65 Gold Nail Designs That’ll Make Your Nails Look Stunning

Gold nail designs inspire wealth and luxury. Spice your look with a manicure that makes you feel like you are part of the royal family. 


Gold Nail Designs

These gold nail designs are perfect for any fancy occasion, especially when you need your hands to look picture perfect. In this case, a gold polish with glitter or some rich constructs is a life savior. 

1. Rose Gold Nails

Rose Gold Nails

If you think that pure gold nails are too much for you, choose a color like rose gold for your nails. Your hands will look impeccable and you’ll still look glamorous. 


2. Red And Gold Nail Art

Red And Gold Nail Art

They say that your hands are like a mirror, they show you who you really are. With these red nails with glittery stardust, you will inspire confidence and wealth. 


3. Gold Gel Nails 

Gold Gel Nails 

This subtle gold nail polish is the perfect choice for an everyday outfit. It doesn’t look extremely sophisticated and it’s a magnificent choice for everyday use. 


4. Gold Nails for Prom

Gold Nails for Prom

Prom is probably the most important moment in any girl’s adolescence and this is why your nails must look fabulous. Create some pointy gold nails with an abstract design that will blow everybody’s mind. 


5. Gold Acrylic Nails

Gold Acrylic Nails

Highly textured nails look amazing on a square oval nail shape and those solid sparkles are stunning and give your nails a lot of impact.


6. Burgundy And Gold Nails


7. Gold Flake Nails


8. Gold Ombre Nails


9. Gold Chrome Nails


10. Maroon And Gold Nails

Maroon And Gold Nails


11. Purple And Gold Nails


12. Gold Star Nails


13. Green And Gold Nails


14. Nude And Gold Nails


15. Gold Coffin Nails

Gold Coffin Nails


16. Gold Sparkle Nails


17. Gold And Silver Nails


18. Yellow And Gold Nails


19. Metallic Gold Nail Polish


20. Orange And Gold Nail Design

Orange And Gold Nails


21. Gold Matte Nails


22. Brown And Gold Nails


23. Gold And Teal Nails


24. Gold Toe Nails

Gold Toe Nails


25. Gold Wedding Nails

Gold Wedding Nails


26. Soft Glitter

Soft Glitter Gold Nail Design

The type of gold glitter used in this design is not a normal one, it is a soft one! This kind of glitter tricks you the minute you look at it, you can see it shimmer like glitter but once you touch it you can’t feel the glitter that makes it shine in that way.

However, such a kind of gold nail design can be worn on a fancy occasion to give a splash of chicness to the outfit you are wearing.


27. Fading Gold

White Clear Base with Gold

The above design is a simple one that can be worn on any type of occasion and at any time of the day. The white clear base with the concentrated gold glitter at the bottom of the nail that starts fading gives a special touch to a woman’s hands.


28. All Gold Glitter Nails

All About Gold

Going shiny and glittery in gold nail design is something usual. Often, the gold nail polish is always glittery and used for decorating nails, so wearing a glittery nail design is the most kind of gold nail designs used.


29. Tiger Pattern

gold nail designs 3

Use the glitter gold base with the brown and black colors in order to have an acute tiger pattern that decorates your nails with one of the best and the cutest nail designs.

Fascinating Animal Nails


30. Cloudy Chance Of Gold

Gray Gold Nails

The cloudy gray nail polish in the different nails, in addition to the gold glitter, polished ring finger make the best mixture. Moreover, the way the gray nails are designed with the golden color gives the design a special taste.


31. Black & Gold Nails

 nail designs with Black & Gold color

It does not always have to be white and black or white and gold, it can also be black and gold. Using the golden color to decorate the middle and ring finger in black nail design is a good choice.


32. Granola Gold

designs with Granola Gold for cute girls

There are many shades of gold, one of them is the granola gold. Granola gold is not often used by a woman in her nail designs, so using it in this design and in the glittery state can be something new in a positive way in the world of fashion.


