The key to a festive and elegant holiday manicure is the right colors – that’s why red and silver nails should be your first choice!

Red and silver are almost always chosen for a stylish holiday manicure. The combinations that can be made from bright or dark red polish with solid or glittered silver are endless and all of them are stunning. And those of us who are nail experts know that a great nail design is all about the details!

Wearing red and silver together on your nails will get you in the holiday spirit in no time, so glitter it up or add as many rhinestones as you want. As long as you feel beautiful with your new nails, that spirit will shine through. Here are a few dynamite ways to wear your red and silver nails.


Gorgeous Red and Silver Nails

A colorful holiday nail design is a must for style and a cheery feeling. For the best manicure, choose from our list of 12 trendy red and silver nail designs!

1. Red And Silver Acrylics

Red And Silver Acrylic Nails

These long almond nails show how beautifully a bright red with silver swirl detailing can be! To get a precise swirl, see a nail tech. At home just take the brush and swirl it around your red nail.


2. Red Nails with Glitter Silver Tips

Red And Silver Glitter Nails

For that holiday coming up, go for these red long square nails! They’re tipped in a sparkly glitter silver, so you’re sure to catch the eye of anyone under the mistletoe.


3. Silver And Dark Red Ombre

Red And Silver Ombre Nails

Another festive holiday nail style includes these dark red round beauties. The glitter ombre nail is shimmery all over but the real action is at the sparkly gold tips!


4. Dark Red and Silver Square Nails

Dark Red And Silver Nails

Long square nails will give you the largest “canvas” to flaunt dark red and silver nails. Alternate the colors or use the silver polish on just the accent nail. The dark red nails can be tipped with silver glitter for their own sparkle.


5. Silver and Bright Red with Jewels

Silver And Red Coffin Nails

These bright red coffin nails look gorgeous with a very sparkly accent nail. To bling up the red nails, add silver jewels in various shapes and sizes at the top.


6. Red and Silver with Black Detailing

These red and silver almond nails leave a little more room for creativity. Start by painting nails red, leaving the accent nail in only silver. Using nail stickers, add swirled detail in black on half the nail. Tiny rhinestones will also jazz up these nails.


7. Bright Red Nail with Gold and Silver

Bright red square nails are sure to pop, especially when you add a sparkly gold nail or two. On a few of the red nails, try your hand at drawing on silver scenery like Christmas trees or snowmen.


8. Red and Silver Holiday Nails

To be ready for the holidays, choose bright red for long squoval nails. Use silver glitter to dress up the ends and bright white to draw large snowflakes with a jewel for the center.


9. Red and Silver Snowflake Nails

It’s easy to get these shiny red Christmas nails. Just color half the tips with glittery silver, draw a thin white line for border, then add tiny white snowflakes and dots on just the accent nails!


10. Dark Red with Silver Tips

Define the curved edge of round or almond nails by first painting them dark red, then defining the tips with a solid silver. The solid tips will make the nails, and consequently your fingers, look longer.


11. Red and Silver Chevron Toe Nails

Red And Silver Toe Nail Design

Bring that red and silver design to toe nails as well! To get the above design, start with dark red, then draw on alternating thin silver stripes and chevrons, filling in some of the nail with a solid glittery silver.


12. Extra Long Nails with Rhinestones

Red And Silver Nails with Rhinestones

On extra long square or coffin nails, choose a bright red to make them stand out better. Paint 3/4 of the center and ring fingernail with a transparent glittery silver, and finish by adding small and large rhinestones to the red nails!


Just looking at these gorgeous red and silver nails has us feeling festive already! Bookmark our list of 12 favorites above because we’re sure you’ll want to come back for another hot red and silver nail design soon!

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