15 Royal Red And Gold Nail Designs to Stun the audience

Some colors might be not green in terms of appearance but they are evergreen in terms of the appeal they have on the girls. red and golden are such colors. From the beginning of nail art industry, red and gold have been continuously used by every nail artist around the world. The application process and the patterns of the designs might be different, but the colors all the same. You can paint your precious nails with the grace of red and gold nail designs to have a classy look. This amazing combo of red and gold can be a good option as valentines day nail or you can also wear them to prom.


Red And Gold Nails for Classy Look

If you want to stun the people whoever come across your nails, you can paint your nails with red and gold. Both of these colors are bright and attractive. You’ll get noticed even if you want to stay undercover. A good deal of glitters and rhinestones are used in red and gold nail designs. All these things will enhance the beauty and shine of your nails to a great degree. Let’s see how you can design your nails with red and gold.


#1. Shine in the Middle

red and gold nail design

The combination of gold glitters and the red color is a universal one. You can use gold glitters in the middle of your red nails to have this design.

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#2. Red And Gold Nail Art Designs

maroon red& gold nail idea

Red color has a good number of different shades. You can paint your nails with this shade of maroon and add glam to the nails by using a golden stud and glitters.


#3. The Better Half

red and gold acrylic nail

This is one of the shiny red and gold nail designs. You can paint half of your red nails with shiny gold to have these extra shiny and glossy red and gold nails.


#4. Gold Accent Nail

Accentuate your gradient red nails with gold glitters to have this design. Apply ombre glitters on each of your red nails. Fill any of them up entirely with gold glitters.


#5. Golden Tape on Red

Paint your nails with red color. Then place some golden striping tapes in an organized way so that they make a beautiful pattern. You can add one or two studs to complement the design.


#6. Golden Tips

Golden Tips red nails

Red nails are beautiful themselves and a gentle and graceful touch of gold make them outstanding. You can paint the tips of your red nails with red to have these red and gold nail designs.

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#7. Stripes And Accent

red and gold accent nail

Two different things can be used in the same design. You can add golden stripes to your gold accent nails while having this type of red and gold nail designs.


#8. Ultra Shine

If you love shinier nails, this is the best thing for you. Place some extra shiny gold glitters on your red nails to have such ultra shiny red and gold nail designs.


#9. Gold And Jewels

red and gold bling nail

Going to attend a gorgeous party? Then you are in need of gorgeous bling in your nail. You can try this gold and jewels nail art to rock the party floor. This could be the best red and gold nail designs you have ever had.


#10. Swanky Red And Gold Nails


If you are searching for something noticeable, this design is for you. The patterns of this nail art are simple but eye-catchy. You can have these swanky red and gold nail designs very easily.


#11. The Quadrants

You can divide your nails into four quadrants. Then design each of the quadrants with either red or gold to have this kind of reed and gold nail designs.

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#12. Holographic Chevrons

red and gold chevron nail

You can use both holographic glitters and chevron patterns in a single design to glam up the red and gold nail designs.


#13. Red Nail Designs for Wedding

Red Nail Designs for Wedding

You can use the amazing combo of red and gold in wedding nail designs. Paint your nails with neon red then place some studs on them to create bow like patterns. This simple design will do good while having red and gold nail designs for the wedding.


#14. Red And Gold Ombre

Ombre nails are popular among the girls for their impressive look. You can use red and gold in ombre style to have a good-looking nail art.


#15. Red And Gold Stiletto Nails

red and gold stiletto nail

You can use gold foil and gold glitters along with your red stiletto nails to have a stunning nail art like this one. Red and gold nail designs will complement your stiletto nails.

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Don’t be too worried about your manicure, we have the best guidelines for you. If you want to adorn your nails with the magic of red and gold, we are here to provide you with the magic of amazing nail designs. Hope you’ll get these ideas and designs beneficial.

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