88 Fashionable Toe Nail Designs to Try in 2024

Painting your toe nails is way easier than painting the nails on your hands. It is due to the fact that you can literary use an extra hand in the making. Both hands can be employed to get an amazing toe nail design.

So ladies grab your brushes and decals and get yourself ready for an intense toe nail style session that you have never seen anything like before.


Stylish Toe Nail Designs

toe nail design

Everybody knows that getting a nail art is a traditional ritual for every girl in a good mood or a girl who wants to be in one, but nobody seems to notice that to get yourself in the best mood possible you need to take care of your whole body literary from head to toes!

Speaking of toe nails, besides all the cliché stuff like getting a massage or your skin cleaned and cleared, have you ever thought of a pedicure that might be so awesome you’ll have it as the highlight of your day?

Especially if summer is around the corner and it’s time to hit all the beach parties with your bare foot exposed to the world, you wouldn’t want them to be plain and unappealing, would you?

So, why get a fresh toe nail design? Let’s take the easy way and check out the most amazing toe nail designs you can try out this year.

#1. Toe Nail Design with Rhinestones

Toe Nail Design with Rhinestones


#2. Toe Nails with Glitter

Toe Nails with Glitter


#3. White Toe Nail Design

White Toe Nail Design


#4. Christmas Toe Nails

Christmas Toe Nail Design


#5. Big Toe Nail Design

Big Toe Nail Design


#6. 4th of July Toe Nail Art


#7. Blue Toe Nail Designs


#8. Gel Toe Nail Art


#9. Lavender Toe Nail Designs


#10. Yellow Toe Nail Design

Yellow Toe Nail Design


#11. Toe Nail Design with Diamonds


#12. Anchor Toe Nail Design


#13. Disney Toe Nail Idea


#14. Easter Toe Nail Art


#15. Long Toe Nail Design

Long Toe Nail Design


#16. Toe Nail Line Art


#17. Red+White Toe Nail Design


#18. Halloween Toe Nails


#19. Cheetah Print Toe Nail Designs


#20. Nude Toe Nails

Nude Toe Nails


#21. Dreamy Grey on Toe Nails

Cute Dreamy Grey Toe Nail Designs

Since, unlike fingernails, not all nail beds are of almost equal sizes, there is one big toe and the others are way smaller.

For this reason, we need to put in mind that we have less space to reveal our inner artist in, therefore most of the work would be done on our biggest canvas which is the biggest toe.

For instance, this toe nail style makes the big toe nail the center of attention by drawing a flower silhouette with pink and blue while the others have plain white dots on the side.

Matte Nail Design Options to Try in 2024


#22. Golden Glitter On Teal Base

Simple light blue toe nail design for girls

Amazing teal toe nail design. Teal is the color that combines both the hues of a green field on a spring day and a clear blue sky on a summer day.

It is the ultimate nature color that anyone can come across because it combines primary blue and green in one single color.

It works best for environmental enthusiasts and girls with a green thumb for nature who work so hard to decrease deforestation and save trees!


#23. Pink Toe nail Design

Cute Flashy Pink Toe Nail Style

Amaranth pink is a flashy color that screams “Look at me!”. If your goal to stand out in the crowd as the sassy lady with the pink and rhinestones pedicure then this is the right style for you!

Trendiest Pink Nail Designs


#24. Fandango & Flower Prints

Toe Nail Designs 4

There are more than 50 shades of pink and the Fandango shade is not one to be missed! It’s a bright and upbeat color that works for both casual and elegant events!

Adding a swaying flower to the big toe nail is a good idea to grab attention and reflect a cute yet empowering personality.


#25. Chevron & Denim

Chevron & Denim nail

One of my most favorite toe nail designs. Now, this is the toe nail design you totally would want to wear to every social event, every business meeting, every party, every gathering, every lazy day at home because … can you guess why?

It just works for them all and makes you look ridiculously attractive and out of reach 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Denim is a color initially made for fame and fortune, but really when paired up with chevron and silver decals it makes an invincible combination that has never witnessed a defeat.


#26. Full On Chevron

Toe Nail Designs with black color

Geometry is everything. If you want to apply a smooth and feminine style that goes best with a silky sundress you might want to try salmon pink with black and white chevron touch for a bolder taste.

You can always add decals that complement your outfit but be sure when and where to add them because decals are an important factor responsible for tying the whole look together.


