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25 Hottest Skull Nail Designs to Put You on Center Stage

Skull nail designs are here, so you can start being a true metal queen asap. While being mostly scary and dark looking, there are some exceptions when it comes to these. If you choose to accompany the skulls with some lighter shades and shimmery jewelry, you can easily put some femininity into them.

That is if that’s what you are going for. If not, then we have plenty of darker, scarier and mysterious designs for you to choose from.


Creative Skull Nail Designs

Did you know that the human skull is made out of 22 bones? Some bones shape the face, while others protect the brain. 22 is a big number, and it almost matches our 25 skull nail designs list. But it is pretty close enough we’d say.

So in honor of those 22 bones that shape our skull, we’ve created this phenomenal list.


sugar skull nail designs

sugar skull nail designs



halloween skull nail design

halloween skull nail design



gel skull nail designs

gel skull nail designs



skull and bones nail design

skull and bones nail design



long stiletto skull nail designs

long stiletto skull nail designs


#6: We Look Famous

long and pretty Skull Nail art for girl

These nails are actually quite posh looking with some hidden dark edge and spiciness. Very long and pretty, these nails could easily be worn by top Hollywood actresses and would steal the show in a blink of an eye.


#7: Barbie Gone Punk

pinkjSkull Nail idea for women

Barbie went a bit darker than usual we’d say. Some pink skulls with crowns and beautiful stars make these dark nails not too dark. If you are kind of in the middle, that is not being too ladylike nor being a rock chic, get this mani and have a blast.

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#8: Barbie Gone Emo

Emo design Skull Nail art

This time Barbie had gone full metal and emo. This skull nail design looks like something that Avril Lavigne would wear back in 2009 when the ”Skater boy” was on top of the charts.


#9: Chanel Skull

Skull Nail

Inspiration can be found anywhere, and these skull nail look like they’ve been inspired by an authentic Dior or Chanel handbag. The pink base looks like it’s been made out of real leather, and the black studs look smoking hot. The skull has some character and gives out that ”Do not approach me” vibe. If you are not into people and would rather approach them instead of being approached, get this mani. You are in control of everything, and that is the most important part.


#10: Hippie Skull

Hippie Skull Nail design for girl

Little hipster skull heads are so cheerful and vibrant. They actually look anything but scary, which is a good example that proves that skulls aren’t always intimidating. These nails would also be a great choice if you are going to a party, Coachella, or just festivals in general.


#11: Delicate

Little more delicate than what’s usually expected with the skull nail designs. The light pink base is elegant, while the skull print gives some ”ump” to the whole picture.

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#12: Blue Babe

 blue color Skull Nail idea

If you are a blue color lover, and also like edgy original prints, this manicure looks just right for you. Blue color has that friendly tone, while these drawn prints are scary looking. Pretty much you are stuck somewhere in between with these nails. Neither too cute or too hectic.


#13: Matte Is Mad

 Matte black scared Skull Nail

Madness is just the word for these matte skull nails. If you want to be noticed and to be the main attraction, you will succeed with these nails. Matte base with just one skull sticker is fierce enough to awake the fire inside of you.


#14: Fun

If you are a true metal lover, a dark queen inside of your heart, or you just love to look as edgy and scary as possible, then what are you waiting for? This skull nail design has got a lot of mean vibes but at the same time original ones. Be as bold as your nails and show everyone who’s the boss.


#15: Funk

gray cxolor Skull Nail art for women

This gray nail polish base and a skull have got a mind of their own. Looks like someone had found inspiration at the bottom of the sea since besides the skull we also have an octopus. An interesting combo we might add, and totally worth the effort.


#16: Tip Time

By now you already know how we feel about the glue down nails. This skull nail design, or so to say this method, should be your choice especially if you don’t like to spend a lot of time while drawing on these skull heads. This way you will have your spooky nails ready in less than 10 minutes.


#17: Little Jackie

Jack the Skeleton looks a lot friendlier than we are used to. His first appearance was in  ”Nightmare before Christmas” in 1993. And look at him now, still being a nail inspo 24 years later.


#18: Oh Oh

Oh oh, looks like this skeleton has some body issues. But do we really mind? Considering the fact that he is so neat and fresh looking I’d say we give him a pass this time.


#19: Rose Print

Rose with Skull Nail design

Roses are the most sold flowers worldwide, so no wonder we’d put them on our list. They look so rock like when paired up with the skulls. They also give out some Ed Hardy moments, which is a good news for all the tattoo lovers out there.

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#20: Colorful As It Can Be

Colorful Skull Nail idea for girl

There is nothing scary looking or dangerous with this skull nail design. They are also a great representation of how you can turn a scary skull print into a ladylike and gentle manicure. You could easily let your younger sibling wear these as well, just with the shorter length.


#21: High

If you are a rebel, then why not be a rebel all the way? This high looking skull nail design got an inspiration out of the Snoop Dogg’s music video, and we are impressed by the originality.


#22: Pirates

This list would be incomplete without the Pirate print next to the skull. Did you know that the Pirates actually wore eye patches? But they didn’t actually make people walk the plank.  Although walking the plank is common in contemporary pirate lore, most pirates just killed people straight away. So in honor for these long extinct hunters, get this manicure.


#23: XXX

Watch out for these poisonous nails! If you are a heart thief 50% of the time and men think of you as a heartbreaking machine, get these poison looking nails just to give out a clear message. If you get it sorted out at the beginning, you will make it way easier for both sides.


#24: Miniature

cute Miniature with Skull Nail design

Mini nails and mini skulls are cute and perfect for the younger audience out there. These natural nails don’t look intimidating and could be styled by anyone.


#25: The One

Last, but not least, we have this princess’ pink skull nail design. These nails could easily be a star of the show no matter where you at. Although we find them to be the most suitable for prom if you are in a long dress made out of sequin.

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Some Killer Skull Nail Designs That Will Catch Your Eye


Since now you know a bit more about the skull’s, how about you slay them from now on? On our list, you can find longer or shorter nails, fake or real, and you can definitely adapt them per your preferences.

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