20 Star Wars Nails To Show Love For The Trilogy

Star Wars movie series was first introduced in 1977 by its creator George Lucas. This is an American movie series which is based on the life of space and the inhabitants of galaxies. All the characters and settings of these movies are fictional. Human and different types of aliens co-exist in those galaxies. People use robots, droids, devices having artificial intelligence in the settings of the movie. This movie became popular worldwide for its futuristic depiction of the fictional characters. The first Star Wars film was  Episode IV: A New Hope which was published in 1981. This film was followed by two other sequels. These three movies are called Star Wars Trilogy together. People tend to have Star Wars nails on their nails mostly because of the vast popularity of the movie series.


Star Wars Nails for The Fanatic

Star wars nail looks magnificent on the nails because there are enough elements to design the nails in a fashionable way. You can draw the logo of star wars movie series or your favorite characters from the movies while having star wars nails. The images of the robots and the weapon they use in the movies can be illustrated on the nails. Since the setting of these movies includes galaxies and space, you can paint galaxy nails as star wars nails. Let’s see how things work for star wars nail art.


#1. Star Wars Logo

Star Wars Logo nail art

The logo of star wars along with the images of the central character has been drawn on the nails for this design. This is one of the basic star wars nail designs.

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#2. Splashed Robots

Star Wars nail design

Paint some blue robots which are seen in star wars movies. The blue color is applied in such a way as if a bucket of blue color is splashed on the face of the robots.


#3. Prominent Characters

star war character nails

Draw some prominent characters of star wars trilogy to have star wars nail arts on your nails. The images of these characters look amazing along with the original logo of Star Wars.


#4. Black Nails

black glitter star wars nails

You can have these black nails as star wars nail designs. All the other nails are painted with glitters except one. A white transparent image of a star wars character was drawn on that nail as star wars nails.


#5. Stars of Star Wars

blue & gold star wars nail

You can paint one of the star characters of star wars on your nails. The combination of gold and blue exhibits a captivating look on the nails.


#6. Dark And Light

Draw some black and white nails to resemble dark and light. You can have nails like these as star wars nail decals.


#7. Storm Troopers

galaxy star wars nail art

Stormtroopers are the favorite characters of star wars trilogy. You can have their images painted on your solar nails to create your own star wars nails.


#8. Blue Beauty

The image of R2-D2 droid has been portrayed here in between plain blue nails. These blue nails are giving an overall luxe look to the nails.

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#9. R2-D2

R2-D2 droid star wars nail

R2-D2 is a resourceful droid who serves Padmé Amidala, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker. This droid has shown its bravery several times by rescuing his masters from dangers. You can have his image imprinted as star wars nail arts.


#10. The Soldiers

You can picture the image of white stormtroopers in ring finger between the black nails. The black and white combo looks stunning on the nails.


#11. Yoda

Yoda is the master trainer of Jedi. He trained Jedi for more than 800 years. You can paint his image on your teal nails for ultimate star wars nail designs.


#12. The Characters

Star wars characters nail decals

This design consists of the animated characters of Star Wars. You can draw the most important characters of star wars in order to have star wars nail designs.

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#13. Commander Cody

commander cody star wars nail

Commander Cody is the leader of troops hailing from the planet Kamino. Paint your nails with these beautiful orange patterns as the depiction of Commander Cody.


#14. Star Wars Stiletto Nails

stiletto star wars nail idea

Adorn your stiletto nails with themes and images from the Star Wars Trilogy. These stiletto nails are looking fabulous in star wars nail polish.


#15. The Leaders

The images of the potential leaders of different factions have been drawn here as stars wars nails.


#16. Glitters With Droid

The image of a droid is associated with some glitter nails in this design. You can have nails like this one as star wars nail polish.


#17. Stormtrooper Christmas Nail Art

Stormtrooper Christmas Nail Art

This design is funny and innovative. There is no festivity in Star Wars movies. But, that won’t stop you from having Christmas nail art using the theme of star wars nails.


#18. Blue Stripes

blue & white star wars nails

Adding stripes to galaxy themed nails will do good in case of having stars wars nail designs. The blue stripes and galaxy nails look astonishingly beautiful together.


#19. Star Wars Nail Art

Star Wars Nail Art

This is the perfect display of star wars nail art. You can use the images of some of the most loved characters on your nails to have the best star wars nails.


#20. Darth Vader Nails

darth vader nails

You saw what we did there right? well! you gotta believe in us with this star wars nails. Otherwise, Darth Vader will find your lack of faith disturbing.  

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Find Out Some More Star War Nail Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Star Wars Nails are mainly related to the different characters of Star Wars Movies released at different times. The movies became so popular that star wars designs broke out in the fashion industries in the then time. If you are wondering about where to find the best star wars nail ideas, here is the heaven for you. You can surely try our nail designs for the best output.

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