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21 Freaky Harley Quinn Nail Art to Go Crazy

Harley Quinn is a DC Comics character whose actual name was Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm wrote this character which first came to light in September 1992 in Batman: The Animated Series.

Harley Quinn was a rising psychiatrist appointed at Arkham Asylum which is Gotham’s sanatorium for the mental patients. Being obsessed with the craziness of the Joker, Harley Quin, the young psychiatrist falls in love with this crazy criminal.

Harley Quinn helps the Joker to break out from the asylum and becomes a devoted accomplice of his criminal acts. She becomes a psychotic anti-hero character and she believes that love can make us do crazy things.

Girls who love the energetic craziness of Harley Quinn may want to have Harley Quinn nails on their nailbeds. Let’s see how you can adorn your nails with Harley Quinn inspired designs.


Harley Quinn Nails to Act Bold

If you hate Harley Quinn she will rip your heart out and make that heart fall in love with you. That’s her character. She is lethal and formidable. Her only weakness is Mr. J, the Joker. You can have Harley Quinn nails by designing your nails with the colors of her original costume.

This costume includes bold bright red and black colors where Harley Quinn is wearing a jester hat along with pointy boots. You can also have this villainous look for Halloween. Let’s check out what we have in store for you.


harley quinn halloween nail art

harley quinn halloween nail art



harley quinn fake nails

harley quinn fake nails



harley quinn nail art stickers

harley quinn nail art stickers


#4. Blue and Red Harley Quinn Nails

Blue and Red Harley Quinn Nail Designs


#5. Harley Quinn Coffin Nails

Harley Quinn Coffin Nails


#6. Harley Quinn Nails for Kids

harley quinn nails for kids


#7. Daddy’s Little Monster

harley quinn inspired nails

Harley Quinn addresses herself as daddy’s lil monster in the movie Suicide Squad which was released in 2021. Since then this has become a signature quotation of Harley Quinn and has been used in various outfits. You can also write this line on your Harley Quinn nails.

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#8. The Jester Hat

Jester Hat Nail Art

Nobody has ever used the jester hat as Harley Quinn. She wears this funny hat but acts like a terrifying character. This paradoxical idea is first depicted through her character. You can give special attention to this hat.


#9. Harley Quinn

Harley the Queen nail

Harley Quinn, enough said, the name says it all. You can use red and black color to paint the nails. Just write her name on any of the nails to have Harley Quinn nails like this one.


#10. The Gestures

Harley Queen Gestures on Nail

Harley Quinn has a distinct body language as a significant comics character. Her stance is unique among other lady villains. You can illustrate her movement and gestures in your Harley Quinn nails.


#11. Bold Colors

You can use the bright and bold red and black colors to paint your nails. As these two colors are the main components of Harley Quinn’s nails, you can have these while designing Harley Quinn nails.


#12. Mr. Joker

Harley Queen joker nail art

Mr. Joker is the beacon of love for Harley Quinn. She loves Joker more than anything. You can write to Mr. J in between the red and black color of your nails.


#13. Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Nail Art

After many animated series finally Harley Quinn becomes live in the movie Suicide Squad(2016). Though the costume was a bit modified for this movie, the character was the same badass as before. You can have this design drawn on your Harley Quinn nails.

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#14. Crazy Lovers

You can paint the images of both the Joker and Harley Quinn to illustrate the crazy couple on your nails. The image of the Joker will complement the Harley Quinn nails.


#15. Harley the Queen

Harley Quinn is the queen of the Joker’s kingdom. Her attitude is also like that of a queen. You can depict her intense look and gorgeous stance in your Harley Quinn nails.


#16. Red And Black Harley Quinn Nails

You can use red and black colors in many ways while drawing Harley Quinn nails. Use white color to add diversity to these nails.


#17. The Ponytails

The most recent look of Harley Quinn is a bit different from the previous ones. She has two long ponytails in this current look. You can depict them in your Harley Quinn nails.


#18. Famous Quotes

Harley Quinn Quote nail art

Ha Ha Ha is the main expression and reaction of the Joker to the different adverse situations in the animated series and the movie. You can inscribe this along with other quotes from Harley Quinn character to paint the Harley Quinn nails.


#19. Her Puddin

This is a beautiful Harley Quinn nail design. She calls her beloved by a special name that is Puddin. Her craziness knows no bound when she calls him Puddin. If you are crazy about someone like that, you can have this design.


#20. Joker + Harley Quinn

Joker + Harley Quinn Nail Art

You can paint the images of Harley Quinn and the Joker together to have these nails. Use black color to draw the images on baby blue bases.


#21. Harley Quinn Inspired Acrylic Nails

Harley Quinn nail art

Harley Quinn has changed into a villain only for the love of the Joker. She became an anti-hero from a promising psychiatrist. Everything happens in love and war. You can display this madness on Harley Quinn nails.

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Harley Quinn is a desperate woman who goes crazy for a criminal. These characters are lovable only on-screen and fiction. Never follow them in real life. But there is no harm in carrying costumes or nails expressing your love for a character. So, have these Harley Quinn nails to say it loud that you are a fan of the queen Harley Quinn.

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