10 Dramatic Cat Eye Nails: The Perfect Showstopper

The cat-eye nails will make you gaze at them for hours. This design features a line that usually crosses the nail diagonally, but if you want something more, use it in whatever direction you want to. It is blended in such a way that you might be tempted to think that a constellation is trapped on each fingertip. 

How to make cat eye nails

Cat-eye nails are among this year’s trendiest manicures. To pull them off, after choosing your base color, use a metallic powder that matches to create a diagonal line. If that’s not enough for you, go ahead and add more lines and nuances to create abstract nail art. Even if they look fastidious, as you can see, these are not incredibly hard to recreate. To learn more about cat eye nails and find more examples, scroll down!

#1. Pointy Constellation Nails

cat eye gel nails

Cat-eye gel nails can be created in so many astonishing ways. And one of the best examples is this black manicure with purple metallic powder that resembles a constellation. 


#2. Fierce Red Cat Eye Nails

cat eye red nails

Cat-eye red nails are fierce and suit a sassy woman with personality. If you love getting all the attention, this color and design is certainly an option for you. When you love red nails, this is a way to twist your regular mani. 


#3. Multiple Cat Eye Lined Art

cat eye black nails

First, apply black nail polish as a base for these cat-eye black nails. Instead of a single diagonal line, style three or more horizontal lines on each nail, using the metallic powder. Apply a top coat to enhance the shine. 


#4. Purple Almond Metallic Nails

cat eye purple nails

Cat-eye purple nails are great attention grabbers. They sparkle so bright thanks to that metallic powder, and their almond shape is perfect for all kinds of occasions. 


#5.  Girl Power Cat Eye Nails

cat eye pink nails

Cat-eye pink nails that shine bright and deliver a powerful message are all you need as a girl with superpowers. Use your design to make a statement. Apply a meaningful sticker on the ring finger. 


#6. The Blue Ocean Cat Eye Nails

blue cat eye nails

For those of you who have gone scuba-diving or even those who have simply peeked under the ocean water, you can relate to the intense blueness of the surroundings.

Another remarkable feature of the deep blue is the number of shimmering shades, blending into each other. That is exactly what the blue ocean cat eye nails are all about. These are the color of ocean blue at its deepest, with a shimmer of light passing through diagonally.

This effect can also be recreated with deep viridian green, wherein the effect would resemble a sunlight-dappled forest. Both designs are incredibly lovely.

Amusing Black and Blue Nail Designs


#7. The Streak of Yellow

yellow streak on cat eye nails

If you really look deep into your cat’s eyes before he/she starts scratching at your curious face, you can detect a shimmer of yellow in the black. A similar pattern can be created with a cat eye nail polish. This usually requires a deep base, preferably purple or black, which using the techniques can be illuminated with a devilish yellow streak.


#8. The Galaxy Nails

galaxy cat eye nails

The whole wide universe at your fingertips! A cat eye nail polish can be cleverly used to bring about the swirling mix of blue, green, purple and black to create an effect of the vast beyond. These nails are quite difficult to master and consequently. If you can pull them off though, they look smashing.


#9. The Christmas Nails

What is Christmas without the festive cheer? And why should your nails not feel the warmth? Cat eye nails in deep berry-red are gorgeous, especially in the frigid winters. The element of black in the red prevents them from becoming eye-popping. But they match beautifully with the surrounding hollies and the mistletoe.

Red And Gold Nail Designs for Flirtatious Look

#10. The Dark Chocolate Nails

dark chocolate cat eye nails

Nothing looks as deliciously sinful as dark, chocolate brown nails. You need to be able to carry off these killer cat eye nails with elan, and mod you, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. These nails are rich in texture and detailing, especially the light nutty shimmer right at the center, which so resembles the silkiness of molten dark chocolate.


How To Create Cat Eye Nails

If you are wondering how to create cat eye nails, you need only a special type of cat eye nail polish and a few other things:

  • Most popular branded magnet gel polish like Azure Beauty and Born Pretty
  • A cat eye magnetic stick
  • A UV base coat
  • A UV lamp or an LED light source
  • A gel polish top coat


Now, The Procedure Starts!

Cat eye nail design

As you pick the tools up, go through these steps

  • Prepare the Nails: Use the regular methods to prepare the nails to accept the several layers of polish. 
  • The Base Coat: Start by applying a layer of the base coat on the nail. Let the layer dry off before you use the next layers. Usually, the base coat is clear or maybe a very light shade, tending towards nude or white. This helps create a strong base for subsequent layers, without mixing with the shade of the actual nail polish.
  • The Nail Polish: You need a special type of nail polish called the magnetic nail polish. These nail paints include tiny particles of metals, the positions of which can be manipulated using a magnet. Apply the magnetic nail polish in two to three layers, allowing each layer to dry up under a UV or LED lamp for 30 to 60 seconds, before applying the next. The layer of this nail polish should be thick.
  • Using the Magnet: Without letting the last layer of the magnetic nail polish to set, hover the magnetic stick over the nail, in any direction you want. Typically, manicurists wave the stick diagonally, from the left tip of the nail to the right end of the cuticle or vice versa. You can choose your own direction. Some magnetic strips like the ones which come attached to the bottle cap have patterns of their own. To obtain a true cate eye design, however, using diagonal strokes is recommended. Waving the stick close the wet nail causes the tiny metal particles to get attracted to the magnet align themselves along the direction of movement of the stick. Since metal particles are darker, this process creates a textured pattern.
  • The Top Coat: Make sure that the last layer of nail polish has dried off completely under the LED or UV lamp. Then, apply a layer of top coat to seal the manicure.

Have a Look at This Visual Portrait of Cat Eye Nail Painting:

10 Glitzy Holographic Nails Arts

Once you learn how to create cat eye nails, it is not so difficult a task. Also, you can play around with shades and effects. Some manicurists also choose a dark base coat-black, for instance before applying the magnetic nail polish, so as to deepen the metallic effect of the colors. One way or another, cat eye nail polish can truly take your manicure to the next level.

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