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30 Stunning Long Square Nail Designs You’ll Definitely Love

Long square nails are most cherishable among the girls. But you must be patient to have a stunning look on your nails as it needs time to acquire the length capable of being trimmed as long square nails.

After reaching to the desired size you have to file the nails right across the entire nail in order to have the perfect square shape. When you are done with the shape you must come up with good design ideas to make the wait for long square nails worthy of having the following splendid designs.


Splendid Designs for Your Long Square Nails

Why long square nails? Because all the other types of long nails are fragile except this one as it has the full width of the nail as the base whereas another shape has limited portion of the width.

We have depicted 30 impressive and attractive designs for your long square nails which will enhance the beauty of your fingertips in such ways you have never imagined. So have a look into our ideas and execute them on your nails.


cute long square nails

cute long square nails



yellow long square nails

yellow long square nails



long square gel nails

long square gel nails



hot pink long square nails

hot pink long square nails



long square nails with rhinestones

long square nails with rhinestones



long square green nail design

long square  green nails



long square summer nails

long square summer nails



royal blue long square nails

royal blue long square nails



valentines day long square nails

valentines day long square nails



winter acrylic long square nails

 long square winter nail design


#11. Long Square Acrylic Nails

long square acrylic nails


#12. Long Skinny Square Nails

long skinny square nails


#13. Long White Square Nails

long white square nails


#14. Long Red Square Nails

long red square nails


#15. Natural Long Square Nails

natural long square nails


#16. Long Square French Tip Nails


#17. Long Square Clear Nails


#18. Long Square Nails for Christmas 


#19. Purple Long Square Nails


#20. Long Black Square Nail Design

long black square nails


#21. Long Nude Square Nails


#22. Long Square Oval Nails


#23. Long Square Matte Nails


#24. Long Square Ombre Nails


#25. Extra Long Square Nails

extra long square nails


#26. Light Pink Long Square Nails

pink matte long square nail

This is a blend of plain nail design and a flowery design on the plain nail canvas which looks like icing on the cake. Simple! Just fill in the surface of the nail with any matte color and design some of the nails exactly like the way a pastry cake is iced with different designs. This will give a decent and delicate look to your long square nails.

Alluring Line Nail Design

#27. Long Square Blue Nails

Blue Matte long Square Nail

Blue always makes a statement wherever it is used or carried. If your blue long square nails are edged with two shiny golden stripes, how dashing it will look? Use matte for the blue surface and use acrylic golden color for a shiny look. wearing a ring that agrees with these gorgeous nails will help you look alluring.


#28. Storm on Your Nails

swirl on long square nail

This design will give a happy feeling to the people surrounding yourself. It is pleasant to watch. To have this design you must have expert hands as there are different glittery colors whirling like a storm in the middle of your nails. If you want to do it right you must choose the appropriate colors not contrasting too much. Color grading is a vital fact to have the best output.


#29. The BW Charm

Black and white have a forever shared relationship in every sector. The beauty of your long square nails will be flourished with the presence of black and white color designs. You can apply black colors fully on your nails than have your desired shapes and designs in white color. This will give a contrasting but incomparable look to your nails.


#30. Text with Textures

mermaid long square nail art

If you want to put a nail status or say something to somebody, this is the best thing which will do the trick for you. Two or three shinning colors mixed with glitters can be used to give a dazzling look to your long square nails. Draw different shapes according to your desire but keep one or two nails blank to say the thing you want to say aloud. Let’s make a bold statement!

Love Long Nails? Try These

As you know it is not easy to have beautiful long nails but it seems easy after reading this article. Right ? Now, follow the instructions and blend them with your own creativity. We hope that your long cherished dream to have Long Square Nails will come to effect with our help.

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