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30 Nail Designs with Rhinestones to Spice Up Your Beauty

Wanna look fancy and attractive for tonight’s party?Now, and with the help of the list of 30 nail designs with rhinestones,  you are going to be astonished by your sexy and hot party animal look!


Exclusive Nail Designs With Rhinestones Ideas

Some of you ladies consider that elegance comes from simplicity. In fact, it does, but simplicity cannot fit all occasions, it only fits daily ordinary ones. On the other hand, on fancy parties and occasions, simple nail designs disappear by the addition of shiny and glittery decals that turn them into nail designs with rhinestones.

The added decals give you ladies the hot and attractive look you are searching for and at the same time, they make your hands light up with beauty. So what about checking out the below list of 30 nail designs with rhinestones?


blue nail design with rhinestones

blue nail design with rhinestones



hot pink nail designs with rhinestones

hot pink nail designs with rhinestones



white nail design with rhinestones

white nail design with rhinestones



natural nail designs with rhinestones

natural nail designs with rhinestones



cheetah nail design with rhinestones

cheetah nail design with rhinestones



spring nail design with rhinestones

spring nail design with rhinestones



ombre nail designs with rhinestones

ombre nail designs with rhinestones



nails design with bow and rhinestones

nails design with bow and rhinestones



winter nail designbs with rhinestones

winter nail designbs with rhinestones



summer nail designs with rhinestones

summer nail designs with rhinestones


#11. Frozen with Rhinestones

beautiful white nail design with rhinestones

Tonight,  you ladies are about to turn things upside down by wearing a glowing white nail design with rhinestones. Meanwhile, the above nail design is  made up from the fading white, that looks like your nails are freezing gradually. It is decorated with many shiny silver decals and a large white flower, that look like it was covered with snow.

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#12. Princess Diana

nail designs with rhinestones 23

Are you a girl that loves to be a princess or a queen? Well if you are, do not try to miss wearing this hot pink metallic nail design with rhinestones, decorated with a floral pattern at the tip and at the bottom of each pink shiny nail. So here is the chance to have the princess Diana look, don’t miss it!


#13. Merry Christmas Nail Design

nail designs with rhinestones 22

Season greeting include a cheerful spirit, so if you are wondering about how to greet Christmas in a joyful way this nail design with rhinestones made up from the mixed blue and white nail polish, in addition to snowman and Santa with shiny decals is all you need to show that the Christmas spirit is deep inside your heart.


#14. The Cross Plus Rhinestones

nail designs with rhinestones 21

Are you too connected to  religion? Do like to visit the church at one time and another? Well if you do, try wearing a cross nail design made up from the black, white, and glittery golden colors.

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#15. Periwinkle Twinkle

nail designs with rhinestones 20

Purple is the color that has the greatest number of fans all around the world, especially the periwinkle shade of it! It is a very calm color that has much precious meaning in the deep inside of it. And since it’s too calm you gotta add some purple decals in order to give your nails a sense of motion. Such a nail design with rhinestones can be worn anywhere!


#16. Swirly

nail designs with rhinestones 16

Your nails are short and you are in a severe need for a red nail design that fits your engagement party dress? No worries, because this nail design with rhinestones provides you with a creative red nail design with swirly white shapes and shiny silver decals.

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#17. Stone Cold

nail designs with rhinestones 15

Unlike all other french tip nail designs made from a transparent base and a white simple tip, this time tips have the lead gray color similar to the color of stones designed with a pink decal and some traces of a silver glittery nail polish. However, this kind of nail designs can be worn on all kinds of parties on occasions and it fits a variety of colors.


#18. Navy Wavy

nail designs with rhinestones 14

Above a classy silver shimmery nail polish, traces of navy blue that are similar to the wings of a butterfly are applied centered by a square navy blue decal and a white decal at the bottom, all together to make up a classy navy nail design with rhinestones.


#19. Carolina Glitter

nail designs with rhinestones 13

Blue is the calmest color! However, it is the color of smartness and intelligence. So if you wanna look geeky chic all you have to do is to wear this Carolina blue nail design associated with blue glitter in some nails, white tips with rhinestones in some other nails, and blue tips with a white decal in others.


#20. Rose Red

nail designs with rhinestones 12

Before arriving at tonight’s party you better call 911 in a hurry because this rose red nail design with rhinestones is going to light up enormous flames of jealousy. But be careful because those flames might hurt you too, so be cool and let others burn up while you are burning up the heart of your crush!

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#21. Rhinestones Frenzy

nail designs with rhinestones 11

Go wild and unique by wearing this nail design with rhinestones. Don’t worry about being different by having that large amount of shiny decals in your nail design because sometimes being original makes others in love of you, sometimes jealous of you, and in other times make them want to copy you in your fancy nail designs.


#22. Sharp Stiletto

nail designs with rhinestones 10

As a first look at this nail design, all you can see is a mess! In fact, the combination of those stilleto shaped nails adding to it such a fancy pattern is not a mess, but a fancy nail design with rhinestones.


#23. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

nail designs with rhinestones 8

In this nail design, the slate grey is used in its shimmery state designed with many white and golden shiny rounded decals that make it suitable to be worn on a fancy dinner or night occasion. Besides, the mirror shaped like shiny decals in the middle finger make the center of attention in a fancy nail design with rhinestones.

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#24. Zip It Up

nail designs with rhinestones 7

Yellow is the color that is full of joy and energy, so using a yellow color in a nail design definitely says that you are an energetic person and at the same time a cheerful one. Thus, wearing this french yellow tipped nail design with ring finger with a zipper in it means that you are a person that loves things to be all shiny and joyful but at the same time, it totally means you are a jealous person!


#25. Maroon Vibes

nail designs with rhinestones 6

Maroon is the most elegant combination that ever happened between the pink, purple, and red colors. On the other hand, maroon looks fancy and nice in all ways, even when some colorful decals are added to make up a maroon nail design with rhinestones.


#26. Eyes Everywhere

nail designs with rhinestones 5

Some say that the eyes are the most attractive part of a woman’s face. So if you are a lady with an eye beauty, this nail design with rhinestones provides with a funny way to express that by having 3d eyes all over your nails surrounded with shiny colorful decals of a glittery base.


#27. The Vow

nail designs with rhinestones 4

Your big day is knocking its doors but you still didn’t choose a suitable nail design for your wedding dress? Cheer up, because this nail design perfectly fits a white and classy bridal dress because it is full of white decals and shiny touches that make you look like a real princess on your biggest day.


#28. Floral Vibes

nail designs with rhinestones 3

Girls adore flowers! And it is well known that flowers can bring a woman to her best mood. So if you are a flowers lover, now and with this nail design with rhinestones, you are able to express your flower love by just wearing it on daily occasions and friends hangouts. Check out these flower nail designs you may love.


#29. Wild & Classy

nail designs with rhinestones 2

Black is the chicest and the most classy color ever known! On the other hand, there is a shopping rule that says:” If they are not black, put them all back”. So if you are a mysterious girl that wants to look chic for tonight’s party, don’t regret wearing this black nail design with rhinestones.


#30. Flamingo Pink

nail designs with rhinestones 1

Wanna look cute and girly at the same time? Try wearing this calm and light colored nail design that is going to satisfy your fashion needs for today’s occasion.

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In conclusion, simplicity is not always the key to elegance. Besides, sometimes nail designs with rhinestones are the only ones that can give you the fancy and the party animal looks you are searching for. Consequently,  if you are really searching for a nail design to wear that fits your dress for any recent party, I hope that the above list of 20 nail designs with rhinestones gave you what you need!

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