10 Best Burgundy Nail Designs for 2018

Burgundy nail designs are always chic, and you simply can’t go wrong with it as your choice of color even if you are doing it by yourself or at a nail salon.


Why Choose Burgundy Color Nails?

The best part about choosing this color is that you can wear it sexy, smart, or just casual. French manicured nails are not the only statement for a smart looking business woman“no more. Hot burgundy paired with the right outfit can be a statement color for every workaholic women, just depending on your wardrobe and accessories. So, if you do go for a dark burned out red color, or the color of wine, know that there are many different styles of designing, and wearing it.


Best Burgundy Nail Design Ideas

Below is a list of our handpicked top 10 burgundy nail designs you’ll love to try.


1. Short and clean

short Burgundy Nail design

This one is the easiest and the most common nail design women tend to go for. Probably because it doesn’t take too much of your time while creating it. A simple see through base coat, and a layer of a matte nail polish (burgundy of course).

Tip: Be as steady and precise as you can. Matte polishes are a little bit harder to work with since they dry faster.

Nail Polish Design Ideas

2. XXL & matte

Mate color Burgundy Nail idea

This is the second most famous burgundy nail design and can be found at the salon more than at the privacy of your house because chances are you can’t grow them this long. Most women go for the square shaped nails, and we can’t deny it, they look stunning in this picture! These XXL nails are not that popular for a workaholic woman, or for an everyday wear, but they are an epidemy for glamorous events, red carpets, proms, and other special events.


3. Tribal Burgundy Nails

nice Burgundy Nail design for girl

For those who like to spice it up a lot, this is the best design for them. If you are bored with the classic and mono nail designs, then why not go bolder? This tribal nail idea is the best choice for you especially for the spring season when it’s time for spring festivals, Coachella, or just some „ let’s chill in the backyard“ moments.


How to:

Well, you’ve got the hang of it by now. First, you start off with a base coat, two layers of the burgundy nail polish, and then it gets a little bit tricky, that’s why we have a picture so it is self-explanatory:


4. A sprinkle of sparkle

These are just perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, don’t you think so? No matter the length, the shape, the shine or matte effect, they are irresistible. When mixed with the right golden tones, golden glitter especially, they will make you feel extravagant and fancy.


How to:

Add one layer of your matte nail polish, or two layers of your sheer polish if you like shine over matte. Then, you apply golden gel with a small flat brush wherever you like, in order to make them glamorous. After they dry down completely make sure you put the top coat over it, just to ensure the long lasting effect.


5. Can’t go wrong with French burgundy nail design

French burgundy nail art

No matter how hard you’ve tried you still can’t seem to convince yourself into making a change?  A classic white French manicure is the only thing you’ve known for your whole life? I think it is time to change that. We all have those moments where we’ve been used to doing the same thing over and over again, and feel the most comfortable in it just because it became our routine, but isn’t the whole point of living your life just to experiment and have fun? So will you step out of your comfort zone? Let’s do baby steps first, shall we? This cute and not too vibrant burgundy manicure could be just for you.


How to:

The only difference is that instead of a see-through polish and a white top, you put a nude color as a base, and the tips should be burgundy. This can be a jackpot when shaking hands in meetings since they look so classy.


6. Subtle details

If you are that gal who likes a little bit of oompf then this is your alley. You can style them round, pointy, or square, based on your mood and preferences, and can add just a little bit of jewels (black especially can look stunning.)


7. As springy as it gets

Wine and flowers- does it get more sensual?  The perfect wine color with elements of flowers on your nails makes it look romantic, chic and cute, and most importantly, any woman can pull it off.     It can be your night out nail combination, your business nail combo, your gym nails… It just looks cute, simple and it is so effortless.


How to:

After painting your nails in dark red, you draw tiny dots with the smallest precise brush on the corners and apply one flower sticker in the middle. You can browse through your local store, or even find the stickers extra cheap on eBay.


8. That glow

Since not all women like that matte effect, we need to mention that these nails are still trending!       If you want that shine it should be for a wedding day, prom, birthday or graduation.There are no rules when it comes to beauty, but preferably the longer the nail, the shinier.


9. Ombre

Ombre burgundy nail design

A little bit harder for beginners, so it is recommended that you go to a nail technician for this one. Ombre nails have become a trend in the last few years, and have been on top of our charts quite a lot. And we obviously see why it’s like that. This Snow White princess is rocking these ombre designed nails!


10. Cherry pop

Cherry design Burgundy nail

Not many people can do this right, simply because it is nail drawing art. But we do believe it is the most beautiful and creative masterpiece that you can wear on your nails. Doesn’t matter if they are short, long, matte, glossy, a pop of cherry drawing can be a real spring time score!


Tip: If you don’t feel like going to the salon and spending all of that extra cash, you can get these nail stickers at ultra and just DIY.

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