#27. Color Festival

 Color Festival nail design

What better way to show our support of enlightening events other than the rainbow-colored pedicures themselves?

Try this colorful toe nail art to make your feet lively.


#28. Butterfly Toe Nail Art

 Floral Frenzy nail

Cute toe nail art design like this will make your toe look elegant. Well, flowers have been a great sign of fondness over the years.

They show respect and admiration and that’s why girls (known as emotional walking creatures as they are) are bigger flower fans than boys.

Unravel your inner girly girl nature and apply a floral toe nail design with plenty of colorful palettes and polka-dotted backgrounds to make them pop!


#29. Freehand Brink Pink

Toe Nail Designs 9

Art is all about freestyle and freehand doodles and sketches. When it comes to pedicures, you can always give your hand a chance and equip it with a thin delicate brush to find its way while waltzing on a nail bed. Don’t forget to accessorize with rhinestones!

Try these short nail designs


#30. Easy Peasy-Bo-Busy

 women best Toe Nail Designs

Are you in a rush between working all day and reconnecting with the girls after tiring tight working schedules all month?

Well here is a simple toe nail art you can just throw in between outfit changing before you finally head out to a break with the girls! Who says if you’re busy you have to look like it?


#31. Tropical Trees

Toe Nail Designs 11

Do you love short nails? Are you sick and tired of all the stress lately and would just love to ship off to some tropical island with coconut trees and a great breeze to touch your warm cheeks and whip off your skirt’s hem?

Cut your toenails short and try this beautiful design!


#32. Coral Vibes

simple Toe Nail Designs

This shade looks great on a bright sunny day when you can go out for a stroll in the park or walk on the beach wearing your precious toe-exposing sandals.

Decorating the big toenail with fancy golden decals is always a great idea for further trendy looks.


#33. Neon Beach Lights

Toe Nail Designs 13

Celebrate summer with every limb of your body using this sparkling summer beach themed pedicure.

Add all the seashells, sea stars, and pearls you want because they are plenty of creatures and colors in the sea and freedom of choice is something everyone should be granted of having!

Using contrasting and distinct flashy neon hues only make this style more visually attractive and unusual.


#34. The Cherry Effect

 Toe Nail Designs for girl

Cherries are considered more than just a delicious fruit in the U.S. They are famously known as a symbol of the cycle of life as well as death and rebirth.

It seems like making cherries the centric part of your toe nail design is nothing but an inevitable fate of the circle of life. Very well then, -Cherry Mode On.


35. Flowery & Feminine Toe Nails

beautiful Toe Nail Designs

If flowers don’t reflect feminine taste than I honestly don’t know what will.

Cute little flower of different shapes and sizes and bright light colors are the full packages of an upbeat summer vibe you have always been longing for.


#36. Polka Dots & French Tips Oh My!

Toe Nail Designs 17

Now, this is a nail design that will rock your and everybody’s world around you.

It is something you would definitely want to put on because it would make everybody so eager to see what you’ve got so handsomely polished down there every time you go in for a dip in the ocean, wear a sexy pair of sandals, or just take your shoes off to feel the warmth of the grains of sand igniting your uncovered skin.


#37. Black Toe Nail Design

Toe Nail Designs 18

Unique and elegant nail art that can make your toe nails beautiful!

Keep it simple and easy and just stick on random colorful decals on a black base coat and send a picture of your fabulous-looking toes to your BFFs because you’ve done it all!


#38. Neon Yellow & Pink Spots

 Neon Yellow & Pink Spot nail color

One of the cutest toe nail designs. For this one, all you need is 2 of your favorite neon polish colors and you’ll be able to create a simple yet stylish pedicure that looks great for parties and casual mall hangouts!


#39. Shape Matters

Toe Nail Designs 20

It’s not always about the colors, shapes definitely matter and the secret to a great pedicure lays under a unique shape theme like the one above which would never fadeaways and would always be a great cryptic message for all those foot fetish people prying at your toes. Beware you there!


#40. Fun with Geometry

Toe Nail Designs 21

Geometry hating is only for little kids who are too lazy to do their math homework.

Make the best of geometrical shapes and use them for a great theme toenail idea guaranteed to make you look timeless and exceptional with those sky blue french tips and black dots on end.

Black & White Nail Design Ideas


#41. Sprinkle & Twinkle

Toe Nail Designs 22

Twinkling in the night sky is not only for little stars. Sprinkle how confetti-like decals on various colored coats to obtain a ubiquitous style you’ll never forget.


