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25 Hand Painted Nail Designs To Try This Season

No matter how much skilled a technician is, she can never design your mind exactly on your nails. Nobody will know what your mind wants except yourself. That’s why designing your nails by your own hand is the best solution. You can try hand painted nails in this regard.

“Design as you like” is the motto of these designs. Since you are the designer of your own nails, there is no hard and fast rule. But, most of the girls like to do floral nail art when they apply hand painted nail designs.  You can try other designs too while having hand painted nail designs.


How to Do Hand Painted Nails: Step by Step

A few easy steps are enough to have these nails at your fingertips. There are hundreds of ways to have hand painted nails but using colorful floral designs seems the easiest and trendy to me. You can draw simple floral designs associated with an aesthetic color combination for these designs. The procedures are very simple but, of course, you need some tools and materials to so hand painted nails at home. The following tools are needed to do the designs efficiently.

  • Base Coat
  • Nail Polishes
  • Thin Paintbrush
  • Toothpick
  • Glitters
  • Top Coat

Don’t wait for anyone when you are done with the arrangement of the tools and materials. Let’s go to work and apply hand painted nail designs by following the steps given below.

Step by Step Nail Art

  • Apply a base coat on your nails to protect them from the bad effect of acrylic nails and prevent from chipping.
  • Fill the surface of your nails with the base nail polish on which the designs will be drawn.
  • Put three white color drops on your nails and spread them a bit with a toothpick.
  • Dab a pink nail polish over the white color and swirl both of these colors in a way so that they resemble the patterns of rose petals.
  • Use bright green nail polish to paint some green leaves around the floral designs.
  • You can use some golden glitters if you want these hand painted nails to shine.


Hand Painted Nail Designs to Design Your Mind

Hand painted nail designs will look stunning if you can paint them with the correct patterns along with a compatible design. So, having ideas about nail designs is a must to have a trendy nail design. That’s why we are here to help you find the perfect design for you. You can design your mind on your nails and hope that our designs will be inspirational for you.


hand painted red nails

hand painted red nails



hand painted geomatric nails design

hand painted geomatric nails design



hand painted roses nail art

hand painted roses nail art



hand painted toe nail art

hand painted toe nail art



hand painted dog print nails

hand painted dog print nails



hand painted nails design for short nails

hand painted nails design for short nails



hand painted nail design for winter

hand painted nail design for winter



hand painted halloween nail design

hand painted halloween nail design



hand painted disney nails

hand painted disney nails



hand painted christmas nail art design

hand painted christmas nail art design


#11. Leaves on the Edge

Simple Hand Painted Nail Designs

You can paint some leaves deriving from the edge of your nails. Paint all your nails with baby blue keeping one in white color. Add some thin silver glitters on the top. Draw some leaves on the white nails. That’s it. Your hand painted nails are ready.

DIY Nail Art To Do At Home

#12. Hello Bunnies

hand painted bunny nail design

This design is so cute that every girl must like this one. Draw a face of a bunny on each of your nails. You can use pastel colors for this design. These little bunnies will draw the attention of the people around you.


#13. Colorful Paradise

colorful hand painted nail design

There is nothing more exciting than colorful designs. If you are an expert in nail art you get to love the playful display of colors. Paint your nails with different colors maintaining some patterns. You’ll love the colorful paradise drawn on your nails.


#14. Owl of the City

hand painted owl nail design

Owls are normally alone and active at night like city people. They are well known for their upright stance sitting in an upper place. Draw some images of the owl on your nails to have this hand painted nail designs done.


#15. Peacock’s Feathers

hand painted peacock feather nail art

Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds. They look astonishingly beautiful while opening their colorful feathers. Designers from all over the world are inspired by the patterns of peacock’s feathers. You can paint them on your nails while having hand painted nail designs.

Dope Nails: Be A Trendsetter with These

#16. Random Nail Art

You don’t have to follow any grammar book to design your nails. Sometimes, being a bit messy adds spices to life. This is a random nail art like that. No specific patterns need to be followed, just have your hand painted nail designs done.


#17. Black Branches

You can have this beautiful hand painted nail design on your nails. At first, paint your nails with light pink, silver, and light orange colors. Then draw some black branches as if they were growing from the outer edges of the nails.


#18. Floral Art

Nothing looks greater than floral art if you can design them correctly. Paint some hand painted floral designs on your french nails to have this design.


#19. Glitters And Patterns

If you want your hand painted nail designs to shine, this is the one you are looking for. Use glitters and any patterns repeatedly to have this design done on your nails. You can also wear rings which will complement the whole design.

Panda Nail Design: These Are The Cutest

#20. Hand Painted Minions

Hand Painted Minion nail

Minions designs have become vastly popular recently. You can paint the images of these minions on your nails while having hand painted nail designs.


#21. The Bugs

Some girls like to express themselves as daring girls. They adore bugs whereas most of the girls fear them. If you are a bug lover you can have these images drawn on your nails as hand painted nail designs.


#22. Dripping Colors

Dripping color Hand painted Nail

This design is a bit different from others. At first, the nail beds are filled with a colorful base. Then, another color is applied to the top of the nails in a way so that it seems that the color is dripping from the edges of the nails.


#23. Have Some Ice-cream

Almost every girl loves to eat ice-cream to a great degree. If you are an ice-cream lover, this design is only for you. You can draw these ice-cream cones on your nails while doing hand painted nail designs.


#24. Rainbow

Rainbow patterns look good if they are done with proper care. There are seven colors of a rainbow but you can paint three or four for nail designs because seven colors will look congested. The image of a rainbow floating on the white clouds will look amazing on your nails.


#25. The Lone Butterfly

easy hand painted nail designs

Girls love butterflies for their beautiful shape and colors. Butterflies are found in flower gardens in nature. You can depict this on your nails. Draw a butterfly in between colorful flowery images. This design is a good one to have as hand painted nail designs.

Welcome 2018 with New Year Nail

Nail designs are becoming enriched day by day. More diversity is added every day. The trend is changing so rapidly that you must be careful about what is in vogue right now. In this regard, hand painted nail designs have an advantage. As you’re doing these designs yourself, you can modify them in whatever ways you want. Who knows? Your whimsical designs might be the next trend.

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