10 Best Nail Art Tutorials from YouTube You Must See

Looking for the best YouTube videos on DIY nail arts and designs? Well, we’ve all watched at least dozens of YouTube videos in our life. It is easy to get addicted, isn’t it? The preferences and taste, however, are different for every human. Some of you may be addicted to Pewdiepie (aka the biggest Youtuber of all time), Nikkietutorials (the beauty queen), Vitaly (the typical prankster), or let’s say Nail Career Education (my type of amusement). The possibilities are endless since YouTube is currently along with Instagram the best social platform to share your work. For now, let’s focus on the beauty industry as well as the nail goddesses.

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Top 10 Nail Design Tutorials from Youtube

Nowadays there is a huge number of women who share their passions and work on the internet. YouTube, as well as Instagram, are the perfect solution for videos. However, we are here today to present you the top 10 amazing nail designs that you can dig up on YouTube.


#1: Pretty Blue Nails

This video has got over million of views, and we can definitely see why. One of the best YouTube nail tutorials, as well as one of the most cheerful girls on the web, is teaching us in depth on how it should be done. The gradient blue manicure is a must during the summer days, so learn how it should be done before the summer is over:


#2: Black With Beads

Some mystic and hot moments with black nails is a must. Who could resist these? The white beads on top are looking edgy but fun at the same time. As we’ve previously mentioned, the talented Nail Career Education is here to bless us with her stunning art. See for yourself:

Black Themed Nail Designs

#3: Stunning Pink Ombre Nails

How come these are not even more popular on YouTube? The light and gradient ombre have been done so precisely and professionally. And they totally match the lovely girl who did the whole video (Hannah). She isn’t that popular, but she has proven that sometimes even smaller channels can reveal great talents. Give her a like button because she totally deserved it. Browse our favorite pink nails.


#4: Fun & Young Nails

This YouTube video is a must watch! Super colorful, so fresh and young looking, these nails are something you don’t see every day. They could be appropriate for a kids birthday party, and trust us kids will go crazy for them. Find out on how to recreate them here:


#5: Super Holographic Nails

Kelli Marissa really knows how to work her magic. You can find these amazing black and gold gradient nails on her nails. Have fun rocking these at a party and feeling like a star of the show.


#6: Pink & Purple Drip Nails

Sometimes it is just easier to watch the video instead of reading on how it’s done. Here’s how you can get the trendy dripping nails. The author of the video is super popular! These nails are perfect for fierce women with some fiery moments. Find the hottest purple nail designs here.


#7: Mirror Nails

Mirror mirror on the wall, are these the prettiest nails out of them all? Well, I do believe so. During 2017 these powder nails have been a hit on YouTube as well as on Instagram. They may look harder to achieve than they actually are. See for yourself:


#8: Burberry Nails

Burberry inspired red and black nail manicure looks like something totally new and high end. You can see that they are a true masterpiece which requires a precise hand and fashion sense. G Nail House will explain to you on how it should be done, so give her a chance:


#9: Velvet Nails

This is nail art indeed. Whenever an artist needs to use a fan brush you know it’s going down. ARS arts isn’t that popular on YouTube, but you should check out all of their videos and decide whether you should change their popularity status or not. We have chosen this video among many others because it is something you don’t see every day:

Best Nail Ideas for Red Lovers

#10: Light Elegance

Miss Gonzales is showing us how a perfect elegant brown manicure should look like. This ultimate YouTube nail design list wouldn’t be complete without some elegance and class. Learn how to achieve these perfect smart nails on her channel:


These original and stunning nail videos will change and brighten up your day. So, now you know that there are many hidden talents on YouTube. Also, who knows, you may end up subscribing to each and every one of these talented ladies.

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