6 Best Nail Shapes for Chubby Fingers to Flatter The Fatties

Are you finding it frustrating deciding the best nail shape for chubby or fat fingers? It’s not uncommon for women with wide fingers to feel a little jealous flipping through glossy magazines seeing those amazingly decked up models and their perfect manicures.

Do you feel ashamed of not having long, slender fingers? Do you feel like your chubby fingers are letting you down? Here is a myth-buster: your fingers are only as long and slender as you make them look.

The beauty of an excellent manicure is that with some clever hacks, it’s possible to create any illusion you want on your fingernails.


Best Nail Shapes for Chubby Fingers

The best nail shapes for chubby fingers are ones that allow the nails to be shaped in a way that makes relatively stubby fingers look longer.

All these ideas, however, require you to grow your nails long. Take a look at your options here:

#1. Almond

almond nail shape for chubby fingers

Almond nails are a modern, feminine, and practical shape that flatter chubby, wide, or short fingers. The corners have a rounded angle similar to an almond and the tapered shape draws away from a wide nail bed. Start by clipping the corners, then using a nail file to soften points.


#2. Stiletto

stiletto nail shape for chubby fingers

Just like stiletto heels, stiletto nails demand to be seen. They’re great for rocking statement nail designs because of their pronounced triangular tip. Some versions are more pointed, almost like spikes. Others, like above, are more low-key. When shaping, trim at the corners a little at a time to prevent an uneven shape.


#3. Flared

flare shaped nail for chubby fingers
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The up and out shape of flared nails is often compared to a duck bill. The trick is in filing the nail starting from the middle out so that the ends are wider. This causes more people to notice the nail, not your chubby fingers.


#4. The Round Nails

round chubby finger nails

This is the simplest ever. We can do this kind of manicure right at home, but just for glamour’s sake, get the pros to do it for you! This kind of design makes the tips of the nail rounded so that the whole nail looks like one slightly squashed circle.

The difference between around and an oval nail is that the curvature is more drastic in the case of the former. Be careful though, that the nail tips, during filing, do not come too close to the skin. That can ruin the effect of elongation.

Ideally, this kind of nail shape goes best for women who have to use their hands for household chores. The relatively blunt tips prevent breakage, but also look elegant. The best way to dress up round nails is to paint them in nude or pastel block shades.

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#5. The Oval or Squoval

Oval or Squoval chubby finger nails

The oval and its slightly modified squoval shape- is one of the best nail shapes for chubby fingers.

When you are doing an oval nail, you can start filing right from the corner edges of the nail-tips where it meets the nail bed, and keep the tips rounded – not some much as around nail, and not as pointy as a stiletto nail.

For a squoval nail, you keep the lateral edges of the nail flat, while filing discrete bends at the uppermost corners of the nail. Both these patterns elongate the fingernails naturally, however, they require quite a bit of maintenance.

Also, in order to conceal the actual length of the nail, it is a good idea to avoid negative space designs on the nails. Squoval or oval nails can sport solid geometric patterns and metallic nail paints.


#6. Coffin

Square or Coffin nail shape for chubby fingernails

If you want to make your fingers look less chubby and be party-ready, you can go for the coffin nails. They are characterized by sharp corners.

The coffin nails have their lateral edges filed towards a point but not all the way through. The only word of advice is to grow them really long, as otherwise, they would just end up drawing attention to the length of the fingernail.

These nails are very difficult to maintain in daily life, so they are not exactly practical. However, for any special occasion, you can deck them up in practically any pattern you like; glitter and rhinestones add an extra dollop of oomph to coffin nails!

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What nail shape will make your fingers look skinnier?

Round nail shapes help elongate your fingers. It also helps your nail beds appear thinner. Almond-shaped nails will also help elongate your fingers due to their tapered but rounded shape. You can also try coffin-shaped nails or ballerina-shaped nails to help the illusion of length.


Will long nails make your chubby fingers look thinner?

Longer nails help make your fingers look more slender. If you can grow your nails, this is an easy and cost-effective fix. If you have trouble growing your nails, perhaps go to a salon and ask for almond or rounded nails.


What acrylic nail shape is best for fat fingers?

No matter the shape, acrylic nails help make fatter fingers look more slender, as long as you get them longer.


What nail shape is best for short fat fingers?

Shorter fingers can benefit from longer nails or a rounded nail shape. Squoval nails are another popular shape that flatters almost every finger and hand shape. It is easy to maintain on shorter nails due to the squared top and offers the elongating effect of oval nails.


What nail shapes should you avoid for fat fingers?

Anything that has a blunt squared tip will make fingers look more fat and wide than they are. The squared edge and wide sides made nail beds look wider. It also makes fingers look shorter. If you feel like this is a problem area for you as it is, avoid a squared shape!


There is no one best shape for chubby fingers. What is more important though, is a set of clean, well-manicured hands. But if you already got that box ticked, there’s no harm to accentuate your fingers with some of these nail shapes.

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