33. Golden Pathway

gold nail designs 7

In a simple black nail design that everyone knows, you are going to need a cool touch to change the design from old to gold. The golden pathway in the middle of a black nail is the best choice to give life to a simple black design.


34. Sand Gold

gold nail designs 8

The matte black is decorated with the dots of the sand gold color at the bottom of each nail and one dot at the top side of each nail.


35. Golden Garden

 nail designs with golden garden

Leaves are always represented in a green background in order to show that they grow in gardens and green spaces. But in this design leaves are represented in a black having a golden background.


36. Not Simple

gold nail designs 10

At the first look, you can say the design is very simple, but when you realize how the gold glitter is fading and disappearing in the white color, you will notice that this design is not a simple one.


37. Golden Chevrons

gold nail designs 11

Going to a party but wondering how to make your white nail design be the best one? No worries! All you have to do is to add a gold chevron to your ring and index finger, but according to the middle finger, you can just leave it polished with gold nail polish.


38. White and Gold Nails

gold nail designs 12

Go simple in gold nail styles. Polish all your nails with white except the ring finger with metallic gold, leaving two golden decals at the end of each white nail.


39. Golden Tips

gold nail designs ideas with white tips

French tipped nails are usually of a transparent base and white tips. But in this design, we are breaking the routine by using something stronger which is the white base and golden tips.


40. Stripes

golden stripes with white color nail designs

In a classic nail design of the white color, you need a shiny golden ring nail and two golden stripes on the top of each white nail.


41. Squared Gold Nails

 Squared Nails design ideas for sweet girl

Square nails are those that most women have. So if you shape your nails in a square shape, don’t regret wearing this gold nail design, it’s the best!


42. Gold Stiletto Nails

gold nail designs 16

Stiletto nails show fame and uniqueness, and the golden color does too. So if you are willing to have a unique look and an amazing one, you gotta try this gold nail design made of a white base and a gold pattern at the top, bottom, and side of the nails.

Super Stylish Stiletto Nails


43. Holographic Gold

gold nail designs 17

As any simple white and gold nail design, in this design, we are decorating the middle nail with golden chevrons and the ring one with golden color leaving the other free from any design.

But this time, the ring finger isn’t polished with any kind of golden glitter but with holographic gold.


44. Shiny Glitter

gold nail designs 18

The golden glitter in this design is used properly in the ring finger, in the shape of a triangle at the bottom of the middle finger, and at the sides of the pinky tiny finger.


45. Anchor Style

beautiful nail design for women

Stop being cliche by always going white and gold. Why don’t you enter a third color between these two? The pink color used in the ring finger having the anchor shape on it totally fits with the rest fingers designed with the golden shimmer-fading and disappearing into the white-based nails.


46. Stripes & Chevrons

gold nail designs 20

Why have only chevron or stripes when you can have both in the same nail design? You can have chevrons on your middle finger and stripes in the middle of the rest.

Alluring Line Nails


47. Short Ones

short gold nail designs with white color

Short nails don’t prevent you from having an amazing gold nail design. For example, the above one shows a variety of styles in one nail design, showing that you can go creative in a golden color even when working with short nails.


48. Sport Chic

gold nail designs 22

Are you that kind of a woman that likes to wear a sport-chic nail design? Well if you are, the above design is a perfect one, it’s a simple white clear design with two golden stripes in the ring finger and one stripe in the index finger.


49. Hazel Wood

gold nail designs 23

Hazelwood gold isn’t not usually used in nail designs. Using it now as a tip for your nails and a color for the ring finger is one of the best colors a woman can choose in her gold nail designs.


50. Fancy Nancy

different design with nail gold ideas

Go fancy by wearing this nail design rich in shiny decals and glittery gold.


51. Gold At The Bottom

gold nail designs 25

To give life to this simple white nail design, all you have to do is to add a spot of glitter shimmer at the bottom of each white nail in your tiny woman’s hand.


