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Animal Print Nail Designs: Try Out These 30 Ideas

Cute animal nail designs are something that we all need and adore. Colorful, childish and very creative, these nails will make you feel so young at heart, and you’ll love it. This nail manicure is also perfect if you want to match like your little sister’s manicure. Bold and vibrant colors with creative and smiling animal creatures will make everyone jealous of your nails.


Fabulous Animal Print Nail Designs

Decisions, decisions. Choosing which animal is your favorite and then getting that print onto your nails can sometimes be tougher than the drawing and painting part. We are pretty sure that one of these animals is your spirit animal. That way, you can gravitate to that manicure, so the selection will be a bit easier for you. Whichever design you do get know that you will definitely be unique and cute.


animal gel nail designs

animal gel nail designs



animal acrylic nail designs

animal acrylic nail designs



sea animal nail designs

sea animal nail designs



animal nail designs of birds

animal nail designs of birds



colorful animal print nail design

colorful animal print nail design



pink animal print nail designs

pink animal print nail designs



animal print nail designs with rhinestones

animal print nail designs with rhinestones



cheetah animal print nail design

cheetah animal print nail design



animal print coffin nails

animal print coffin nails



animal print toe nail designs

animal print toe nail designs


#11: Many To Choose From

Animal Print Nail Art for girl

If you are really indecisive because you like all sorts of animals, you should go for a mixture of everything. We have this cute elephant animal print nail design that is looking at us with joy and has the cutest smile. Followed by him we even have a  monkey, a giraffe, panda, and a lion. The whole animal kingdom is here, and it is a very cheerful one.


#12: Meow Meow

Cat Lover Favorite Animal Print Nail

A little kitten with a heart symbol is something that our cat ladies will love. Light blue nail polish base with a smiling kitty looks adorable and perfect if you don’t like too much of a drama happening on your nails.

Blue Nails for All Women


#13: Too Cute To Handle

Cute Animal Print Nail idea

The title says it all, these animal print nail designs are just too cute to handle. Panda, kitty, froggy and a bear look like they are a part of a kid’s show. The colors that have been used are so soft and gentle, and the animals were drawn so delicately that this design could be appropriate for the younger audience.


#14: Little Piggy

Little Piggy design Animal Print Nail

Our little cute, furry, and pink piggy nail design looks stylish and beautiful. The OPI nail polish ”I Think In Pink” has been used in order to achieve this cute manicure and we got to admit that it looks so stylish.

Adorable Pink Nails


#15: Cheese Anyone?

Cheese with Mouse Animal Print Nail

Yellow color can open up a person so much, and especially people with darker skin complexions. This little fella ate all the cheese but we forgive him because he is so bomb looking. The mouse is actually a symbol of paying attention to details. So, if you are a very organized, neat, and like to make the simplest things matter, the mouse is your spirit animal, and you should go with it as you animal print nail design.


#16: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Animal Print Nail

This cartoon is well known worldwide, and girls and boys love it equally. The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic debuted in 1984, and it was only meant to be a single issue. That didn’t happen (luckily) and TMNT has been with us for a way longer period. This nail manicure should be worn by women who have some fierce moments here and there, and who like to be independent.


#17: Sleepy Snoopy

Sleepy Snoopy art for Animal Print Nail

Snoopy is so sleepy in this nail manicure, so if you are a sleepyhead, he is your spirit animal. Light blue color with the cutest and most famous dog print looks so laid back and relaxed. If you are that type who likes to chill at home a lot more than partying, go for this animal print nail design.


#18: Big Bad Wolf

Wolf is a symbol of knowledge and never-ending journey. They can travel in packs or rather be left alone. The same goes for you. If you like to be surrounded by many people you should get just one wolf print on your nails. But, if you are a loner, get yourself a few wolf prints onto your nails and look like a part of the pack.


#19: Oh Deer

Don’t these look peachy and lovely? This deer nail design is so positive looking and makes us smile instantly. Deer is a symbol of gentleness and care. If you think of yourself as a very caring and sweet person, get this manicure in order to match your inside.


#20: Christmas Bear

Christmas Bear animal print nail design

Christmas isn’t just around the corner, but don’t make that an excuse for you not to get these nails. You can wear anything at any time, and you are the only person who determines on what’s beautiful or not. This little furry white bear looks like a cute idea, especially for someone who feels strong and who is on some type of a journey, since bears symbolize that.


#21: Red Cutey

Red color nail with animal print

Ladybugs are definitely the most elegant animal print nail designs you could go for. The hot red makes them look appropriate for pretty much anything and everything. You could rock these at a meeting and also go partying since they are so universal.


#22: Frogs Are Cute

Frogs are known to be the bringers of rain. So be aware of the unsteady weather conditions that you may awake with these nails. While having that unusual symbolic meaning, we can’t deny the goofiness and style that also comes along with them. Get them super long and extra green for the more dramatic effect.


#23: Giraffes Are Cool

Giraffes are very cool animals, and also quite ladylike. If you find them to be the most appealing and your spirit animals then you should get them done on your nails. This piece by piece looks fun and super creative. This is also a good way of styling your short nails because it gives out the illusion of the long nails.


#24: Lion King

The Lion King is the highest-grossing hand-drawn animated feature of all time with a total box office of over $987 million. It is also the 19th highest-grossing film of all time and the best-selling videotape of all time. Pretty much, it has stolen the show. This cute animal print nail design looks lovely because of the hugging and bonding moment between these two.


#25: Nemo Is Here

animal print nail design with nemo

Looks like Nemo didn’t get lost this time. In fact, he found a path to our amazing blue nails. Fish, in general, is a symbol of a person who can hide their emotions. So if you are a bit on the shy side, this unbelievable blue manicure is just your cup of tea.


#26: Dino

Dinosaurs did vanish million years ago, but they still find a way to be a trending nail art. You will look super mysterious and interesting if you decide to get this bold print.


#27: Swim With Us

If summer is your favorite time of the year, you are in good luck, because these dolphins are waiting for you to try them out. They are a symbol of trust, loyalty and a spirit of friendship. You will look very friendly and trustworthy with these, and let’s not forget fashionable. People will spot you at the beach just in a blink of an eye too.


#28: The Jaw

This animal print nail design looks little scary and different than the others. But originality is what is trending right now, so don’t be afraid to rock this shark inspired nails.


#29: Monkey Madness

animal print nail design with funny monkey

Monkeys, being as cute and funny as they are, are actually very sweet and friendly creators. Did you know that there are currently 264 known monkey species? Make yours hard to forget and get the OPI nail polish to succeed in that step. Also, go for the shorter nails in order to maintain your nails easier, since monkey prints are quite demanding.


#30: Monkey Cuteness

This perfect for children animal print nail design can’t get any sweeter. We have a friendly smiling monkey with bananas all around him, and these yellow tones calming us down. Did you know that some monkeys live on the ground, while others live in trees? Well, this monkey has a mind of its own since he is living on our nails. Let’s not forget that he is doing that with style.

Try Out These Cheetah and Leopard Nails


Have a Look at These Cute Animal Print Nail Designs


Multiple choices and overloading amount of cuteness are quartered with these animal print nail designs. You will be in the center of attention, you will look positive, and everyone will want to steal your creations. You pretty much have it all with these nails.

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