7 Horrifying Celebrity Nail Fails That Are Hard to Believe

Are you ready to see some celebrity nail fails? We all know that some celebrities are not big fans of big and dazzling manicures. They like to keep them short and manageable, which is totally fine and acceptable.

However, sometimes not taking care of your nails can have its limits. These celebrities on our list have had some fails, and you should learn from their mistakes.


Awkward Celebrity Nail Fails Moments

It is a fail if you can not match your outfit with your manicure, as well if you leave your nails blank, short, chewed up and uncolored.

If you are constantly under the bright lights, cameras, and pressure, you should take care of your looks. Successful women who constantly walk on the red carpet should know that a nicely done mani is a must! The following 7 celebrities really didn’t care at the moment.

#1: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker natural nail design

Sarah Jessica Parker is a star of our old times favorite ”Sex and the city” TV show, the one we all watched numerous times. Unfortunately, she had let us down this time.

She doesn’t like to rock those heavy acrylic nails, and we know that about her, but when you are going to a Red carpet looking this glammed up you should really change your way of thinking as well as your nail style.

This black smokey eye could have been paired up with a beautiful matte black manicure. Oh well, better luck next time Sarah.

Fun fact: She signed a big deal worth $38 with ”Gap” and became the Council of Fashion of America’s “Fashion Icon of the Year.” Something that she is proudly rocking.

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#2: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston leg nail

Jennifer Aniston is that type of actress that you must love. It is so hard to resist her, and she is one of the most successful and well-known celebrities in the world.

The TV show ”Friends” brought her fame, but it definitely didn’t bring her the right pair of shoes! This pedicure failure for Aniston is coming to us as a shock since she is always so neat-looking.

Fun fact: This actress is super terrified of flying. This is weird considering how many times she flies for work.


#3: Fergie

Our dearest Fergie is well known as a fashion icon, and a great solo singer, as well as the singer for the ”Black Eyed Peas”. She is always looking chic and fashionable, but this time not so much.

Her nails matched with this outfit are a big no no in our opinion, and the size of the nails might be a little bit too short for her since we are all used to seeing her with long and flashy nails. That is why we are listing her on #3 on our celebrity nail fail list.

Fun fact: Remember the song ”Don’t Phunk With My Heart?” Well, she had won a Grammy in 2005 for that song, and had also gotten a title for the best pop performance in 2006 with the song ”My Humps.”


#4: Serena Williams

Serena William nail design

You may be shocked why this manicure is considered as a nail fail, but there is a reason why we choose Serena. The famous Serena is always killing it on the court, as well as outside of it.

Her game is always on point, as well as her fashion sense. In one of her interviews, Serena stated that no one likes doing manicures more than her. We find that to be true since she is always rocking some mean nail styles on the field. However, this one?

Her gems look like they are about to fall apart after hitting the ball one more time. Also, she could have put some accessories on her other than these nails to complete the look.

Fun fact: She had lost only nine matches in her 15 U.S. Open appearances. The only person to beat her twice is her sister Venus Williams (2001 and 2005).


#5: Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa furry nail idea

Kelly Ripa and her cute high pitched voice are something that you either adore about her or dislike. However, this actress can easily make heads turn wherever she goes.

She definitely made ours turn when she had put on these ”furry nails” when being a guest on a night show. Do we really need to say anything about this nail fail?

Fun fact: In 2008, she and the actor Wilmer Valderrama found themselves in Guinness World Records after they broke the record for a pretty ridiculous feat: Most Custard Pies Thrown in One Minute.

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#6: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton gray nail idea

For some reason, when I think of Paris Hilton, I automatically think ”pink”. Is it just me, or? This celebrity seems to be a scandal seeker, since wherever she goes she can easily be the main focus of the whole show, and she usually finds her way onto the cover of the magazine.

This time, however, the headline might be something negative, look at her nails! Paris should have had some flashy silver or grey nails with this super shimmery outfit and the silver star. This photo session may not be one of her glory ones.

Fun fact: She has around 17 dogs and likes to dress them, so she created a clothing line that is called ”Little Lily”.


#7: Uma Thurman

The toughest woman is here! The star of the ”Kill Bill” has found her way into our list. She might be a true killer on the movie set, but on the Red carpet? Not so much.

This plane manicure doesn’t go well with her hairstyle or the jewelry. Sorry Uma, but this is a nail fail.

Fun fact: She has a beautiful meaning behind her name, which she is entirely proud of. Her full name is Uma Karuna Thurman, where Uma means the goddess of beauty and light in Hindu, Karuna refers to compassion or kindness.

But she has more than one meaning of her name in other languages. For example, in Portuguese, her name means ”one”. It can be considered as a number, or like ”the one.” Wen translated in Polynesian, her name is actually ”a kiss.” She has so many hidden meanings that we think are stunning!

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So one of these celebrities is your role model? Good, because now you can see that no one in this world is perfect. They may have had some nail fails, but they are still well-paid, gorgeous-looking super-world stars.

These images show that they are all just human and that they can, every now and then, have some fails.

Which one of these seven women do you think had the worst nail fail? Hmm, turns out seven may not be their luckiest number after all.

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