12 Mighty Minion Nail Designs for Minion Fanatic

The image of minions has broken out in the fashion industry after the release of the movie Despicable Me in 2010. Since then, these yellow small creature having oval-shaped heads are loved by people of every age. The unique language and weird activities of these minions became favorite to millions of people overnight. The image of minions is now used in almost every kind of fashion accessories. The cuteness of the minions has won the heart of every girl out there. You can also adorn your nails with minion nail designs.


Minion Nail Designs to Have Some Fun

You can’t resist loving the minion characters. There are so many minion characters in the movie but a few have become popular. Bob, Kevin, and Stuart are some of them. Another important character of the minions is Gru’s bad dog. Gru’s dog is intimidating to all but these minions make fun of it. You can depict the relationship between the dog and the minions on your nails. The minions love bananas more than anything. So, the image of bananas will also get preference in the minion nail designs.


#1. Despicable Me

Despicable Me 2 Minion Nail

You just can’t have minion nail designs without giving credit to the movie Despicable Me. This movie is the origin of these minion characters. Create ultimate minion nail design with movie name written on the nail.

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#2. Celebrate Pride

Colorful minion nail design

If you are a human rights activists and a nail art lover together what will you do? You can have these minions painted on your nails having a rainbow upon their heads. You can celebrate the pride of LGBT through your minion nail designs.


#3. Santa Minion Nails

Santa clause minion nail design

Santa is coming this winter disguising himself as a minion. How’s that? No worry, nobody is stopping you from imagining that. You can imagine as you like. You can have Santa minion nail designs for this Christmas.


#4. The Ultimate Minions

You can draw the friendship of the Minions by owning this design. Minions normally don’t sit idle in the movie. You can only have them stative like this design on still picture.


#5. Happy Easter

You can have these nails on the occasion of Easter. Draw a minion which resembles the image of a rabbit. This simple trick will turn your minion nail designs into Easter nail design.


#6. Minion’s Love

You can have minion nails for Valentine’s day or as heart shape nails. Draw the images of minions on the pink bases of your nails. And, draw some love to give them a romantic look.

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#7. The Evil-Dog

At a stage, Gru’s dog became one of the minions in the movie. You can draw the peculiar expressions of this minion like dog in your nail designs.


#8. Thanksgiving Minions

Thanksgiving turkey minion nail art

The use of minion nail designs has broken out real fast. Draw some minions resembling the images of turkey to have minion nails as thanksgiving nail art.


#9. Mischievous Minions

Hand painted minion nail design

The funny acts of minions know no bounds. You can illustrate any of these activities on your nails. Here, each nail tells a story of the mischiefs done by the minions. These hand painted designs of minion are cute as a button.

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#10. Purple Glow

This purple design looks really astonishing. You can have this minion nails to have the purple glow on your nails. The purple version of the minions, which is actually the dog, is depicted here in minion nail designs.


#11. Bah Nah Nah

banana and minion nail design

The minions say banana as Ba Nah Nah. This special accent makes their dialogues more interesting to the viewers. These minions are so fond of bananas. Some Ba Nah Nah on two nails, one evil dog and minions on the others make this nail art the must have one.


#12. The Brotherhood

cute minion nail design

One thing will draw your attention while watching Despicable Me movies. The Brotherhood and the cohesiveness of the minion characters are quite extraordinary. You can draw a group of minions while having minion nail art.

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Minions are something very cute to have on your nails. You don’t have to think that much while having them. Because, no matter how you design them, they will look cute. Nevertheless, you can be inspired by our designs from this article.

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