30+ Artistic Abstract Nail Arts That’ll Exceed Reality

We’re all well aware of the many types of art in the world, but abstract art is one of a kind, literally. If you consider yourself a creative, imaginative person, you’ll love abstract nail art. By definition, abstract art is art “that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.”

The best thing about abstract nail art is there is no “right” way to do it; imagination is all it takes. The number of ways to use your favorite colors to create abstract nail art that inspires and provokes the mind is unlimited. 


Gorgeous Abstract Nail Art

Be inspired and treat your eyes to beautiful colors every time you look down at your abstract nail art. For colorful, inspirational designs, take a look at this list of our favorite abstract nail art.

#1. Abstract Nail Stickers

abstract nail art stickers

Don’t want to take the chance at using your own hand to create abstract nail art? Pick up some nail stickers that are easy to apply whether your nails are long or short.


#2. Abstract Gel Art

abstract gel nail art

We love gel polish for its thick, luxe feel. This short nail design features light and dark green and peach with a thin black line, dots, or waves for details.


#3. Abstract Toes

abstract toe nail art

Who says you need plain toenails? Bring the abstract love down south with brown polish on your little toes and bold lined design on your big toe. Tiny gold stones add a perfect dash of shine.


#4. Abstract Spring Art

abstract spring nail art

Spring calls for soft pastels in purple, yellow, blue, and green. Concentrate your abstract art on the two middle fingers, adding black or white dots or lines when polish dries for fun designs.


#5. Brush Stroke Art

brush stroke abstract nail art

One way to make abstract nails is with turquoise and pink nails followed by thick white brush strokes. Finish with a few black dots or gold smears. 


#6. Black Pattern

Black Patterned Abstract Nail Art

You can use black patterns intermingled with different colors to have this abstract nail art. Use different shades of pink and yellow to have this design on your nails.

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#7. Radiant Colors

Colorful Abstract Nail Design

Colors are a very important element of a design. You can have this colorful design by combining different colors in a defined pattern. Use radiant colors keeping a white line between them to have this simple abstract nail art.


#8. Glitters and Lines

Abstract Nail Design With Glitters & Lines

Use a glittery base for this design. At first, fill the surface of your nail with a shiny silver base coat. Then draw some lines and dots in black and pink. You can use silver glitters to make it eye-catching.


#9. Art on Neon

Neon Abstract Nail Art

This design is a blend of chevron and polka dots. Use neon lime as the base then draw chevron patterns or any pattern you like to have on your nails. You can use colorful polka dots in between the patterns.


#10. Gorgeous Green

Green Abstract Nail Art

A green base is used to have this beautiful abstract nail art. Use silver and sky blue glitters to have this outstanding abstract nail art on your nails.


#11. I Heart Abstract

Heart shapes have been used in a large number of designs across the world every year. You can fuse them with abstract nail art too. Here is an example showing how you can add love shape to your abstract nail art.


#12. Tribal Magnetism

Tribal influence in designs is not something new. You can use different patterns together to create a tribal design. Black patterns on an orange base will do the trick concerning this design. You can draw the image of a tribe leader to complete this abstract nail art.


#13. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterned Abstract Nail Art

Triangular trims of different colors can produce a mindblowing design. This is a very simple way to have beautiful abstract nail art. Draw geometric patterns in different colors interwoven with narrow lines.


#14. Express Your Imagination

If you have a vivid imagination but there is no place to display them, you can use your nails. Draw the colors of your imagination as an abstract nail art on your nails.

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#15. Spaces

Negative space technique has become very popular recently. You can have this design by keeping negative space between the black patterns of your nude nails. Use sky blue color to give a contrasting look.


#16. Flower Power

This design doesn’t resemble any kind of flowers. But whenever I look at them the concept of flowers comes to my mind. This is the power of abstract art. These designs are not related to reality yet they are so real.


#17. Angular Forms

Creating angle using colorful line is a common nail art. You can use black lines in different colorful bases to have this abstract nail art. A rhinestone or silver glitters can do the shining here.

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#18. Peach and Black

peach and black abstract nail art

The peacefulness of peach is depicted in this design. Black and peach look eye-soothing together. And a gentle touch of white color makes it great.


#19. Play It Purple

This design is the perfect illustration of abstract nail art. The shape, colors, patterns, and textures every single thing is complementing the whole design. The design is very simple. White color is used on a purple base along with purple glitters.

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#20. Spiral Art Attack

Spiral Abstract artwork on Nail

This abstract nail art is inspired by the spiral pattern. At first, fill your nail beds with red and yellow color. Then put a color drop on the nail and whirl it to make it look like a spiral.


#21. Splattered Colors

You can splash the desired colors on your nails to have this abstract nail art. No specific order or patterns need to be followed. Just splatter them on your nail beds.


#22. Black Magic

Abstract nail art consists of mainly various patterns drawn with proper order and sequence. You can have this design by using diamond-shaped polygon having four sides.


#23. Pretty Nail Art

This is a colorful and pretty abstract nail art. You can have this design by using the colors and patterns keeping a certain sequence. Otherwise, it will look odd.


#24. Mozaic Design

Mozaic designs are not used in nail art that much.  But they can be of great use if they are imprinted carefully.  You can use different bright colors to have this Mozaic nail art.


#25. Simple Abstract Nail Art

This design is very simple. Use light green as the base color on every nail. Then paint two or three of your nails with abstract art like portrayed in the picture.


#26. Abstract Rainbow

You can be inspired by the form of the rainbow. But the color order is not mandatory to be followed. Choose colors and orders according to your own choice.

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Speaking of abstract art, you cannot actually come to any conclusion because there are no hard and fast rules. Design your nails as per your imagination. Whatever the output is, if it has aesthetic beauty, it will be considered abstract. You can try out one of the above designs, or you can modify them using your own creativity.

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