10 Enigmatic Emo And Gothic Nails To Ignite The Mystery

Emos are normally depressed people who get emotionally hurt as they feel emotions very strongly. They prefer to live alone because everyone around them causes pain for them. Most of the people consider themselves something evil having a devil to worship. But it’s not TRUE. And a gothic person or Goth is someone who sees things differently. Who falls in love with something that other people hate. Goth people love everything which is dark and mysterious.  Enough talking, now let’s move to the world of emo and gothic nails.


Express Your Beliefs With Emo And Gothic Nails

Emo and gothic both are related to some points. Both of these includes the deepest feeling of a man respectively emotion and beliefs. Emo deals with emotion to such a large extent that there’s emo community building in some countries. All the lonely people gather together to share their feelings. Isn’t that exciting? Same thing goes with gothic too. People having the same beliefs are gathering at the same place to be themselves without any prohibition. If you are one of them or have support for their activities, you can have emo and gothic nails on your precious nails. Dark or black is the prime nail color, of course, for gothic nails. And you can use bloody red associated with other colors for emo nails.


#1. Black Magic

Gothic nail art designs

This is a basic design for gothic nails. Very simple to have. You can draw a pentagram and skull on your fingers to enhance the intensity of the gothic nails. Pentagram and skull are often associated with the concept of black magic.

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#2. Pastel Goth Nails

pastel color gothic nail art

You can use pastel colors for your goth nails. Whatever the base color is, the pattern or designs must be in black for goth nails.


#3. Getting Hurt

Hurt Emo Nail Design

An emo has an ocean of feelings and emotion. He/she cant tolerate the pain being too much impulsive. This design with red and black is a perfect depiction of emo people. They try to hurt themselves after being hurt by someone else.


#4. Goth And Black

If you are using black dominantly, your gothic nails are already half-done. You don’t need to add a lot of patterns for gothic nails. Keep it goth and black.

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#5. Broken Hearted

Broken Heart Emo Nail Design

“I’m so lonely, broken angel” if this is your favorite song, this will be your favorite nail design. Draw some stitched hearts stained with bloody red resembling broken hearts. Emo persons are normally broken, this could be a good choice for having emo nails.


#6. Dark Night

Night time is the favorite time for the gothic people. They love darkness more than anything. You can have this image drawn your nails which is the perfect resemblance to a dark night.


#7. Emo Prince

Emo Prince Nail Art

This is the stereotyped image of an  Emo boy having long hair covering one side of the face. There is an enveloped marked with red love. All these symbols are the perfect reflection of the emo theme. So, you can undoubtedly have them as emo nails.

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#8. Emo Princess

Any emo girl will love this design. There are a love sign and a cross sign of skull side by side in this design. Which indicates that love is dangerous. And the word EX indicates that this girl used to love someone, now she is depressed. Emo nails couldn’t be any better than this.


#9. Lunatic Goths

 Gothic stiletto nail designs

For some unknown reasons, goth people use chrome designs in their art. Maybe because it refers to the time of night. And ordinary people like us sometimes think that goths are lunatic for their different attitudes, which is not right. You can have this design for your gothic nails.


#10. Goth Skulls

Gothic Skull Nail Design

Skulls are commonly used in goth nail art. You can draw some images of human skulls on black nails for this design. Skull face deals with the theme of death, and death is a significant thing for gothic people. So, you can have your gothic nails painted with skulls.

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Emo and Gothic are the people among us who feel and believe a bit differently than us. That doesn’t make them bad or evil. We must practice liberalism in every sector of our life. Let’s not be extremist. However, I have tried my best to give you some ideas regarding emo and gothic nails. Be yourself, do what you feel but, of course, don’t hurt anyone’s feelings or beliefs. Hope you’ll find these emo and gothic nails useful.

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