Magnetic Nail Polish: Things You Need To Know

Have you heard of magnetic nail polish yet? This specific type of nail polish is the recent frontier in nail polish innovation, and slowly gaining more and more popularity! So, what’s all the hype about? Let us find out more in this article.


What is Magnetic Nail Polish?

Textured designs automatically appearing on your nails without you needing any manicure skills. That’s right! That’s exactly how magnetic nail polish is like. The best part? You can apply this by yourself at home! You do not need to visit a nail salon to get these done. Here’s how magnetic nail polish works.

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How Magnetic Nail Polish Works?

Magnetic Nail Polish

It’s very basic science. A magnet attracts metal, right? This nail polish has minuscule metal bits inside it. The nail polish bottle itself would come with a magnet – usually embedded in the nail polish bottle lid – the part of the applicator where you hold. The magnet usually has a certain pattern on it – vertical stripes, star shapes or other simple geometric patterns. This patterned magnet will attract the metal particles in your nail polish so that a pattern is formed on your nails after you apply a fresh layer. Due to this reason, there are several important steps that you should take when applying magnetic nail polish.


How to Use Magnetic Nail Polish?

Like most other nail polish types, one layer usually doesn’t do the job. Here is the procedure:

  • First, you need to apply one layer of this nail polish and let it fully dry for all of your fingers.
  • The next step requires you to apply the second coat one finger at a time.
  • After applying the second layer, place the nail polish magnet as close to your nails as possible without actually touching it. It is crucial that you do this while your nail polish is still very fresh and just applied.
  • Let the magnet work its charm for about 15 seconds or so. After you see the pattern form, you can leave that nail to dry completely as well.
  • Finish the second coat with your remaining nails.
  • Then, apply a top coat to protect the magnetic patterns from your nail polish.
  • A top coat will also give a glossy appearance to your nails, so it’s a very highly-recommended action! If you are not satisfied with the choices that you are presented with, you can also DIY your own magnetic nail polish at home!

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DIY Magnetic Nail Polish

magnetic nails

You will need a nail polish of your choice – transparent colors being the best choice so that the magnetic properties can be clearly seen – a magnet, a mixing bowl that you can never reuse for food again, a paintbrush, a non-metal stirring stick and of course, iron filings or shavings. First, pour some nail polish into your mixing bowl. Then, sprinkle a small pinch of iron filings into it. Stir this mix thoroughly. Once it is stirred to appear even, use a paintbrush to carefully apply your DIY magnetic nail polish. The application method works the same as mentioned in the previous subheading. However, you might not want to use a magnet that is too strong since these metal bits could detach from the nail polish layer! Simply hold the magnet from one point near your nails so that the iron shavings will create a pattern in that direction.


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Interesting Magnetic Nail Polish Designs

Magnetic Nail Polish Designs

If the iron shavings very small, you can create more intricate patterns. This can include a zig-zag pattern, a swirly pattern, and many more! Due to the complexity of these intricate designs, it could be a better idea to purchase the nail polish with its dedicated magnetic patterns. The results are most likely to be better than your DIY projects! Remember, you can always apply additional designs after applying your magnetic nail polish layer, so the possibilities are endless!

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In short, if you are planning to come up with your own DIY magnetic nail polish, be sure that the iron bits are as fine as possible for the best results. Otherwise, just shop online!

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