#42. Pink & Orange Toe Nail

Toe Nail Designs 23

Pink and orange might not be your regular color combination for toenails but they can look awesome together! With gold decals that bring out those two hues perfectly, you can totally be the queen of the beach this summer!


#43. Summer Vibes

Toe Nail Designs with Summer Vibes

A cute and simple summer toe nail design you can try. Nothing sends summer vibes like palm trees, tiny little seashells, more palm trees, the famous summer color palette and even more and more palm trees!  

Make summer icons the center of your nail concept and you’ll get a creative theme in no time!


#44. Gradient Nails

Toe Nail Designs 25

Gradient nails allow you to mix up with colors you love most. Even though they require some effort and are time-consuming the result they give is guaranteed to be worthwhile!


#45. 3D Decorated Toe Nails

Toe Nail Designs 26

Not only movies can be in three dimensions. Spice up your toe nails with the right jewelry and pearls for the occasion to give them a 3D- effect that even movie directors can’t pull off!


#46. Bubble Gum Pink French Tips

Toe Nail Designs 27

French tips have never looked better than this bubblegum pink shade and black hem marking the territory.

Making your big toe nail the center of attention is a cliché technique that never gets out of style. So don’t hesitate it and copy this style!


#47. Beach Party Toe Nails

Beach Party nail design

Beach parties are all about dancing your bare feet out in the sand and losing yourself to the DJ music for late hours.

Rock the dance floor with these toes to impress everyone around you!


#48. Ocean Themed Toe Nail Art

Toe Nail Designs 29

Everybody was head over heels for the movie Ocean’s Eleven starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts.

So imagine what would this ocean-themed nail style do to your toe nails adorned with tiny adorable sea stars and seashells


#49. Simple Red Pedicure

Simple Pedicure nail design

Some people say that the real secret behind every beautiful toe nail design is simplicity. While so many people would like to argue with that, simplicity intact implies a sense of sophistication and success.

When scientifically it might not be true that every simple plain person is successful, possessing a simple look unconsciously makes you a person look successful.

It is a trick you might want to add up to your sleeve.


#50. Flower Themed Toe Nails

Toe Nail Designs 31

Well written touchy poems can make you get goosebumps or tear up because they strike a sensitive nerve or just hit the emotional button hidden inside of you.

The same thing can happen if you see perfectly polished nails that go insanely well with the outfit worn to the right occasion! Go ahead, girls… Flower ’em and weep!


#51.  Architecturally Inspired

Toe Nail Designs 32

Get inspired by anything and everything around you. Even stairs and other architectural elements would make a fancy icon for your big toe nail! Be creative!


#52. Just Keep Improvising

nice and simple nail design

Unlike Dory in the famous Disney Pixar movie “Finding Nemo”, we don’t want to just keep swimming, we would rather stay dry on the shore and flaunt our creative toe nail design!

Bow ties, polka dots, decals, rhinestones, glossy varnish and much more. Make it your motto. Just Keep Improvising! Just Keep Improvising!


#53. Paisley Print Scheme

Toe Nail Designs 34

Employing several prints in your style can be a good idea to make your toe nails stand out.

Like many other prints, the paisley print has proven to be a funky looking and unusually vivid pattern that goes well with tons of events and social gatherings.


#54. More Flower Accent Nails

More Flower Toe Nail Design

This style may seem elaborate yet it is so easy to establish. Simply incorporate an accent nail and make it the star of the show with this floral pattern while the others drown in ocean blue polish and golden glitter.


#55. Tectonic & Geometric

Toe Nail Designs 37

Slice up your accent nail into randomly sized rectangles and watch how it magically attracts boys like the magnet does with metal!


#56. Keep It Organized

Toe Nail Designs 38

Get inspired by your Burberry perfume box or by your brother’s newest shirt and choose a pattern to employ in your toe nail design!

You can always place a feminine touch like adding a little cute bow tie on the inside of a nail etc.


#57. Tribal Theme

beautiful Toe Nail Designs

We are used to tribal themed nails to be in bold dark colors to convey mystery and ambiguity, but this style proves that tribal works can be done in just any color palette, even neon colors can do the trick!


#58. Hopelessly Geometric

Toe Nail Designs 40

When all else fails, and when none of the other styles are appealing enough to you or seem too complicated or too plain you can always go back to geometric shapes and figures that never get out of trend and are always guaranteed to give a satisfying outcome.


