35 Awesome Holographic Nail Designs to Copy

Holographic nails are meant to satisfy the thirst of extreme shine lovers. These nails are all about making the nails shine by the interference of light beams produced by a special kind of nail powder.
When light falls onto these nails, they shine as a spectrum of colors like that of a rainbow. Though there is not any definite color, it’s a mixture of colors.
You can have the extraordinary shiny look on your nails by using holographic nail powder or holographic nail stickers/decals.

1. Yellow Holographic Nails

Yellow Holographic Nails

2. Blue Holographic Nails

Royal Blue Holographic Nails

3. Holographic Ombre Nails 

Holographic Ombre Nails 

4. Holographic Black Nails 

Holographic Black Nails

5. White Holographic Nails

White Holographic Nails

6. Pink Holographic Nails


7. Purple Holographic Nails


8. Red Holographic Nails


9. Holographic Glitter Nails


10. Holographic Clear Nails

Holographic Clear Nails

11. Rose Gold Holographic Nails


12. Acrylic Holographic Nails


13. Silver Holographic Nails


14. Holographic Sparkle Nails


15. Gold Holographic Nails 

Gold Holographic Nails 

16. Holographic Green Nails


17. Orange Holographic Nails


18. Nude Holographic Nails


19. Holographic Stiletto Nails 


20. Holographic Pointed Nails

Holographic Pointed Nails

21. Holographic Coffin Nails


22. Holographic Toe Nails


23. Matte Holographic Nails


24. Unicorn Holographic Nails


25. Holographic Nail Stickers

Holographic Nail Stickers

26. Light Pink Holographic Nails

Holographic Nail tips

Paint the tips of your nails with holographic powder to make them shine. The nails reflect the light that falls on the nail plates. That’s why the tips of the nails look colorful and shiny.

Glitter Nail Design to Add Glam & Glitz


27. Display of Colors

colorful Holographic Nails

You can have a display of colors on your nails by applying holographic nail powder. Dap the powder on the nails carefully to squirt them on the entire nail plates.


28. Blue Holographic Nails

shiny blue Holographic Nails

Apply the holographic powders on your blue nails to have shiny blue nails like these ones.


29. The Spectrum

If you can paint the holographic nails the right ways, they’ll shine as a spectrum of colors. Choose a good quality holographic powder to have these nails.


30. Holographic Nail Decals

This is a simple way of having a holographic nail art. You can place a holographic sticker or decal on any nail design at any time. No need for gel nails for these holographic nail art. Cut the stickers at the right angle and size and attach them to the nails.

Glitter Ombre Nails to Add Glam


31. Holographic Chrome Nails

Holographic nails are all about the extra shine. You can have very shiny and colorful nails by applying holographic powder to your nail plate.


32. How to Do It

how to do holographic nails

The application process demands a great deal of patience. After applying the base coat and the black coat, you have to put great efforts while dabbing the powder onto the nails. It takes a few minutes to get the holographic mirror effect.


33. Celebrate Colors

holographic nails with foil

If you like colorful nails, this design is for you. Vivid colors and vibrant shine, what more you need to have the party at your fingertips? Let’s stun everyone with this gorgeous design.


34. Shine Like a Diamond

diamond holographic nail

You are no less than a diamond to your close people. So, make the best out of your chance to adorn your nails with holographic nails that resemble the shine of the diamonds. Be a diamond, shine brighter and brighter. 


35. The Wicked Nails

If you aren’t content with only the shine or you get boring of the same patterns of every nail, we have something interesting for you. You can try these different holographic nails on your nails. This will add diversity to your regular manicure.

Trick Everyone with Color Changing Nail Polish


Every nail design demands the proper association of the attires. To have astonishingly beautiful nail art, choose the dresses and the occasion carefully.

It will look odd if you wear holographic nails at a sad gathering. We have a few inspirational designs in our collection. You can follow these as they are or modify them as per your choice.

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