7 Trendy Ways to Wear Green Coffin Nails in 2024

Green isn’t just for the holidays! If you like your manicure rich in color, and like having plenty of options for extra detail, green coffin nails may be for you.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with coffin nails, their shape is similar to a ballerina flat and they can be both short and long. Whether you paint them with a refreshing mint green nail color and add tiny rhinestone detail at the cuticle, or polish them up with an olive green with no added detail, the coffin nails in green will make you feel like a queen!


Trendy Green Coffin Nails for Instant Style

Green coffin nails come in all styles and shades. Here are the 7 trendiest ways to wear them!

1. Neon Green Nails with Stone Tips

neon green coffin nails

Neon green coffin nails are so bright that it practically glows in the dark! Before you see if they do, bling them up a bit by decorating the tips with one or two rows of rhinestones.


2. Lime Green Nails

coffin shaped lime green nails

Against a dark skin tone, extra long coffin nails in lime green are electrifying. Getting the length of these nails will be easily when you have acrylics by your side!


3. Olive Green with Gold and Jewels

olive green coffin nails

We love a detailed nail design, so we’re huge fans of these olive green nails and their gold foiling. The variety of jewels arranged in a diagonal line across the two center nails bring a lot of personality. You can also use gold glitter on the nail instead, it may be easier to apply.


4. Mint Green Coffin Nails with Tiny Stones

coffin nails with mint green color

The tiny rhinestones at the cuticle on the accent coffin fingernail are almost unnoticeable, but their daintiness is super pretty on mint green color.


5. Green Acrylic Nails

green acrylic coffin nails

A medium shade of green is just the color for coffin nails on ladies with pale or light skin tones. Use a rich gel polish for an even more luxurious feel with shine.


6. Emerald Green Nail with Glitter

emerald green coffin nails

Rich dark green nails are very pleasing to the eyes. You can wear them plain, but adding silver glitter to the top of the accent nail would make these coffin nails perfect for Christmas-time.


7. Matte Green with 3D Details

coffin shaped matte green nails

One easy way to make your green matte coffin nails 3D is by using larger, more pronounced nail accessories like pointed gold crystals. Alternate stacking them at the tips and tops. Set the long pinky nail apart from the others by leaving one corner clear and arranging the stones in a sideways triangle.


We don’t know about you, but we’re sure feeling inspired by all the ways you can wear green coffin nails! How will you detail yours? Be sure to leave us a photo showing your finished result!

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