25 Most Delightful Black and Blue Nail Designs

Much of the world’s most famous art features black and blue (Van Gogh’s Starry Night is what comes to most minds, but many abstract pieces also use these two colors as well). So if the two colors work for our favorite pieces of art, why wouldn’t we try them on nail designs as well? 

A harsh black and a soft blue can create a peaceful design, while black and a deeper shade of blue make for a moodier result. With so many ways to rock the two colors together on your nails, it’s only obvious you should be updating your nails today!


Creative Black and Blue Nail Designs

Wednesday Addams, who is a serious fan of black, says “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.”

However, she knows there is nothing darker than black, so she’ll never stop wearing it! And for good reason: black is classy, great for expressing one’s mood, and is versatile in that it matches every other color out there.

Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, and the fact that there are many shades of it makes it also pair well with most other colors. Combining these two incredible colors makes the hottest nail designs. 

To see what your options are, check out our list of 25 creative black and blue nail designs. If you love acrylic, you can also make a stop browsing the acrylic nail designs we love.

#1. Black and Chrome Blue

black and blue chrome nails

We don’t often see chrome nail colors these days, but don’t forget the option is there! A chrome blue nail and black alternate on these edgy stiletto nails.


#2. Matte Black and Light Blue

black and blue fade nails

You’ll need to add some more matte colors to your stash for this design featuring matte baby blue and black on long square nails.


#3. 70s Patterned

black blue and white nails

Is it just us or do these geometrically-patterned black and blue nails throw you back to the 70s where bold designs were beautiful?


#4. Glittered Black with Blue

black blue and silver nails

If you need a little sparkle in your nail design, you must throw in some accent nails of glittered black to go with teal-blue nails.


#5. Light Blue, Nude,Black

blue and black short nails

Using nude or negative space in between nails is a great way to break up your black and blue nails. Try short rounded nails with baby blue and black.


#6. Black and Blue Acrylic Nails

black and blue acrylic nails

Square-shaped acrylic nails look hot with a simple matte black. Liven it up a bit by “drizzling” on your light blue polish.


#7. Black and Blue Ombre Nails

Black to Blue Ombre Nails

If you’re all about dark colors, an airbrushing technique can be used to create black and blue ombre. A dark blue is best for that subtle fade.


#8. Black & Blue Coffin Nail Design

Black And Blue Coffin Nails

Any woman who wants a dramatic nail style should certainly consider the above coffin nails with black and a shimmery dark blue. For the accent nail, create a vertical line of blue crystals or just dot on the color with your brush.


#9. Black and Blue Stiletto Nails

black and blue stiletto nails

Short stiletto nails seen above aren’t as harsh as other lengthier ones. That’s why they’re perfect for flaunting funky light blue and black designs.


#10. Black+Blue+White Nails

black, blue and white nails

You can still rock black and blue nails without using the colors on every nail. This design shows how a light purple is the main color, but an accent nail uses black and the background for a beautiful white flower. 


#11. Black & Blue Gel Nails

Black And Blue Gel Nails

We love this dark blue and how it enhances the black criss-crossing lines on top. You can do this design at home with gel nail polish and just add a top coat for shine. 


#12. Black Blue and Gold Nails

Black, blue, and gold are three colors that are always pleasing to the eye. On short rounded nails, mix black and gold stripes and polka dots on a light blue base.


#13. Dark Blue & Black Nail Design

We’re sensing an out-of-this-world theme for these black and blue nails. An airbrush can create these easily or you can try your hand at home by just dabbing on green and blue over a black base.

For extra detail, go over a few nails with clear glittered polish or stick on a fun 3D accessory.


#14. Royal Blue and Black Nails

No shortage of sparkle and shine here! Load up alternating black and blue nails with different sized gold crystals. 


#15. Black and Blue Toenails

black and blue toe nails

Bring the colors to your toenails as well! Alternate black and blue for an easy DIY design. 


#16. Corn Flower Blue

Corn Flower black plus Blue nail art for women

Use the blue color to have a nail of cornflower color, stripes of black and blue in the ring finger, and with a blue base in order to draw black flowers stick together to make a floral style in the index finger.

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#17. Tiny Flowers

black and blue nail design

Blue is the warmest color, so what is better than a blue nail design? Well, there is something better which is a black and blue nail design, by having a blue fading base designing it with tiny flowers of the black color.


#18. Black and Blue Nails with Glitter

black and blue shimmer nails with glitter

For a simple black nail design, you need a little touch that brings your tiny cute nails to life.

An example is adding blue shiny, glittery, and shimmering tips that start fading into the black color when they start entering the black color slowly.


#19. Black Crosses on Light Blue Nails

black and blue nail designs 4

In this design, the cross symbol is what manages everything by having a light blue base decorated with a black cross, a white cross, and a sapphire blue cross on each nail.


#20. Black Blue and Silver Nail Design

black, blue and silver nails

The blue matte color in the index and the ring finger is designed with a single black decal, in addition to the thumbnail decorated with silver glitter at the bottom that looks like snow falling on the nail.

The middle fingernail is made up of a black base and white decals and the pinky finger covered with silver shiny shimmer all make up the perfect black with blue nail design.

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#21. Black Marker

black and blue nail designs 6

This is one of the unique black plus blue nail arts. Nails are colored with azure blue and used as scratch paper that you scratch on it with a black marker.

But this time the paper is not white it is blue, and you are not using a black marker but a black nail polish brush.


#22. Navy Blue and Black Nails

navy blue and black nails

A fusion between the navy blue and the black color is done in the above nail design in the normal form of the thumbnail and the ring nail but in the form of tips with a transparent base in the pinky, middle finger, and the index finger.


#23. The Palms

cool white and blue nail design for women

Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue at a time. This is what happens when summer is just coming over, you start thinking of Hawaii palms with the clear blue sky and the blue fresh sea.

And you probably wanna meet summer and the beach with a cool nail design, and the best choice is a blue nail design with black palms that will live up summer vibes.


#24.  Flower Power

black and blue nail designs 9

You can see a woman in every flower, however, in each woman, there is a flower. So the best way to describe any woman is by a floral style of her own in her black nail design with a Carolina blue flower and a white flower.


#25. The Blue Sky

sky blue nail idea you all time like

Represent the bright and dark shades of blue. The sky at night contains different blue shades from dark to light blue! Try to represent this in your nail style, and add stars by the help of white color.

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Blue is a beautiful color and adds that special something in nail designs. Black is one color that will never go out of style.

So if you want to have the best nail design, why wouldn’t you try combining the two for chicness and edge? 

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