52. Chevron Glitter

Design with glitter chevron for girls

Design a glitter chevron in the middle of the middle finger of a white base and border it with a thin black color. And to make the design more classy and add lights to it, you can polish the ring finger with golden glitter.


53. A Piece Of Cake

gold nail designs 27

The above design is a piece of cake! It’s so easy and can be done in a few minutes, besides the golden dots on each finger and the golden polish in the index finger make the design cute but easy to apply on nails.

Cutest Polka Dot Nails


54. Golden Nails

golden nail designs for gorgeous girl

Having golden fingers isn’t something hard. You can polish your index finger with golden glitter, design your middle one in the fading style, the ring finger with a weird golden pattern, and the pinky one with a golden tip.


55. Golden Stilleto

gold nail designs 29

Apply a white design on your index stiletto nail finger of the left hand and on your ring finger in the right hand having a golden color base, and design your pinky with gold tips, your middle one with fading gold, and the index finger in the right hand and the ring finger in the left hand with simple glittery golden base.


56. Gold & Tiffany Blue 

blue color with gold nail art

Golden tips with a white base are not always all you want. Sometimes you gotta need a blue color in a gold white nail design so that it fits your blue dress, however, the way the golden glitter starts fading from the tips to the middle of the nail is amazing, not to mention that the way the blue dots are distributed in each nail is a good choice.


57. Good Is Not Enough

gold nail designs 31

Rating your nail design as a good one does not satisfy most of you woman. So to have a perfect nail design that pleases you, all you have to do is to decorate your nails in a different way.

Design the pinky finger with fading gold glitter, the ring finger with white and golden stripes, the middle one with shiny decals, polka dots of a gold base in the index finger, and two golden dots in the thumb.


58. Magenta Style

gold nail designs 32

Gold is the best color used to design any nail polish you are using, magenta is one of them. Styling up your magenta nail design with golden stripes and decals makes the perfect combination of magenta and golden glitter colors.


59. Gold and Blue Nails

Oxford Blue color with gold nail design

Blue is the warmest color, also it’s the calmest one. Combine this oxford blue with the golden color is the combination of two calm and loud colors that make a perfect mixture.


60. Baby Pink And Oat

Oat gold color for cute girl

Oat gold color is one of the best shades of the golden color, and when mixed with the baby pink in the ring finger it makes a perfect combination for a cute nail design you would like to wear.


61. Freaky Emoji

gold nail designs 35

Black and gold are both the best colors that can represent chicness and fame. Besides all the weird patterns in the following design, the only finger that grabs my attention is the finger with the emoji pattern nail design made from the golden color and having a black base to create one of the best and cutest gold nail designs.


62. Glitter Shimmer

shiny glitter design for young girl

Be the star tonight by wearing this gold shiny glitter design that will attract everyone’s eye and make you be the queen for owning the best stylish gold nail design.


63. Fading Pink and Gold Nails

pink mixture with gold design

Try wearing a fading pink color in order to combine the golden color with it in the index finger, and the other fingers with fading pink and a rapid line of golden shiny stickers.


64. Transparent Trick

gold nail designs 38

Transparent bases are just a trick in any nail design, at first you reject to have them cause you think they make your design a poor one, but once you try it on and especially with golden glitter tips, you are going to realize that it is better than colorful bases.


65.  Golden False Nails

Acrylic Golden Nail ideas for girls

Each nail of the following nails is designed with random and fancy shiny white and golden decals of different shapes. But the thumbnail has a special touch, the white floral touch.

Graceful Floral Nails


Some Must-Try Gold Nail Designs 


As you can see, the golden touch fits with all colors in any nail design and is the best one use for decorating, styling, and for giving life to any simple nail design.

So if you like the golden shades, and you are wondering how to have a perfect nail design that gives you the chance to have the best fancy and chic look for any occasion, well the above list of 65 classy gold nail designs is all you need.

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