10 Cute Elephant Nail Designs to Copy

Nails are tiny canvases. Elephants are the largest mammals on land. The twain shall never meet. But, isn’t that what nail-art is all about? Miniaturizing patterns is the whole concept of nail-art. So it is not hard to imagine putting an image of an elephant on the nail. And that’s when you get an elephant nail design.


Top Ideas on Elephant Nail Design

Commonly known as elephant nails, this kind of nail art can be of two types. Either it can be comical or it can be artistic. It all depends on how a woman feels on a particular day!

#1. Trumpeting Love

Elephant and love design

These elephant nails are usually designed that the focus remains on the one with the elephant. The pachyderm, in this case, is painted in a minimalist fashion. Its trunk is pointed upwards and is shown spouting hearts or balloons.

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#2. Baby Elephants

Baby Elephants nail design

Who doesn’t love baby elephants? They hobble around adorably and chuck water and dust through their snouts. And their mothers dote on them. Nails with baby elephants are usually colorful and jolly, like this one. Against a white base coat, these baby elephants are an excellent instance of elephant nails.


#3. Elephants in Love

Elephants are known to be very much like humans. They are intelligent creatures and understand love pretty much the same way as humans. This form of nail design portrays a pair of elephants and love between them. There are two versions of this. In one, the pachyderms are nudging their heads together. In the other, their tails meet in a sweet hand-holding posture.


#4. The Artsy Elephant

artsy elephant nail design

If you are in the mood for something elegant, elephant nails decals can be just the answer for you. The silhouette of an elephant is, by design, very graceful. This can be paired with lace nail-art or clour blocking techniques to create a solid mass in the center of the nail. The more details in the figures, the more classy it looks.


#5. The Multi-Colored Elephants

Multi colored elephant nail design

If you want to spice up your elephant printed nail design, you can choose to paint a different colored one on each fingernail. The silhouette of the elephants can be both comical as well as artistic. It is up to the manicurist to select the kind of color and the pattern to fill the silhouettes with.

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#6. The Realistic Elephants

realistic elephant nail design

These nails pack some serious artwork. It involves the artist drawing a very realistic front feature of the elephant. This includes all the line and the blotches. This design may not be for everyone because it is difficult to carry off.


#7. The Comic Elephant

Those big, floppy ears and the swinging trunk have been every artist’s delight. Manicurists are no different. Portraying the comic side of elephants is a common form of elephant nail design. These caricatures are accentuated by using big, round eyes and a curious facial expression.


#8. The 5-Nail Elephant

elephant nail design in silver nails

An elephant is a big creature. Fitting all of it on a single nail causes some features to be left out. A more innovative way of dealing with this is to space out the features of the animal over all the five nails of a hand. This means that the index fingernail will feature the left ear. The middle fingernail features the face of the elephant. The ring fingernail hosts the right ear. The little fingernail is painted with the snout. The thumb fingernail contains the curved toenails. Any other format is also acceptable.


#9. Dumbo Nail-Art

dumbo elephant nail design

Elephant design on nails is never complete without a mention of our adorable Dumbo. Sporting a hat and big, blue curious eyes with eyelashes too! Dumbo presents excellent opportunities for an elephant printed nail design. Admittedly, the whole figure of Dumbo is vast. Hence, either a small portion is painted on a single nail, or a 5-nail approach is followed. Either way, these elephant art nails bring out the child in everyone!


#10. Elephant & Polka Dots

elephant nail design with polka dots

This is an overdose of cuteness. Remember how we mentioned painting the elephant on a single nail? Manicurists can cover up the other nails with adorable polka dots. Elephant nails are, by nature, sweet and playful. Adding features like polka dots serves to accentuate the fun quotient.

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Elephant nails are for all ages, not just the young. There is something exotic about elephants, which makes the nail design so unique. It also allows manicurists to display their talents in all departments- painting silhouettes, detailing, space-management and color co-ordinations. Who knew these tusked behemoths could be such fun on the nail canvas!

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