10 Radiant Nail Designs for Ring Finger

In every nail design you always feel attracted to its beauty and glamor, but what you never noticed is that the ring finger is the one that gives the hand its appealing view and makes you always choose a ring finger nail design to wear since it is the only one that makes you have a dazzling look!


Glamorous Ring Finger Nail Designs

There are many ways to create a beautiful nail design, but there is only one way to create a nail design that satisfies your fashion needs.

This kind of design is called ring finger nail design where all your focus must be based on the ring finger in order to make this fingernail the center of attention and attraction and that gives a perfect taste for the whole hand that you will always need to have the stylish and chic look you love.

So if you are interested check out the below list made up of 10 appealing ring finger nail designs that you will love!

#1. Soft Enough

Ring Finger Nail Design idea

In the above nail design, the colors of the nail polish used are pretty soft and calm but that does not mean that this design is so cliche and ordinary, but it leaves a message that calm colors can reach chicness.

Also, it is not necessary to have shiny and glitter nail polish to obtain a dazzling nail design.

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#2. French Tip Design

French Tip ring finger nail

The above nail design is just a simple white french tip nail design with a transparent base.

But what makes it special and nice is that stylish pattern used in the ring fingernail that grabs attention and provides the normal nail design with a new touch that is added to create a gorgeous ring fingernail design.


#3. Matte Black Nails

ring finger nail designs 2

In an ordinary matte black nail design, you better have a new taste by adding some touches to your nails in order not to look too classic.

All you can do is add a floral gloom to the ring finger of white flowers with some silver glitter on the top.


#4. Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green ring finger nail art

Seafoam green is one of the cutest and the girliest shades of green color. However, wearing a simple green nail constantly sounds to be boring somehow.

So to make things better, you can add a big amount of shiny golden decals that have the shape of dots to the ring finger, which makes the ring finger the center of attention.


#5. Cross Style

Cross Style ring finger nail

If you are a religious woman and you would love to take the cross with you wherever you go, you can simply wear a tip nail design made up of silver tips that have a transparent base.

And specialize the ring finger by having a white clear base in it and adding a cross in the middle with the help of silver shiny glitter nail polish, all together to create an impressive ring finger nail design!


#6. Flower Power

ring finger nail designs

All women are clearly obsessed with flowers of all kinds. So if you wanna get a woman in her best mood, give her the chance to wear a floral nail design by having simple french tips in all nails except the ring fingernail where the flowers sprout to leave a ravishing view to your nails.


#7. Hot Violet

Hot Violet ring finger nail

Violet is a word that holds many meanings, it is the name of a flower and at the same time the meaning of low lightness and medium saturation.

Choosing the violet shade of the purple color to be used in a simple nail design is the best choice you can do, also you can add another purple touch mixed with white on the ring finger in order to obtain a lovely ring finger nail design.

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#8. We Are Different

nice ring finger nail designs for women

Many people like to be different from others in order to have a unique style that identifies them.

This unique style can also be used in nail designs where they choose to have a different pattern in each nail so that they can look weird but at the same time ravishing enough for today’s fashion world!


#9. Focus On Me

ring finger nail designs 8

“Focus on me!”, this is what Ariana Grande said in her song and what the ring finger says in each ring finger nail design.

The ring finger in such nail designs is simple the diamond of the hand that shines up with beauty by decorating this nail with a style that is different from the one found in other nails either by drawing a certain pattern or by using glitter or shiny decals in it.


#10. Wonder Land

beautiful ring finger nail idea

What makes you wonder when watching the “Alice In Wonder Land” movie is the shapes you are not familiar with, and the forests that are made up of complicated vines with some small roses stuck in them.

Why am I talking about this movie right now? Well, that is because the silver pattern used in the ring fingernail totally reminds me of the vines and the forests found in the wonderland.

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In the end, you realize that when it comes to the fashion world it is pretty hard to bring a woman to her best mood or to make her pleased and enough with the beauty she reached.

On the other hand, when this comes to ring finger nail designs nothing makes it hard anymore, all you have to do into focus on the ring fingernail that is the center of attraction and attention between all nails.

The above list of 10 ring finger nail designs provides you with many examples of such a kind of nail design. Hope you love them!

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