10 Chinese Nail Art to Uphold the Chinese Tradition

When most of us ladies choose nail art, we opt for flowers, patterns, or solid colors. You’ve probably never considered working in Chinese culture into your nails, right? But whether you have a love of Chinese art and symbols or you’re a complete novice to the culture, why not incorporate that into your nail art? From Chinese calligraphy and ink paintings to images of dragons, paper cuttings, and old architecture. The possibilities for Chinese nail art are endless!

One common color you’ll see in the Chinese nail art designs we’ve found is red. Red is persistently related to all Chinese traditions, myths, mythological elements, and other cultural aspects. Rocking Chinese nail art can be as simple as intricate little drawings to red and gold nail polish. 

Majestic Chinese Nail Art 

The citizens of China are very traditional. They respect their beliefs and traditions more than anything. Even most of the Chinese don’t know other languages because they don’t feel like studying other cultures or traditions. So, traditional designs are a must in this regard.

Another important thing in Chinese culture is the first day of Chinese new year. You can design your nails with the diversity of Chinese calligraphy or the images of dragons. Paper cutting is also a famous Chinese artwork which is made of red paper. Let’s find out how these elements can be used in Chinese nail art.

#1. Cherry Blossoms

chinese blossom nail art

We all know China is famous for its cherry blossoms so try rocking them on your nails! Use a glittery gold polish for background, then add red, white, and black cherry blossom detail.


#2. Chinese New Year

chinese new year mouse nail art

Throwing it back to 2020? The Year of the Mouse is your answer to Chinese nail art. Add different variations of a mouse to your nails, maybe even throwing in a gold polished ornament as well.


#3. Chinese Symbols

chinese symbol nail art

If you’re all about being symbolic, peruse through Chinese letters for a saying or word you can add to your nails. Just make sure you run it through some language checkers first to be sure it actually says what you want it to!


#4. Chinese Flowers

China is enriched with a large variety of different kind of flowers. You can have this floral design drawn on the red and black ombre nails. A calligraphic sign along with the flowers will make this design a distinct Chinese nail art.

Cherry Blossom Nail Art to Celebrate Festive Season

#5. Chinese New Year

Chinese new year nail art

Quite a few Chinese symbols have been used in this design. The Taijitu symbol. the fortune cat and Chinese calligraphy all these things resemble the true Chinese culture. You can have this amazing Chinese nail art on your precious nails.


#6. Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko aka fortune cat on Chinese nail

Maneki Neko aka Fortune cat is a very popular figure in China and Japan. This cat figure is considered as a lucky charm. Chinese people believe that this cat will bring prosperity and progress for its owners. It is mainly used for business purposes. You can use this cat figure in your Chinese nail art.


#7. Dare Dragon

The legends of dragons are long-cherished aspects of Chinese culture. Many heroic and tragic stories have been described in the Chinese old literature. Images of the dragon on navy blue nail  represent  real Chinese nail art.


#8. Calligraphic Beauty

Chinese calligraphic nail art

Chinese calligraphy gets the recognition as artistic patterns to the people of other countries. But, they might mean something very important to the Chinese people. So if you want to have calligraphic art on your nails, make sure that the writing makes sense. These calligraphic patterns look stunning on maroon gold combination nails.


#9. True Chinese

A special kind of traditional attire and silky hair is identical to the Chinese girls. You can use the images of Chinese females in your Chinese nail art. This sort of decals is available in the marketplaces. You can have them readymade.


#10. Mythical Dragons

Dragon is a well-read mythical character in China. It takes the shape of many animals but the snake-like animal is the most used shape.  These dragons were believed to have control over different natural forces. This can be the definition of real Chinese nail art as it has the dragon painted in vibrant red.

Dreamy Daisy Nail Art to Celebrate

People of Chinese background are very fond of their own tradition and culture. They try to depict their culture wherever they get the chance to do so. Try to remember this when choosing your Chinese nail art so as to remain respectful. 

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