20 Creative and Colorful Nail Designs

Are you a fan of colorful nails? Do you like to express your girly characteristics in everything even if it was your nail designs in a creative way? If yes, this is your lucky day because the below list of 20 creative and colorful nail designs gives you a new and modern collection of nail designs that sprout out from the colors, flowers, and missy touches you are in love with!


Bright and Colorful Nails Designs

Every day a cute human being that loves fashion and adores beauty is born, we call this creature a ‘girl’! However, nothing shouts out “girly” and “delicacy” more than colorful and creative nail designs. In the world of fashion, thousands of nail designs are invented every day and spread all around the world but between all these nail designs, the ones containing missy touches and those who are born from fancy colors are the best! So if you are a color lover and you adore designing your nails in a way that reflects your personality, the below list of 20 creative and colorful nail designs provides you with a variety of nail designs that you cannot wait to wear when you take a look at them!


#1. Ariel The Mermaid

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 434

Inside that dark blue sea, and deep inside that wide ocean lives a beloved cartoon character you girls adore! Yes, she is Ariel the little mermaid. This is the bravest childhood cartoon character ever known and if you are a fan of her and her braveness, this colorful and creative nail design gives you the chance to take Ariel with you everywhere.


#2. Creative Yellow and Pink Colorful Nails

Creative yellow and pink Nail Design

Between all gifts you can give to a woman, flowers are her favorite. Women adore flowers in all its types because they see in a flower what they cannot see in a man, they see love, tender, and a calm plant full of heart touching feelings. And since women love flowers, of course, they would love to mention that in their external view such as applying some cute and small blossoms in their nail designs in order to show that they are flower lovers.


#3. Bright Yellow Nails

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 1

Some say that yellow is the color that reflects jealousy. so if you are a jealous young lady you are able now to wear this simple neon yellow nail design that sheds light on your delicacy and glamor. However, if you have a dark tanned skin color, this color would perfectly fresh up your dark skin color!


#4. Let Your Nail Burnt With Red

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 2

Be ready tonight and hold your phones uptight because this flaming red nail design is going to burn up many flames of jealousy tonight. Watch out, the red color is going to let it burn!


#5. Flower Lover

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 3

If you are a flower lover, what about expressing your love by wearing this nail design? This nail design is made up pink berry color base with some shiny silver glitter on top. But the center of attraction in this creative nail design is the light pink colored flowers glued all over the ring finger and the middle finger that give the nail design a girlish taste!


#6. Geekly Chic

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 5

Beside colorful nail designs, creative ones are the coolest ones. They do not always reflect missy touches and girly stuff, but sometimes they do reflect hobbies, passions, and things a girl loves but most importantly they do this in a classy way! This nail design reflects a geek teenage girl that loves studying and reading. This is obvious from the enormous eyeglasses found in the nail design.


#7. Tangerine Daisies

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 6

Flowers and special daisies are rarely found in the orange tangerine color. However, this combination between tangerine and daisies is considered colorful and creative at the same time, and it gains the interest of many teenage girls that are in love in flowers in all its kinds.


#8. Creative Mocking Jay Nail Design

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 7

The usage of only black and white colors in this nail design is so womanish and classy. The black feature in the middle finger and the traveling birds in the ring finger, altogether sum up to remind me of the mocking jay that we can make up a creative nail design from.


#9. Stiletto Nails

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 8

You females are all familiar with the french tip nail designs made up of from the transparent base and white clear tips. But to make things lassie and cute, we can add some shiny fuschia dots in each nail with the beloved plant (the flower) in the same color to make up a fancy, girly, creative and colorful nail design.


#10. The Little Mermaid

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 09

This nail design obviously differs from all the above ones. The dark pink lashes mixed gradually with the pearl white base and decorated with the green stone and the green ocean flower at the edge of each nail, in addition to the varnish touch in it, all makes it unique and reminds us girls with our girly childhood movie “The Little Mermaid” that we all used to watch on Disney Channel.


#11. Fancy Nancy

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 9

The color fusion in this nail design gives it a special taste where each nail is different from the other in the color, the design, and the style. This combination makes your nails have the fancy you love to wear on everyday outfits in order to have the chance to look girly and graceful even if you are going to hang out with your best friends and enjoy your daily lifetime hours.


#12. Much Love

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 10

When you take a look at this nail design you are not able to find a negative comment to say about it. It contains the perfect colors, the perfect elements, and the best characteristics a nail design can obtain. It is made up from the green color and the black one where the green color is the base in pinky and ring fingers decorated with a black cross and flowers, and the black colors is the base in the rest fingernails decorated with shiny and glittery white decals.


#13. Fades Of Cornflower

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 11

One of the best blue color shades is the cornflower shade. It is the most elegant shade and it shows cuteness and perfection. However, it is a clear and calm color that is used to design a flower at the tip of each nail and then this cornflower blue starts to fade gradually into a lighter shade at the bottom of each nail.


#14. Mickey The Mouse

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 123

Mickey the mouse is one of the best cartoon characters Walt Disney had invented a long time ago. However, young girls used to love mickey because he was the prince charming of Minnie the mouse. So, if you are a childish woman and you like to have a throw back to your childhood, you can wear this creative nail design that has the girlish childhood spirit.


#15. Colorful Flower Nails

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 4

Colors are the basics of life! Tilt your head or roll your eyes all around the room you are sitting in, you will find a color in each corner of the room. Our life is simply a mixture of organized colors represent a certain element and that we can make up from them new and weird shapes. Moreover, this colorful and creative nail design uses colors to represent the sprouting flowers we women love and adore. Wear this nail design on everyday occasions in order to give yourself that fresh and girly look you always wanted.


#16. Donald Duck

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 456

Talking about temper reminds me directly with Donald the duck. He is the most high tempered cartoon character Walt Disney have ever created but of course, you girls can all remember how this duck was so shy to show his love feelings to Daisy. So if you are a shy, cute, and a high-tempered woman, this nail design fits you perfectly.


#17.Disney Frenzy

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs 657

Among all loyal friends and loving ones, Mickey mouse and his friends are the best! These friends are always together and they help each other in every conflict and hard situation. Speaking about friendship, if you have a group of friends that are always next to you this creative and colorful nail design would be a great design for you and your friends to wear together.


#18. We Love Disney!

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs mj

Ever since we were children, our best TV channel was the Disney channel. This channel always gave us the childhood shows we loved and those TV shows that taught us loyalty and friendship, and you cannot deny that we all wished to visit the Disney World when we were young. So if you are a Disney fans, this creative and missy nail design is all you want.


#19. Lassie But Classy

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs mjk

Are you a fashion lover? And are you a fan of Minnie the mouse? Well if you do, this nail design made up of the red, black, and white colors designed with shiny silver glitter is what you are looking for.


#20. Flower Power

Creative and Colorful Nail Designs nb

The combination of the lime green used as a background with the tiny pink flower power on the top makeup the most perfect and lassie creative and colorful nail design!


More Creative & Colorful Nail Designs that You Can’t Ignore


Summing it all up, according to fashion world you girls always feel that there is something missing in your external appearance and beauty, this is clearly the result of the missing of a creative and colorful nail design. So if you want to look so girly and creative the above list of 2o colorful and creative nail designs gives you a variety of cool nail designs. Hope you like them!

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