20 Astounding Airbrush Nail Art to Blow Your Mind

Ever since air brushes became available, nail designs have become more detailed and it’s now quicker and easier than ever to apply any design.

Airbrushing is the process of using a device of compressed air to spray colors, ink, or dye on the nails. If you’re curious how it works, try checking out a few videos on YouTube. The benefits of choosing air brushed nail art are that is creates a more precise result and it can be used on both acrylic and real nails.

The process is simple. Place the stencil on your nails, spray the colors from an airbrush, and remove the stencil to reveal your beautiful new nail art.

Amazing Airbrush Nail Art

To get airbrush nail art done, you must have an airbrush device and stencils (purchased or designed by you on paper). The 20 beautiful airbrush nail art ideas below can be done by you or you can take them into a salon to have a professional nail tech apply them.

#1. White Tipped Peaches

airbrush white tip nail

A dramatic look calls for long airbrushed nails. This design features thick white tips topped with cute tiny peaches for a truly sweet and sexy style.


#2. Dots and Bows

airbrush christmas nail design

Red tips with white tiny polka dots are adorable when paired with pale pink bows. Keep these airbrushed nails short for a softer style.


#3. Electric Green

90s airbrush nail

If your nail art preferences consist of electric colors, you’ll love these airbrushed long lime green nails with thick black stripes.


#4. Milky White with Tie Dye

airbrush white nail

Make airbrushed tie dye splat designs pop by using a milky white background. This design is friendly enough for both short and long nails.


#5. Black and Green for Halloween

airbrush halloween nail design

Does your Halloween costume call for something out of this world? Opt for long black and bright green gradient airbrushed nails.


#6. Bubble Gum Pink

airbrush pink nails

For a girly design, it’s a must to choose bubble gum pink nails with glitter and adorable little white butterflies.


#7. Rainbow Spirals

airbrush swirl nail art

After painting nails black, apply rainbow swirls with an airbrush. This design is a little bit of a throwback to the 80s with its wacky, colorful spirals.


#8. Airbrushed with Decals

airbrush decals nail

Use an airbrush to apply the soft green and pink seen on this design, then top with black shadow decals or stickers.


#9. Purple Flowers

airbrush flower design nail art

If you’re going for a tropical vibe on your nails, try these cute airbrushed purple flowers in different sizes.


#10. Fireworks

airbrush royal nail design

We love the unique red and yellow colors seen here. The combination of glitter and shine make for some poppin’ fireworks!


#11. Gradient Pink Flowers

Floral Pink Airbrush Nail Art

This floral design is so eye-soothing. Your mind will get healed if you look at this glorious airbrush nail art. You can use different shades of pink to paint this design. Use a light color and a deep color together as if they got mixed naturally without any external force. This will give the gradient look to your designs. Paint these pink flowers by using the airbrush and stencils.

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#12. Colorful Cheetah Nail

Cheetah Airbrush Nail Art

The patterns of Cheetah skin has frequently been used in nail art. You can have them very easily by using an airbrush. First, paint the nails with the nail polish you want to have. Then the Cheetah patterns will be painted on them with the help of Cheetah nail template and airbrush device.


#13. Black Flowers

Pink & Black Airbrush Nail

These black flowers look stunning on the light pink base. At first, fill the surface of your nails with light pink and pure black colors. Then place the stencils on the light pink nails and brush the paint from an airbrush. Your airbrush nail art will be ready within a blink of the eyes.


#14. Speak Your Heart Out

Never back down from saying what you feel deep down your heart. If you love someone and want to let the world know it, this design is for you. Let’s say it loud that you love somebody by spraying caviar pink colors on your nails. Spray the colors on the decals, your desired design will be imprinted on the square nails within a minute.

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#15. Radiant Colors

Colorful Nail Art With Airbrush

If you are a fan of dazzling colors, you will love this design. At first, paint your nails as you like with radiant colors like orange, lime green, pink, yellow etc. Then spray black color from the airbrush to paint the shapes from your template designs. You can use stones to make it shine.


#16. All About Abstract

Abstract nail art is something which builds a bridge between the world of imagination and the world of reality. You can give shapes to your imagination by these abstract art. Get the stencils or decals done by using your imagination. Then use airbrush color spray to imprint them on your nails to design airbrush nail art.


#17. Shape of Love

Airbrush Nail Art on Solar Nail

These glittery nails look beautiful as well as they carry a meaning. The shape of love is widely used in nail art. You can have this design by spraying colors from an airbrush on a glittery base coat.

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#18. Airbrushed Petals

Airbrushed Patel Nail Art

This design looks so natural as the flowery design seems like the petals are blossoming from the tip of the nails. You can paint this design on nude nails. Choose the color carefully because the right color combination is the secret of this airbrush nail art.


#19. Feel Like  Star

Do you think you are a star in your own world? Yes! This design is for the celebrities of each friend zone. If you want to feel like a star, grab this design. At first draw these stars by spraying blue colors from the airbrush then add silver glitters. Your stardom gets completed with this airbrush nail art.


#20. Faded Purple

This design is simple yet gorgeous. Paint the edges of your nails with purple and white and keep the remaining part nude. Then imprint the designs from stencils or decals on your nails by using an airbrush. That’s it, your airbrush nail art is ready.

Check out how airbrush nail designs are created in this step by step video

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Airbrush nail art is mainly for them who want to design their nails quickly but don’t want to compromise the quality of the designs. You can have this nail art done within a very short time and the output will be as great as any other nails. Try out our design and ideas for airbrush nail art. I have discussed 10 designs in this article. Be inspired by them and produce hundreds of designs by using your creativity and our guidance. And don’t forget to use the airbrush device carefully, as any machine needs a machinist.

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