Whenever you feel the need to get a simple but very effective look for your hands, try the light blue nails mani. This pastel color inspires joy, warmth, without being flashy.

Light blue nails are certainly sensational, and if you create some subtle designs or add a little bit of glitter, you will obtain a glamorous look.

1. Light Blue Acrylic Nails

Light Blue Acrylic Nails

Who said that a simple mani isn’t eye-popping! The best example is right here: a pale blue base and some flower nail designs can really make a difference!


2. Blue Nails for Dark Skin

Light Blue Nails On Dark Skin

When you have dark skin, and you choose to use a pale blue color, your nails will get all the attention they deserve. For one of your nails, choose a darker shade with glitter for a sparkly touch.


3. Light Blue Matte Nails

Light Blue Matte Nails

Create a dreamy look by choosing a gorgeous light blue color with mauve hues. You can also make some subtle designs with white polish: abstract paintings and a half-moon.


4. Light Blue Gel Nails

Light Blue Gel Nails

For a gorgeous mani like this one, you will need to use acrylic gel to build your nail. Paint them in a light blue color and add some silver glitter on one of your nails.


5. Light Blue And White Nails

Blue sky nails look undoubtedly lovely and charming, especially thanks to that beautiful ombre that blends a light blue polish with white.


6. Light Blue Ombre Nails

If you want to recreate this look, you need to build your nails with acrylic gel and create a gorgeous ombre from nude to light blue shade.


7. Blue And Silver Nails

Get a surprising look with a pale blue hue and some sparkling silver glitter nails. Keep your nails in a square oval shape, and you’ll spread happiness wherever you go.


8. Light Blue Nails with Glitter

Make this light blue polish stand out with some subtle rhinestones and designs. Create a silver glittery ombre design on your middle fingernail and get ready to party!


9. Light Blue And Gold Nails


10. Blue Coffin Nails


11. Light Blue Stiletto Nails

Light Blue Stiletto Nails


12. Light Blue Short Square Nails

Short Light Blue Nails

Whenever you want a simple mani that can’t go unnoticed, choose a light blue shade for your nails. You can create subtle designs, emphasize it with some rhinestones, or create gorgeous ombres that will look absolutely breath-taking. Tell us in the comments below why you love this color so much!

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