#59. Shimmer With Glitter

nice Shimmer Toe Nail Designs

Glitter varnish and classic white french tips are a traditional combination that can trigger happiness in your inner nail artist heart.

It is not pro-leveled art so you could always try it when you are not busy!


#60. All Aboard!

blue Toe Nail Designs

Hold on tight to the nearest end of the boat you can find with nautical toe nail design. Get ready to set sail and flaunt the beach sand with your catchy nails.

This works best for girls who take up life-guarding as a summer job, girls who just like to sail in the open ocean, or are ready to party on private yachts.

Try Something New: Red & Black Nail Designs


#61. Fake It Till You Make It!

Toe Nail Designs 44

If you’re new to nail art but would die to have one of those cool flower toe nail styles that just scream “Summer” then all you have to do is fake it till you make it with printed flowers stickers and simple designs until you finally get the hang of it!


#62. More Flora Less Fauna

red Toe Nail Designs

Take a quick trip to Hawaii with these floral themed pedicures that make you feel relaxed just by staring at them!


#63. Love Is In The Air

Toe Nail Designs 46

If you are all about summer love like the ones in best-selling novels such as the famous trilogy written by Jenny Han entitled ” The Summer I Turned Pretty”, then this heart scheme is the right design for you!


#64. Penguin Nails

Toe Nail Designs 49

Applying a symmetrical white touch on both the tips and insides of a nail bed with another contrasting color can look very interesting and when done in black and white, it gives a sense of elegance and sophistication. Everybody adores penguins, aren’t you?


#65. Flaming Red Toe Nails

nice red Toe Nail style

If you want to look as hot as a fire truck, then call 911 because with these toenails you are going to break so many hearts tonight and so many girls are gonna burst to flames from jealousy all because of your astonishing flaming red nails!


#66. Cartoon Toes


Up for a challenge? You can always be creative and showcase your favorite Tv character to be the new nail concept you’re applying.

But it won’t be easy considering how the nail beds on your toes get smaller and smaller. You can also try cartoon nails on your fingernails.


#67. Toe Nails With White Border


This is a design to apply when you feel most self-confident and want to stand out with a special and one of a kind style that would leave everybody in awe.


#68. Black & White Toe Nail Art

cute nail color

Contrasting colors like classic black and white combinations are timeless.

Black is a color that reflects depression but when paired with white it totally gives an opposite mood impression and especially if you are madly in love with this mandala print on the accent nail like I am!


#69. Beach Themed Toe Nail Style


Nothing says “Chill” like palm trees and beach sand. Let go of all your problems, sit back and relax!


#70. White and Gold Toe Nails

Ombre Style nail

Now for the nail artistry win.. this is an easy to apply and sophisticated ombre fade-in design that is great for special occasions. Golden add-ons increase the elegance levels by a factor of 10!

We Love These Short Acrylic Nail Designs


#71. Pink Me Up

Beige Pink Nail Pedicure Design

Light pink gel color with the golden and white tone is perfect for little princesses out there. The pink color is the softest one and the most asked for at the beauty salons.

This summer wear your hot pink Victoria Secret bikini with these pink and golden nails for the ultimate and perfect nail pedicure design.


#72. Congratulations!

Pink Pedicure Nail Design

This pedicure nail design looks perfect for your wedding day, in fact, these nails are screaming “Yes I do!”

If you are off to a wedding or if you are a bride to be, why not be extra cute and dominate with these?


#73. Purple Mad

Purple Pedicure Nail Design

Are you a purple color lover? We know we are. This ultimate shiny and glossy purple nail pedicure looks really fun and is perfect for women with darker skin complexions.


#74. Some Matching Actions

White pedicure nail design that’s been matched with the white manicure looks like someone knows what they are doing!

Since white color is so angelic and innocent-looking, these nails will give out positive vibes and they will look the most noticed when worn at the beach.

Try Some White and Gold Nail Design


#75. Jewelry Lover

If you are a huge fan of some jewelry designs, and a pink color fanatic, this nail pedicure design screams your name.

As you can see, vibrant pink colors look unbelievable with the darker skin tones and the ring on the toenails looks so ladylike.

This summer shine bright like a diamond and don’t forget to have fun while doing it!


#76. Spider Web

Spider webs are often considered to be scary looking and are usually freaking women out, but not this time.

This precise nail design looks like someone got stuck in this web, but they got stuck on originality, uniqueness, and braveness.


