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7 Simple Steps to File Your Nails Perfectly Square

Square nails never go out of fashion! While trends in nail color and length change all the time, square nails continue to be a classic nail shape. They make the whole look more elegant. This nail shape is great for people with thin nails because the side and the tip of the nails are even. Achieving this look is so much easier than you would think. In the end, your nails will look as if you’ve spent really long time trying to get them perfectly shaped.


Here’s What You Need To Know About Square Nails

Because the natural shape of our nails isn’t square, you’ll need to spend extra time filing your nails. If you choose to have this shape for a longer period of time you should invest in a glass nail file. That’s because they last much longer than the regular ones. Their other good feature is that you can go back and forth with them while filing your nails without damaging them. That is usually not recommended, but hey what can you do? Women would suffer a lot for beauty. Going back and forth while filing your nails will require less time and effort. That’s important for square nails because it takes more time to achieve that shape. However, know that these glass files are a bit more pricey but totally worth the money.


1. Grow Your Nails Longer Than Usual

file square nail: grow long nails

Firstly, you’ll need to grow out your nails a bit longer than usual in order to make them square. That’s because the corners of the nails need to be as long as the center of the nail. But that is not the way our nails grow.
If your nails are already long and you want to shape them more quickly, cut them into a square shape. That way you won’t have to file them for a long time.

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2. Start Filing

2nd step: start filing the nails

Take the nail file perpendicular to the nail and start filing. Try to get the perfect flat line. Work slow and steady. As we’ve mentioned previously, the glass nail file would be the best.


3. File The Nails Vertically

3rd step: file vertically

Filing nails perfectly square is easier to do on a client. When we’re filing our own nails we might not be as precise. One side might be longer than the other. In order to get the perfectly precise square nail, you can file your nails up and down. That way you can check if the square is perfectly perpendicular to the finger. Do this step gently so that you don’t accidentally cause harm to your nails.


4. File The Sides

file the sides of the nails

Now file the sides. Don’t overdo it since you still want your nails to be square. Just make sure there are no sharp edges.

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5. Make The Surface Flat

flat surface nails

To get that perfect square nail look make the surface of your nails super flat. Use a very soft emery board nail file and file the surface of the nail. These emery boards are the best choice when filing the surface of your nails.


6. Soak In Water

soak nails water

Soak your nails in water to make the cuticles softer. Make sure your water is not too warm nor cold. The water also helps the nails to grow faster.


7. Bye Bye Cuticles

remove cuticle

Very gently push your cuticles back. This step should be done with a cuticle pusher. After all of this charade, paint your nails in any nail polish color of your choice.

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Your perfectly square nails are now ready! Depending on how fast your nails grow you will have to file them again when you start to lose the square shape. It may feel different to have this shape if you’ve never had your nails shaped this way. Many women feel that way, in the beginning, so don’t be discouraged. After a while, they get used to it, and for most of them, this shape becomes their favorite.

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