, it can make all the difference.

Typically, the professional you seek will buff, clean, and file your natural nail to prepare for acrylics at your appointment. However, there are a few things you can do before arriving.

Step One: Wash Your Hands

Preparation Before Acrylic Nail Appointment - Wash Hands

Nails build up a ton of bacteria, dirt, and grime. A good rule of thumb is to sing ‘happy birthday’ three times while washing your hands. Opt for antimicrobial soap or a homemade recipe using sea salt. Ensure that you are scrubbing and cleaning underneath your nails and around your cuticles.


Step Two: Moisturize Your Fingers

Preparation Before Acrylic Nail Appointment - Moisturize Fingers

Using your favorite lotion or other moisturizing product such as petroleum jelly or cuticle creams will help strengthen your nails. Look for creams high in Vitamin E, as this adds softness and moisture to your nail bed.


Step Three: Push Back Your Cuticles

Preparation Before Acrylic Nail Appointment - Push Back Cuticles

While you can use your nail to push back your cuticles, a cuticle pusher is the best option for this step. When receiving an acrylic application, professionals push back your cuticles to ensure the acrylic sticks. If this step is skipped, it can be the main reason for the nail lifting or popping off.


Step Four: File Your Nails

Preparation Before Acrylic Nail Appointment - File Your Nails

When filing your nails, make sure that you lightly sand the edges and the nail bed itself. The goal is to have the acrylic liquid stick to the nail so that it doesn’t lift in a few days. Make sure there is little to no shine left on your natural nail. Be careful not to take off any part of your nail with the file, as you only want the top layer of shine to come off.


Step Five: Sanitize

Preparation Before Acrylic Nail Appointment - Sanitize Hands

Lightly brush off any excess dust and then wash your hands. You will want to rewash your hands and sanitize with a gentle sanitizer such as natural foam ones. Look for sanitizers with aloe vera in the ingredients, as aloe is essential for moisture and nail and skin strength.

You should expect these steps to happen at your appointment. However, while you’re there, make sure that the professional is taking each step seriously. Before moving on, every preparation step is critical to avoid any breakage, damage and lifting of your acrylic nail.

To avoid frequent pop-off, you should always consider getting your acrylic nails done by a professional who has the right tools and training to apply acrylics correctly. If you’re unsure about a specific nail salon, always remember to read reviews and do your research before making your appointment. You can minimize the risk of lifting acrylics by following the above tips. Which of these tips did you find most helpful?

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