20 Prominent Pumpkin Nail Art for Halloween

Pumpkin nails are perfect for both autumn and Halloween. They feature orange, copper, and yellow nuances and give you immense design opportunities. The nail design will stunningly work with your scary costume, so get ready to get spooky.


Pumpkin Nails for Autumn and Haloween

Pumpkin nails are funny, joyful, but can also have a spooky vibe. Choose a suitable base color for your nails and start drawing those pumpkins. If you’re not the best at arts, there are other alternatives.

Pick stickers, stamping designs, or 3D applications. You can play a mix and match game and combine all these additional decorations.
If you want to find relevant ideas for your mani, check out the examples below.

#1. Black Nails with Pumpkin

black pumpkun nails

Go for simple short black pumpkin nails. Make them with acrylic gel or nail polish that lasts at least 2 weeks. On one of the nails, hand paint a small pumpkin close to the tips.


#2. Multi-Colored Pumpkin Nails

pumpkin autumn nail design

For this pumpkin autumn nail design, you firstly need to recreate that pointy shape. Paint your nails with a white polish and on the tips, use several colors to draw your pumpkins.


#3. Green Rounded Nails

green nails with pumpkin

Green nails with pumpkins are a fabulous option for this autumn. Also, the manicure is perfect for Halloween. Opt for green nails and apply a matte finish. On the ring finger, paint a small pumpkin.


#4. Acrylic Pumpkin Nails

pumpkin gel nails

Pumpkin gel nails are the most long-lasting option. They require an every two weeks maintenance, but you’ll have great pale pink pumpkin nails all month.


#5. Glittery Pumpkin Nails

pumpkin nail stickers

Use acrylic to shape and style your nails. Paint them in a black color base, and use glittery pumpkin nail stickers. This fall and for Halloween, your nails will be the main attraction.


#6. Pumpkin Accent Nails

Pumpkin gold Accent Nails

You can enhance the beauty of your pumpkin nails by accentuating them with a gold glitter nail. The process is simple. Paint all your nails with pumpkin images keeping one nail blank. Put gold glitters on the blank nail to have a beautiful pumpkin nail art.

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#7. The Lone Pumpkin

black and white pumpkin nails

It’s not mandatory to have a pumpkin nail art where pumpkin images are dominant. You can paint your nails with black and white and silver glitters like this picture. Then draw a small pumpkin on your nails to have pumpkin nail art.


#8. The Weird 3D Faces

3d pumpkin nail art idea

You can draw some 3d  pumpkin faces on the black base to have Halloween nail art. You can create this 3D nail designs on your own.


#9. Natural Pumpkin

This silver nail design looks so real that you may feel natural pumpkin on your nails. Pumpkins are drawn along with their green stems to give this nail art a natural look. This is a different pumpkin nail art.


#10. Glitters And Studs

pumpkin nail art with glitters and stud

You can use glitters and studs to have a different pumpkin nail art. Put green studs to resemble hair on the pumpkin faces. The glitters will add shine to this nail art.

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#11. Striking Stripes

Striking Stripes pumpkin nail art

Stripes are a handy element of designing nails. You can paint black stripes on pumpkin color nails to have a striking stripe nail art. Drawing a pumpkin face on the bright orange nail will do good to make it a pumpkin nail art too.


#12. Pretty Pumpkins

If you want to have a pretty and cute pumpkin nail art, this is the best one for you. The squares and polka dots are complementing the cute pumpkins.


#13. Ghost Nail Art

pumpkin ghost nail art

You can consider pumpkin nails as ghost nail art. Just paint the pumpkin faces in a different way so that they look scary. These ghost nails are perfect for Halloween nail art.


#14. Autumn Nail Designs

Autumn nail designs are a great concern for the fashion geeks. You can celebrate the autumn season with this beautiful autumn nail art. The orange and shades of red are identical to fall nail art.


#15. Purple Beauty

purple pumpkin nail design

The charm of purple can be used efficiently in pumpkin nail art. Draw some pumpkin at the top and bottom edges of your blue nails. You can use white to make the nail designs look more beautiful.


#16. Spider Web

spider web pumpkin nail art

Spider is related to Halloween in many ways. As per medieval superstition, if you see a spider on Halloween that means the banished soul of your beloved person is watching you. You can draw spider webs on pumpkin color nails to cover both Halloween nails and pumpkin nail art.

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#17. Jack O Lantern

jack o lantern nails

A pumpkin is cut in such a way so that a hollow space is created inside the pumpkin to place a lantern there. Thus, a jack-o’-lantern is created for the Halloween. You can have your nails drawn with jack-o’-lantern patterns.


#18. How to Do It

pumpkin nail art tutorial

Wondering how hard it is to have pumpkin nail art? Here is a simple pumpkin nail art tutorial for you. Follow the process step by step. Be careful to choose the colors. Use a color that is identical to pumpkin such as a reddish-orange shade.


#19. Jack & The Ghost

pumpkin ghost nail art

If you are brave enough to bear a haunted place at your fingertips, you can choose this design. A graveyard, a ghostly hand, a dark night all together will create a realistic setting of a horror film. You can add pumpkin faces or jack o lantern as icing on the cake. 



# 20. Pumpkin Color Nail

pumpkin color nail

If you want to avoid the complexities of a sophisticated nail design, you can simply use a sole color tone on your nails. As you are going to have pumpkin nail art, a sheer orange color shade will do the trick in this regard.

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Pumpkin nail art is equally applicable as Halloween and fall nail art. No matter what occasion you are going to celebrate, we have the solution to your every problem. Be inspired by our designs and ideas and rock on.

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