#77. Don’t Be Scared

Halloween Toe Nail Pedicure

Hey, they don’t bite! This red and black little monster nail pedicure is perfect when you want to have a time for yourself and don’t feel like talking to boys.

Your nails will speak for themselves and you will love that they have that effect on people, and especially for people for who you don’t have time!


#78. Flower Love

Flower design Pedicure Nail art

Flowers are considered to be a representation of appreciation, love, and caring. This time, go for the black and white flower nail pedicure so you’ll look maximally cute, relaxed and joyful.


#79. Love Is What We All Need

Simple heart shape with a lot of character and colors should be worn with chicness and style. Make sure to go for the gel nail pedicure in order to ensure the long-lasting effect.

This nail styling idea is perfect during Valentine’s day and throughout the whole month of February.


#80. Tribal And Indian

Ultimate nail goals here! A mix and match here and there and there you have it, originality, cuteness, and style.

Women who are bolder often tend to get these nails. Also, women who like to stand out in those open toe heels like this vibrant design.


#81. Orange or Red?

This kind of red or kind vibrant orange pedicure nail design looks super pretty and simple. Not a lot of girls like to stand out and to look too bold with the shine effects, gems, or nail art.

This nail design is perfect if you like to stay inside of your comfort zone, and if this range of colors is what you prefer.


#82. There’s A Kid Inside Of Me

Polka dot pedicure nail design for girl

But for real now, who doesn’t like to feel like a child from time to time? We somehow end up on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network and we love it.

This pedicure nail design looks super childish due to the dots and light colors that have been used to achieve this polka-dotted nail design. This works perfectly with multicolored bikinis or even one piece swimsuits.

Your little princess Will love These Nails  


#83. Hypnotically Beautiful

We will try to hypnotize you with this picture in order for you to get the exact same ones, ready?

Close your eyes and count to three, and get these nails at the salon for free! Did it work? Run to the salon in order to find out!


#84. Sun I Like

Beautiful yellow nail pedicure design with the baby pink and baby blue color! These could be worn by younger girls since these nails are so soft and simple.

Don’t be too hard on your children, sisters, or nephews, and let them have their own spa day at least once a month. We all have to start at some point, right?


#85. Hawaii I Need

Ready for the perfect tropical getaway with us? Purple base with a print of a palm tree makes us feel like we are already there.

Hawaii is beautiful and should be visited at least once in your lifetime.

In case that doesn’t happen, make your Hawaii moments with us and our pedicure nail design.


#86. When Were You Born?

Blue Polka Dot pedicure nail design

Was it the 50’s, 60’s, or the 70’s when this polka dot print was a hit? We can’t deny the originality and the infinite beauty that these nails have.

They will probably be eternal since they’ve been around for 30 years and are still loved worldwide.


#87. The Unavoidable Red

red color Pedicure Nail Design

How could the list be complete without the classic red nail design? Match your nail pedicure with your nail manicure and look the sexiest!

Red nails are perfect for anything formal or for your meetings. They are giving out that classic ‘smart’ look that you should go for.


#88. I Like It, Gray

leopard Pedicure Nail Design

Believe it or not, the gray color is not asked for at all at the salons. But the explanation behind that is pretty logical and understandable.

Your nail pedicure design is most shown off at the sea, or in general during the summertime, right? And when you are on a holiday, you tend to get the super vibrant and happy colors because they are the prettiest with your tan complexion.

That’s why we believe that this nail design is perfect for Autumn or Winter. The color is stone cold and just right!


Which Pedicure Is Ideal for Me?

Before we get to the styling and the designing process, you should first inform yourself about all of the top five professional treatments out there, such as:

  • Regular Pedicure: The most common pedicure in the world which includes a foot soak as well as a foot scrub. You will also get your nails filed and shaped and in the end a calf massage as well as a typical nail polishing procedure.
  • Spa Pedicure: It is quite the same as the first one, the only difference is in the mud that will be added to your treatment.
  • Paraffin Pedicure: The same as a regular pedicure only this one includes a paraffin wax that will be used on your feet.
  • Stone Pedicure: This is an intense pedicure which involves the usage of oils and hot stones.
  • French Pedicure: A well-known pedicure that is consistent with the usage of white nail polish on tips of the nails.


Trendy Toe Nail Art


Some Lovely Pedicure Nails for All Ages


All in all, whether you want to take your time and recreate a professional nail art design or if you just get it over with a slap on some toe nail designs this list has everything you might need!

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