10 Fabulous Ninja Turtle Nails for The Comic Fans

TMNT or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a group of four fictional turtles having humane attributes. They fight against all odds to keep their world free from invasions of the evil. TMNT was first published in a comic book by Mirage Studios. Then it gained immense popularity. As a result, the characters have been expanded to films, cartoon series, toys, video games and other merchandise. You can paint your nails with the character of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to have ninja turtle nails.



Ninja Turtle Nails to Inspire the Heroics

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo are the four heroes of TMNT. You can use the images of these four characters and the heroics of them in ninja turtle nails. The costumes of the ninja turtles could be also a useful element of design. Besides, pizza is the favorite food of the ninja turtles, you can paint it while having ninja turtle nails.


#1. Angry And Happy Nails

Ninja Turtle Nails

Two of the ninja turtles are happy and two of them are angry. You can paint both the angry faces and happy faces together to have this type of ninja turtle nails.

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#2. The Curious Eyes

teenage mutant Ninja Turtle Nail

You can draw the curious and careful eyes of the ninja turtles who are always looking for the criminals. These eyes will safeguard your nails from any probable harm.


#3. Craving for Pizza

Each of the ninja turtles is a great foodie. They are crazy for pizza. You can illustrate their cravings for pizza in your ninja turtle nails.


#4. First Letters of the Names

You can write the first letters of the names of the four ninja turtle characters on your ninja turtle nails. R, L, D, M are the first letters which are written on the nails respectively.


#5. Fantastic Four

The team of the TMNT consists of these five heroes. You can draw the whole team on your green nails to have the fantastic four characters done on your ninja turtle nails.


#6. Pizza Lovers

Pizza is the weak point of these strong heroes. All of the ninja turtles love pizza more than anything. They have a great appetite for pizza. You can use this theme on ninja turtle nails.

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#7. TMNT Nails

ninja turtle nail design

This could be the signature nail design of TMNT. The design is so compatible with the TMNT theme that you can design your ninja turtle nails this way without a second thought.


#8. Shell of the Turtles

The turtle shells of ninja turtles look stunning in this design. some glittery colors have been used to draw this nail art. This is an elegant way of having ninja turtle nails.


#9. The Band of Brothers

band of brothers ninja turtle nail

Ninja turtles always stay together. They never leave each other and work as a band of the brothers. The unity and the fellow feeling of the ninja turtle characters attract everybody. You can illustrate this brotherhood in your ninja turtle nails.


#10. Michelangelo

Michelangelo ninja turtle nail

Though ninja turtles are known as a group, Michelangelo outperforms the other mutants in every battle they fight. He is somewhat the protagonist of TMNT. You can paint his attire and face on your ninja turtle nails.

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TMNT is favorite to the kids or the teenagers. If you are already a grown up, never mind going back to childhood again. Let’s paint your nails with whatever design you wish. There is no rulebook to narrow your choices down.

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