Acrylic Nail Problems: Can You Paint Over Acrylic Nails?

“Paint over acrylic nails” can be a burning question if you have just gotten started with nail extensions and manicures in general. Is it alright?

Can you repaint them again? No worries, we got you. You will know all ins & outs of repainting acrylic nails very soon!


Is it Okay to Paint Over Acrylic Nails?

Yes, definitely you can paint over acrylic nails. Whether you have just applied new acrylics with no colors whatsoever or with a pre-set design and paint, you can repaint them over and over with no repercussions as long as you ensure that you are using the correct procedures and steps to keep their quality in check.

Here are some procedures to get you started:


How to Repaint Acrylic Nails in 5 Easy Steps

Beautifully done acrylic nails represent your aesthetic sense of style. But Alas! acrylic nails won’t be with you like forever. While perfectly designed acrylic nails add up to your persona, a chipped or faded acrylic serves the reverse.

Read on to know how to keep your acrylic nail as they should be. Just follow these simple steps!

Step 1: Removing Your Old Nail Polish

Removing old nail polish

This step applies if there are any existing nail polish on the acrylic nails that you applied previously.

If you have had them painted at the nail salon after applying these nails, you will need to remove any existing nail polish with an acetone-free nail polish remover.

If you use an acetone-based nail polish remover, the acrylic nails will also come off which is why you cannot be able to paint over acrylic nails.

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Step 2: Washing & Drying Your Acrylic Nails

Drying your nails

Since there are small spaces in between your acrylic nails and your actual nails, it is generally advisable for you to keep this space clean and dry to avoid any nail infections, which can happen easily if there is plenty of moisture and dampness.

Ensure that your nail base is dry before you proceed to the next step so that your base coat will apply nicely over your nails.


Step 3: Applying Your Base Coat

Applying base coat

You can think of the base coat as the nail polish layer that protects your acrylic nails from any existing chemicals in your next layer of nail polish.

When you take good care of your acrylic nails, the lifespan also increases, so that you only need to replace them after a longer duration. When applying the base coat, it is best to apply one that is made specifically for acrylic nails for extra protection.

Just to be safe, you can also consider painting about two layers of this base coat – applying the second base coat layer after the first base coat layer has dried up.


Step 4: Repainting Your Acrylic Nails

When your second layer of the base coat has dried as well, you can paint over acrylic nails in any ways you like. It’s best to apply up to 3 coats of nail polish at max. You can choose a single-color nail polish, or add in any studded decorations on them.

After the next and final step below, we have several ideas and ways that you can repaint your acrylic nails that you can refer to!


Step 5: Applying Top Coat Layer

Applying top coat

To protect your nail polish colors, you can apply up to two layers of top coat layers on your repainted acrylic nails.

For the top coat, applying UV as your top coat is not a very recommended method since it could chip your acrylic nails; instead, use a normal topcoat layer for best results.

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Acrylic Nail Design Inspirations

Acrylic nails are the perfect answer for your all nail design quest. You can shape, paint, design or whatever you want to do with nails, acrylic will serve your way.

If you are new to this term and wondering what can be your go-to pick or what will be the party favorite here is some inspiration for you.

Design Tips #1: Keeping it Simple

Keep It simple

Sometimes, simple is good. You can use just one nail polish layer to make your acrylic nails looks nice, especially if you are only applying acrylic nails to get the extra length to make them look beautiful.

For best application look, you might find that your nail polish can be applied more evenly if you start applying them from the nailbed areas and drag it to the tip in one smooth stroke. As an example, a French manicure will look nice with its simple design on anyone!


Design Tips #2: Reverse French

If you want something that is simple yet elegant, you can add a small design on your nails. This is achievable simply by adding a matte top coat to your nails, or by adding a studded diamond design or two atop your nails.

Making a matte color with a glossy highlight will give your nails a great shine to boost its look!


Design Tips #3: Ombre Design

ombre nail design

Step up your nail game with an ombre acrylic nails design! Match up two colors or more and get the ombre effect by dabbing the gradient zone with a sponge.

This is considered yet another simple design that you can utilize without making it appear overcomplicated, and can involve only two colors to make your nails look great!

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If you were reading this article to find out whether or not you can paint over acrylic nails, we hope that you have found your answers.

Just be sure to use nail polish or any base coats and removers that are suitable for acrylic nails, which means that they should not contain any acetone products. Then, you’re all good to go!

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