5 Best Nail Dust Collectors: Bring The Salon to Your Home!


It’s always exciting to get new nails done or to have manicure sessions. Except for the vexing facts such as getting rid of old nails, extractions, and having nail dust all over the place. Quite an irritation for both the salon professional and the stylish nail-lovers.

Let’s face it, we already have so much air pollution, and no one wants to inhale more nail dust on top of it. It can give you serious respiratory diseases. Plus, if you’re a manicurist or someone who likes to do your nails by yourself, you’ll want to keep your workstation clean as much as possible.

A nail dust collector is what you’re looking for to get rid of this dust dirt! It’s innovative and a unique solution for this modern problem. However, it isn’t easy to find top-quality and durable dust collectors between so many choices.

And that’s where the article will assist you in finding what fits you best.


Top 5 Nail Dust Collectors for You

Best Nail Dust Collectors

If you’re searching for a flexible, easy-to-use, and powerful dust cleaner, this list will help you with good collections. You might get your ideal pick between these options. It’s time to say goodbye to the dust; let’s see what we’ve got here!

Makartt Nail Dust Extractor (Unbeatable Suction Capability)

The first is to effortlessly capture every speck of dust that falls from your nails. The strong vacuum suction capability is worthy of praise. There will be no spill, not even a small bit. Moreover, the suction power can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Unlike other ones, it has two sturdy dust fans with high-speed rotation. The flame-retardant plastic fans help in venting off the heat. Despite having such powerful suction and double fans, it’ll make very little noise. It won’t pinch in your ear, nor will it make the surroundings uncomfortable to work in.

There are reusable filters in it that you don’t have to change very often. It’s very easy to clean with a blow dryer or a makeup brush. Once every 2-3 months will do just fine, there’ll be no dust particles flying near your nose, eyes, or mouth. You’ll be able to breathe freely around it.

The body is made of high-quality stainless steel, making it a long-lasting product. You can get the most out of it in terms of utility and efficiency. Highly recommended manicure tool for professional use.

The appearance will give you the impression of a stylish record player. If you buy it for yourself, you can use it as a fashionable showpiece on your dressing table. Without a doubt, a complimentary bonus.


MelodySusie Vacuum Dust Collector (Superior Heat Emission)

Get your ultimate comfort using this MelodySusie dust collector that’ll pile up every tiny particle that tries to make its way around you. There’s an attached turbo suction motor that is capable of absorbing every dust with 360-degree efficiency.

The vacuum machine’s superior suction mode will keep the noise to a minimum, allowing you to file your nails in peace. There will be no distracting noises to disrupt your concentration. Furthermore, a touch mode control panel allows you to adjust the suction speed. The faster one for acrylic fill-ins or drill & the slower one for nail filing.

The reusable filter has a magnetic cover on top of it. Cleaning the filters won’t cause any hassles. Just take it off once in a while to clean with a dust cleaning brush and put it back in. You’re good to go!

It has a quite large surface with non-slippery pads on it. You can put your wrists steadily without getting nails slipped from your grip. The beginners can make their way around it pretty easily.

The superior heat venting system is the main reason it’s ideal for professional work in a nail salon. The large ventilation holes on the back ensure that this buddy does not overheat and will provide a long period of uninterrupted service.


AONOLOVO Nail Dust Extractor

AONOLOVO dust collector is famous for the superior rotation speed (up to 4500rpm) of the powerful suction motor. At that speed it’ll be very easy to collect every evil dusty fleck irrespective of whatever service you’re having; acrylic nails, gel polish, or even just simple nail filing.

This one is highly recommended for beginners. It’s very easy to use, just one key to operate the whole system.

You won’t be lacking in replaceable filter pads with this one, either. Furthermore, it has a one-of-a-kind filter design that eliminates the need for an external dust bag. You wouldn’t have to clean it up very often. Just don’t soak them in water or clean them with it.

One thing to keep in mind is that this one can be a little louder than others. That is understandable given the presence of a powerful motor. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable than the others. What are those extraordinary characteristics for?

A non-slippery mat attached to the bottom will provide a firm grip. Furthermore, the hollow design on the back allows for easy heat ventilation.  The steel material surface will ensure its durability without a doubt.


Miss Sweet Electric Dust Collector (Faster Service)

Miss Sweet presents you with the ultimate nail dust protector that will save you time. Cleaning up will only take half the time you normally spend on your nail service. This one will be very quick for polygel nails, acrylic shortening, or rebalancing.

It does an excellent job. The suction is as strong as a hoover vacuum, sucking in every last bit of dust and making the air more breathable and clear. There’d be hardly any dust on you.

This one does not require any additional filter installation because there is only one filter included. The filter is not only reusable and replaceable but it can also be washed if desired.

What’ll attract you more is the ergonomic design. The elegant pinkish look will match your vibes instantly. Make sure you place it close to a power socket, as the cord is fairly short, but that won’t cause much trouble.

Do your nails as much as you wish at home!


BLUETOP Professional 80W Strong Fan Dust Collector

You can tell this guy right here is a strong competitor in the run for the most powerful vacuum suction compared to others on this list. The 80w fans won’t let a tiny dust particle slip away from its grip, let alone allowing it to fall on you. You’ll hardly see any fleck or flying ash coming to your face.

The high-quality ABS plastic material makes the machine sturdier, lightweight, and durable. You can operate it and adjust it through one knob. It has two washable and removable dust bags ensuring there’s no dust leakage. You just have to remember clearing it from time to time for better service.

Now let’s talk about the design. There’s an oval-shaped soft leather pillow right there on the surface so that you can have a comfortable posture while getting a manicure. The perfect tool for any nail salon to provide their customers with comforting and satisfactory service.

This one, like the others, prefers a quiet working environment. Wouldn’t it be nice to file nails quietly while chatting with customers about their days? Or how about a relaxing and peaceful nail-care session at home for yourself? It will be worthwhile!



Q: What Are the Benefits of Using a Dust Collector?

Answer: When you have a nail-care session or a manicure, a nail dust extractor or collector draws the dust and dirt extracted from your nails towards itself. That will keep you and the air around you safe. It also helps to keep the environment neat and clean.

Q: Is Nail Dust Dangerous Enough to Make You Sick?

Answer: The dust and dirt that is extracted from your nails during filing or drilling can enter your eyes, mouth, or lungs. It can easily cause severe respiratory problems. When there is dust, it is best to cover yourself. This is why to ensure your safety, you need a high-quality dust collector.

Q: What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Nail Dust Collector?

Answer: Power consumption, ventilation system, and durability; are required and must for you if you’re looking for a good nail dust collector.

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Wrapping Up

You must have faced those choky and dusty environments in nail salons during nail-care sessions. It’s very crucial for your health as it can give you several allergies or infections. So for your betterment, you must invest in nail dust collectors.

If you are a professional who owns a nail salon, you should always address this issue. Because you need to keep your customers happy and the environment clean. This article included some of the best collections of dust collectors for use during nail sessions.

I hope this article will be of assistance to you when you are deciding which one will be your preference and provide you with 100 percent utility.

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