Curious about transparent nail designs but not sure how to go about trying them? Start with clear pink nails!

The biggest misconception about clear nails is that they are void of color. However, the nail design would be better described as ‘transparent,’ meaning you can see through the color, not that they are actually clear. Picture tinted sunglasses and you’ll be on the right track!

To rock clear pink nails, there’s no specific nail shape or length required, although some nail shapes do better display the designs. We’ll show you our favorite ways to rock the trendy nail style so you can see how you might apply it to your own nails!


Stylish Designs for Clear Pink Nails

It may be clear, but the color will still pop! Take a look at these classy designs for clear pink nails!

1. Clear Pink Acrylic Coffin Nails

Clear Pink Acrylic Nails

This color of pink is so light, it reminds us of sweet cotton candy! Choose it in clear polish and paint those acrylic long coffin nails of yours with the pretty shade.


2. Clear Pink Gel Nails

Clear Pink Gel Nails

A lovely light clear pink is beautiful for coffin nails. If you have light or pale skin tone, the color will really flatter your complexion.

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3. Clear Pink Coffin Nails

Clear Pink Coffin Shaped Nails

The beds of these nails are slightly darker pink than the tips, but the clear pink is still noticeable and really emphasizes the nail’s length and shape.


4. Pink Oval Nails with Glitter

Clear Pink Oval Nails

Make those oval nails soft and shiny with a clear pink and a top coat of glitter. The glitter is only a slight sparkle, but makes all the difference since these clear pink nails are worn against a very light skin tone.


5. Long Clear Pink Square Nails

 Square Clear Pink Nails

There’s no way people will not notice your clear pink nails when they’re long and square-shaped! To keep them shiny in between salon visits, touch them up with a clear top coat.


6. Pointy Clear Pink Stiletto Nails

Long stiletto nails with a pronounced pointed tip make a bold statement not just because of their sharp shape, but because of the clear pink polish they flaunt!


7. Nails with Rhinestones

Do you love being extra in all things fashion? Go big within clear pink! To emphasize their length, you can add a small or medium-sized rhinestone at the center of the top of the nail.


8. Short Square Nails

For a manageable length that is practical for daily tasks, go with clear pink short square nails. Get all your work done with a stylish manicure! Ladies with a dark skin tone will love how clear pink flatters.


9.  Glittery Clear Pink with White Detail

Another stylish way to wear clear pink nails is by choosing a nail style in an extra long length. The above clear pink coffin nails were painted over with a clear coat of glitter and feature a cute cloud and star design in white polish on the accent nails.


10. Clear Pink Nails with Diamonds

Clear Pink Nails with Diamonds

Use clear pink at the tips of long nails with a darker pink nail bed. For easy detail, place a tiny rhinestone at the top center of each nail. To set apart the ring fingernail, line its top with more than one rhinestone.


11. Light Pink Clear Nails with Large Stones

Light Pink Clear Nails

Balance out a bunch of little rhinestones on clear pink coffin nails by adding in larger rhinestones. The center nail of this set features large yellow stones, allowing you to get more creative with your own personal design.


12. Clear Pink Nails for Dark Skin

Clear Pink Nails on Dark Skin

Just in case you consider your skin tone when choosing a nail polish, take a look at how beautiful clear pink nails will look! These beauties also boast a beautiful arrangement of small pointed rhinestones and pure white swirled art.


As you can see from our top 12 favorite clear pink nail designs, just because the color is transparent, that doesn’t mean it comes without style! If you’re not familiar with adding detail to your nails, start small. A couple of tiny rhinestones are easy to handle and can make your clear pink nails look even better!

As long as you’re happy with your nails, that’s all that matters!

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