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15 Pikachu And Pokemon Nail Art To Rewind Childhood

There will be hardly any child who didn’t own a Pokemon card in the ’90s. This was hugely popular with the kids. Pokemon is a media franchise of Japan created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1989. Pokemon is the short form of ‘Pocket Monster’.

There are almost 807 fictional monsters who live in the Pokemon world. These monsters have unique designs of skills being inspired by real-world animals, or mythology. You can have Pikachu and Pokemon nail art to rewind your childhood.


Pikachu And Pokemon Nail Art for Anime Fans

Pikachu is the most loving an adorable character of Pokemon. Like other characters from the Pokemon, this monster is also trained and groomed to fight other monsters for sport. Pikachu is the dominating character in Pikachu And Pokemon nail art.

Nintendo Company Limited is a Japanese electronics and video games company, they have made both Pikachu and Pokemon popular worldwide. Let’s see how you can design your nails with Pikachu And Pokemon nail art.


pokemon stiletto nails

pokemon stiletto nails



pokemon nail stickers

pokemon nail stickers



pokemon 3d nail art

pokemon 3d nail art



pikachu nail stickers

pikachu nail stickers



pikachu toe nails

pikachu toe nails


#6. Cute Pikachu

pikachu and pokeball nail art

This design looks gorgeous with the charm of red and white rhinestones. The gold glitters also added extra shine to this design. But, among all of this, the image of this cute little Pikachu grabs the attention. You can have Pikachu and Pokemon nail art by drawing the image of Pikachu.

Reminiscence Childhood with Cartoon Nail Art

#7. Only Pikachu

pikacho nail art

There are hundreds of character in the Pokemon animated series and Pokemon cards. People know Pikachu only all over the world. You can paint its faces on your nails while having Pikachu and Pokemon nail art.


#8. Laughing Monsters

Pikachu is a happy character. He is always busy with her pals making fun of them. This design is illustrating a fun-loving attribute of the pocket monsters.


#9. Happiness

yellow pikacho nail art

If you think yourself unhappy, you may find happiness now. These happy-looking images of the Pikachu create a sense of happiness in my mind. Design your nails with blissful Pikachu and Pokemon nail art.

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#10. Blue Pokemon Nails

The logo and some faces of the Pokemon anime series can be painted on your blue nails to have blue Pokemon nails. This Pikachu and Pokemon nail art will look amazing on your nails.


#11. Pokemon Nail Art

Pokemon Nail Art

This design is the perfect illustration of Pokemon nail art. The name of Pokemon is painted with some Pocket Monsters. What could be the best design to have as Pikachu and Pokemon nail art?


#12.Pikachu Accent Nails

pokeball nails

Red and white have been widely used in Pokemon nail art. You can add the image of a lone Pikachu, paint other as Pokeball nails to have your ultimate pikacho accent nail.

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#13. Yellow Pokemon Nails


Yellow is a dominant color in Pokemon nail art. You can paint your yellow nails in such a way as if they were resembling the image of a Pikachu. All the five nails create a Pikachu together. This is a different Pikachu and Pokemon nail art.


#14. Starter Pokemons

pokemon nail stickers

Pikachu itself is a starter Pokemon. You can make a team of starter Pokemons on your nails by painting other starter Pokemons like Charmander, Squirtle, Mudkip etc.


#15. Pokemon Go

pokemon and pikacho nail art

Pokemon Go is the recent edition of Pokemon games. It’s a location based free game released in 2021. This game has become immensely popular overnight.  You can have Pokemon Go nails painted on your nails while having Pikachu and Pokemon nails.

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Though Pokemon is originally a Japanese anime series, it has earned fame from every corner of the earth. You can paint the most famous character from Pokemon, Pikachu, to design your nails. Some sample designs are enumerated for you, hope you’ll like them.

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